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Things that can make you sad

Some say its a stimulant, but what comes up, must come down, and whose been a bit of a cranky mare after they've had a bevvy or two. My hand is up. Hungover and a hell of a moody cow.
The reason that people get sad after the night before is when your hormones (which is dopamine) reach a height they can only come back down, rather like a slide, you go up as far as the top of the slide, but coming out the slide, you plunge into the water, its the only way the body can level its self out.
Too much alcohol can make you very depressed, and studies have proven that prolonged alcohol abuse may causes addiction and depression.
Abuse is defined as drinking more than the required units a week/night, and its not like boots points, if you don't use them one night they don't roll over to the next day, that would be binge drinking and a kind of alcohol abuse.

Lets look at some of my favourite celebrities, shall we. Justin Bieber, who agrees that this little punk has turned into bit of tool since smoking the gangies. I do. Also to follow on this list of dark ungrateful negative celebs is Rihanna, I used to love her when she first ever come onto the scene, now its all about drugs and rock and roll, and her sound of music has taken a dark turn too, a popular dark turn but none-the-less.

Are you eating carbs and meat, vitamin C and B12 especially has been proven to give energy boost, can't be a sad when energised can you.

Sleep (lack of)
Speaking of energy, are you getting enough sleep, you are, are you sleeping too much? You are, go see a doctor, you may have an illness such as chronic fatigue.

My rules for keeping my head above water

Like the little piggy says, "I refuse to get stuck in the mud" I've been in places before where everything has seemed to be swallowing my feet in and I've sunk slower and slower in to a great pile of s**t. I refuse for it to happen again, and I rarely let anything get out of hand before I try and solve the problem.
I'm a problem solver.
And if I am really really "stuck"  I ask my family for help, I never ask friends, because I wouldn't appreciate if a friend constantly needed me for help so I use that incentive to never rely on my friends only for comfort and giggles.

I keep an eye on my bank funds, and if somehow the finances are going a little skew-wiff then I cancel some things because its better to be debt with a company than a bank. Then I pay it back after more money is in.

I don't get upset by things easily, I used to find things really troublesome especially if I was trying my hardest with someone and it didn't seem to effect the way the acted towards me, I'd take it out on myself, now I just don't try.
People will like me for me even if I don't try and those people are the ones I should try with.

Chilling out; chips used to permanently reside on my shoulder, until I had a major wake up call and I pulled them off as it seemed they were glued there. Being a stress-head helps no-one especially not the stressed, can lead to heart problems, chill the eff out... WOOOSAHHH.

Not being a perfectionist; I'm still finding this hard to do, I'm getting great grades in my first year at university, I'm hitting the 2-1 (60%) 1st mark (70% +) however I always seem to want better, this might be down to the fact that I'm a bit of a "the-best-will-only-do" when it comes to grades but I really do need relax when I get a good grade.

Planning ahead; Last year before Xmas I was the most disorganised person I had ever met, loosing s**t on a daily basis, new years resolutions and kicking myself in the but really helped,I'm so much better at planning ahead so I don't get swamped with work.

That is basically what I do to keep it all plain sailing.
Do you have any tips and tricks that lead a very smooth existence
Or do you secret love the drama
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