Spray Tan Review: Crazy Angel

I've fallen out of love with self-tan lately just because I'm lazy and cannot be arsed with all the farse of applying it myself, its not the pre-tan de-fuzzing, exfoliating and moisturising that bothers me, it is the applying. I  always tend to leave something out, like a boob, or an elbow. Then theirs the develop time, so I decided to get a spray tan, at my local salon/hairdressers. It cost £10 which is an utter bargain.

I am pale like a NW10 in MAC or a nude, or shell in avon.
I was told to exfoliate which was hard because I threw out all the scrubs me and my mum had due to them being older than 12/24/36m stated on the packet. So I used the bath scrunchy and rigorously rubbed till my legs felt really smooth.
I shaved my legs, arms, armpits and lady bits, as I was wearing a thong to get the spray I didn't want any fanny fur fall out of my undergarment.
The salon owner told me to wear loose clothing and even though I don't own anything all over loose, I opted for a maxi skirt and jumper.

Because I used to go to school with the salon owner, and we have just put old disputes to bed, and become friends, it was very awkward for me, and I tried to make a laugh and a joke about it especially when she was  blowing hot air around my titties to dry it off.
I had to wait a bit to dry and while I was upstairs stood in my undercrackers, two customers came in to have their hair done, so I went and stood by the space heater and dashed back when I heard the customers leave.

I went to my nanans and met my mum there, then all three of us, my nanan (grandmother), my mum and me when to Dunelm mills and because I had no makeup on due to not being able to have any on for the spray tan, I didn't feel bad at all, because having a tan makes me look healthier anyways, I didn't feel as insecure as I did walking to the salon pre-tan.
It does feel a tad sticky, and I'd prefer to walk around naked, or in a robe. However, I looked like an orange mess because the salon owner had put a tan extender in it.

Day After
I had to leave it 24 hours, I had the spray at 3pm on Wednesday and washed it off 9am Thursday morning, not really 24 hours, but she had put extender in it so I was turning ridiculously tanned. I had a shower and my face still looked mucky, so my mum let me use her Elemis Rose Exfoliator and it worked tremendously well.

Night After
I went to town on Thursday night and met my friend who hadn't seen me since I was blonde, and she loved my look. I look totally different than how I did at September, I will put photo's up so you can see, the difference between what I look like now and when I was at college is so astounding one of my old close friends that I lost touch with, didn't even know who I was I had to go through my Facebook photo's to show him it WAS me.

The picture on the left is me now, the picture of me on the right is me two years ago.

I am starting to look a little orange, so I definitely would say that next time I have one of these tans I will be having less extender in the solution.
I have scrubbed the hell out of my skin too and it will not budge. Which is great.
I don't know if I will have this tan again because its starting to mottle on my skin, I don't know whether its the talents of the sprayer or the tan.
I'm gonna try another spray tan after this has washed off

Tell me what you think of crazy angel spray if you have ever tried it.

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  1. I've never had a spray tan (or any tan really..) because I'm just so bugged out that I'll look orange afterwards. And I'm a red head, so if my skin starts to turn orange I'll look like a Willy Wonka reject for sure.
    Do you have any recommendations for at home spray tan or lotions that won't make me look like I'm radioactive?
    Also, you looked adorable blond. You still look adorable, I've just never seen your blond pics.
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

    1. Awww thank you, I was pulling a face in that photo so I was aiming for the adorable look.
      You need a tanner with a green undertone in it to counteract the red, I wouldn't recommend crazy angel to you because it made me slightly orange and I'm quite neutral.
      Xen tan is amazing, it smells gorgeous and if you look on amazon you can get some deals :)
      hope that helps

    2. Thanks for the advice, I'll have to check it out as spring/summer gets closer. I've seriously never in my life been tan, so this will be a fun experiment I think.


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