What do you wanna be when you grow up?

On Monday I picked the specialist subjects I want to do in my next two years of University and honestly this scared me a little. I remember pouring over endless internet quizzes that would tell me my path in life on Quizzilla or Bebo, and I've not really figured it out until coming to University three years later at 21. I've always wanted to come to university but I didn't feel ready, and the more I earned money and started to socialize the more I wanted to earn money and socialize so I held it off until I was fed up of a dead end job and dead end nights out.
Clubbing can only get you so far in life... REHAB.

What I wanna do!
Public Relations
Public Relations
I've been hankering on the idea that I want to be influential, I love the idea of Public Relations, and I'd absolutely love to work in a magazine, writing and doing the design for the magazine, making it eye catching or writing with a witty flair.
I am doing a joint honours so I have to pick a specialist subject in the one I am not doing a dissertation in. 

Dissertations are usually big pieces of written/graphical work that consist of around 10,000-20,000 words proving an idea, or even disproving an idea.

I will be doing my dissertation in media and communications and the course leader raves that it will teach me research skills, that could take me into jobs like the BBC, Channel 4, so I haven taken his word for it because the course leader for Media, although he's not my favourite teacher, his lectures are extremely entertaining.

I want to take Business of Magazines because its quite essential to PR and it is taught by my favourite teacher, and I will have to take critical journalism also to join this, for my media side, I will be doing my dissertation and PR, because Public Relations is definitely the job I want to get into.

I have approximately eleven days to do 14, 500 word reflective journals, a media blog that includes a power point, a well structured argument on copyright and a campaign video.
So everything I have written on KewTeePye has been written previously and scheduled, for the next two weeks, I'm now going to slowly die of boredom and think of a useful way of how to concentrate.

What are you doing?
I'm pretty sure that some of my gorgeous readers are at university, tell me what your degree is and why you doing it?
Due to the end of the university year and ever closer deadlines, what are your choices if your a first year, what are you planning to do if you have finished for the three years and maybe write a blog post about it.
Even if you not a reader, drop me a line, I wanna know, if you have blogged, leave your URL in the comments box and then I will update this post with a little summary.

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