Review: L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream

I bought the anti-redness (green) and anti-fatigue (peach) corrector from boots and they retail for £9.99 but a deal is on for two for £15.
The reason I bought these two and excluded the anti-dullness, is because I get redness around my nose and my eyelids and I get darkness underneath my eyes, I really didn't need the anti-dullness. However I would have if you could buy all three for £20.
Hint hint nudge nudge boots :)

Initial thoughts of the packaging.
The nozzle is thin so application can be centralized which is amazing, the tube is obviously blown up, it is apparent it has more air in the tube than product and I found that its hard to squeeze without accidentally squeezing product all over your top (trust me I've done this).
Initial thoughts of the product
When I first bought this product I couldn't wait till I got back to my student accommodation before squeezing a tiny bit on my hand and rubbing it in, and because it has colour changing properties it changed from green anti-redness to a Amy-Childs-orange colour.
It did the same with the peach anti fatigue corrector and still it went slightly oxidized and orange.
When I applied it with a brush however it didn't go orange. It basically changed to my palm/fingertip colour which are naurally redder than the back of my hand.

Here are some swatches with fingertips (anti-redness)

What the pictures show
I have shown you some pictures of the partial blending and then full blending and how it changes colour through the process, as you can see the more thicker it is the greener it is which is why It changes colours at its edges first. Take note that I have just had a spray tan so I would only buy this of you are a NC/NW20 or above as the formula is dark.
It's a more yellow cool tone also so it photographs wayyyy better than a warm toned concealer/corrector, so it does look amazing under the eyes.

It does have aluminium oxide in this so please keep it away from any small animals, and small children, aluminium is also a hard metal and can sink into your skin, so prolonged use of this product may give vegans and vegetarians headaches.

It says light coverage, I will definitely not be using this product as a full foundation to check extensively the level of coverage, but from what I have seen it does to redness around my nose and eyelids L'oréal doesn't to give it as much credit as far as coverage it deserves. It has around as much coverage as L'oréal True Match Foundation. Light to medium, it claims to be build-able but who dares layer green foundation. I don't.

Now with pictures of it blended with the real techniques dome shadow brush. (anti-dullness)

What it shows
As you can see it still shows up darker and more orange, the website claims that it works with your own tone, so as a beauty blogger I ask for you to try it and tell me if it turns this yellow on you. I would like to see what shade it turns on someone with red pigmentation through their skin, someone who is fair, with ginger hair perhaps, then a more interesting comparison can take place.

What I like
The formula is great for people with dry skin, it works great on my skin, and I have never seen dryer skin than mine.
That its new, nothing screams buy me than something that is new and innovative.
The science, love how it changes colour.
Range of colours, the fact that it comes in three colours to correct a multitude of sins in fantastic.
What I don't like
Aluminium oxide, Aluminium is linked to increased risk of Alzheimers, and a fair few other health faults that haven't been full explained such as brain and breathing problems.
That's enough for me to use it and never buy it again.

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  1. Wtf?! Why on earth do you think aluminium is going to give vegans/vegetarians a headache?!

    1. It is a possibility, vegans/vegetarians aren't subject to the type of toxins meat eaters are!
      I was watching a video about aluminium oxide in DiamondsandHeelsxx YouTube videos, she said aluminium can be absorbed in the body and has been linked with some health problems x


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