Superscrimpers and DIY Fashion


Everyone has a daytime TV show that is constantly on record on their sattalite box, Mine is SuperScrimpers.

I love it when it comes to makeup thrifty ideas, like today's episode mentioned you can use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) instead of expensive eye makeup removers... Vaseline can be bought for £1 a tub so compare that to Bioderm that everyone is going crazy for and it soon works out which is better.

Watching this show it has given me loads of ideas for shopping savvier, such as charity shops usually have the best stuff in on Mondays and Tuesdays because people donate on weekends.
And due to me being a bit of a dab hand on the sewing machine I can reinvent most things.

My favourite thrifter is Claire, the fashion savvy.
She loves charity shops and customization.

Here are my tips at keeping your wardrobe fresh without the fresh price tag:
  1. Dye's can be bought from amazon and ebay cheaply if your tired of old coloured clothes.
  2. Bleach effect can be done easily by scrunching or using elastic bands.
  3. Fabric is best from a market stall, if you want to do some dress making.
  4. If you can't find your size in the sales, get it bigger and adjust it yourself.
  5. If your a sewer, keep your scrap material, you could create accessories.
  6. Sequins, studs, lace, and buttons can be found at market haberdasheries.
  7. If you have to threw something because it is really knackered, keep the fastenings, such as buttons, zips and snaps. Just because the material is crap doesn't mean all the rest is.
  8. Make some stamps and get some material paint and turn a plain garment into a printed master piece.
  9. Lace can tart up anything
  10. Basics are easier to customise than something with loads of embellishment aready on
My favourite DIY fashion blogs

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