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A portable hand held radio frequency tool that claims to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, evens texture, reduced pore size and oxygenates the skin. If you have heard of radio frequency it sends thermal energy in the form of a Lazar underneath the surface of your skin and restarts your nutrients to come to the top.
This however has lower frequency than the ones doctors use so you can use it everyday, you should ideally use it with a collagen or moisture gel on a clean face so this is why the rest of my wish list comes in. 
The first time I clapped my eyes on this beauty I was watching QVC in my mums bed, and saw a lady in the infomercial give herself an eyebrow lift in a minute, I've been looking for it ever since. I've read amazing reviews about it diminishing spots, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, birthmarks appearing more faint, the lot in terms of facial goodness.
You can even use it on your body, such as your neck and décolletage to make your bust perkier and neck tighten.
Retails for £75 at parfum world 

Marine Collagen Renewing Skin Gel 
Naturally Thinking Marine Collagen Renewing Skin Gel promises to restore lost vitality by replacing lost collagen cells, can be used daily, on aged, damaged skin that has lost its vitality. This product probably isn't for me but its a collagen gel that I can use with my DermaWand so the thermal energy doesn't burn me, however if its anything like the Elemis Marine cream I'm sure to love it because that stuff makes my face baby soft.
Retails for £14.00 at Naturally Thinking

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster
My skin is disgustingly dry and I've been recommended this so many times over the twitter sphere, my skin is flaky, dry, itchy and when I wear make-up, blotchy due to the fact my face drinks my make-up. I've read thousands of reviews on this product and its getting a major thumbs up from nearly everyone.
Boots say "Over time, this serum increases skin's hydration level and minimises the need for frequent topical moisturising. This increase in moisture levels has been shown to increase skin elasticity and reduce surface roughness."  Hyaluronic acid is a superb hydration ingredient that can hold up to 1,000 times it's weight in water.
Sounds pretty good to me, my face could do with a drink so this is firmly on the wishlist.

Retails for £24.99 at Boots

Eucerin Dry Skin Replenishing Cream 5% Urea with Lactate and Carnitine 75ml
For another dry skin boost I've been looking at the brand Eucerin in boots as it has had amazing reviews, I looked up the ingredients and was surprised to know that Urea is use medically to treat really dry skin and really thick skin. Urea is actually made from mammal urine, beautiful. Urea has strains of nitrogen in it, and nitrogen best friend is hydrogen which is a main compound in water. Therefore any water I put on my face will be soaked in. (Quirky fact: Frogs produce Urea through their skin)
Retails for £9.75 at Boots

Eucerin Anti-Agening Hydraluron Filler Night Cream 50ml
Like the hydraluron cream by Indeed labs, this is for anti-aging and this is also a filler, sometimes I have those days where my face is looking a little deflated, and I have some acne scars around my jawline and this is what this does. Like self leveling face cement. The reviews for this product are amazing, the only one that has been bad was complaining about the smell as it was too strong, but not everyone has a sensitive nose.
Retails for £26.00 at Boots

Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Scrub 100ml
I'm gonna need a bit of oil control with all this hydrating products, because if they break me out I will have a back- up. Its essential to exfoliate, and I havn't had a product that exfoliates in my cupboard for about 6 months so I need one. 
Retails for £9.18 at Boots

Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Toner 200ml
I have redness and a bit of broken capillaries around my nose, the toner I've used has helped but its from Elemis and incredibly expensive for the full sized bottle, so I do need a cheaper alternative.
Retails for £9.18 at Boots

So this is my beauty wishlist
All of this would cost me £169

Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them? 

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