Maybe it's time to: GET FIT

Image is everything these days, and nearly everything can be changed quickly to hair, skin tone, eyelash length. Even surgical procedures can change things really quick down to the size of our penises and titties.
Theres one thing that unless your happy with large scars from hip bone to hip bone, you can not do as quick as entering a medical theatre or popping a contact lens's in. That one thing is losing weight and having the perfect body.
Losing weight is a lengthy procedure, and only the morbidly obese can loose a lot, quickly, and that's because they have the weight to loose it. For us chubby Contessa's we have to change our lifestyles to get the dream body and the lifestyle transition can be hard to adjust to. I can't dish out tips Because that would be hypocritical of me, currently I am putting on more weight and just wanted to share with you some of the advice I've learnt throughout my life. I'm not a weight loss guru, I am currently trying to lose weight, if the things that I'm going to be doing, help you loose my weight in any way I would love to know.

1.Technology helps
Apps like Ocado and myfitnesspal really help with setting dietary goals. The myfitnesspal app is socially integrated also so you can add friends and share your goals, on the app also you can add workouts and exercises and really spurr your friends on. Ocado is a organic market places and offers every free range organically grown and produced things you would to get your hands on.
BBC Good food is great because it lets you cater search results for recipes below a certain amount of calories and you can the app for most mobiles and tablets. Amazing for when you have run out of simple but healthy ideas.

2. Snacks Galore
Biscuits have become my best friend, and the more I have them the more I want them, which is undoubtedly fattening, sob sob. So I've been looking at the graze boxes. As a race, us humans are mentally designed to consume as much food as we can, as it was always low in demand, but now because we have loads of food resources we are getting larger and larger because 200,000 years of evolution has taught us to forage and never get hungry, now we've channeled that to never feel not full. The graze boxes have taken out the work for you (much like the supermarket) and deliver snack boxes full of your choices for you to consume when it's delivered, it's worth investing in a weekly delivery rather than cramming in the biscuits.
Boxes retail for £3.89.

3.Exercise with music 
It's scientifically proven that music help the heart and mind feel "pumped" coupled with exercise, this gives the body a rush of adrenaline and exercise becomes a lot more easier. Adrenaline also helps the body release serotonin, the happy hormone, and exercise has been proven to help people with depression. It's good to know that if you're feeling a bit down in the dumps that going for a long walk might do your body and mind some good.

4.Don't feel embarrassed
Don't be scared of exercising because you're worried about what you'll look like, think about what you will look like afterwards when you have a sexy bod, and you can rock hotpants without your bum trying to eat them. Working out with a friend can also help you, as they are in the same boat, so if you look daft, they will too and you can have a good giggle about it together.

5.Your goal weight is not the finishing line.
When you think about your goal weight you need to look past that because once you have got there and achieved it you will give yourself free reign to do whatever you want and eat and drink whatever you want. If you think of your weight loss as the overall "finish line" you will quickly put it back on plus maybe more and get trapped in the world of yo-yo dieting, if you really want to create the body you have always dreamed of it needs to be a lifestyle changer and you need to look at it as a do or die kind of mentality. Obsession and drive is the key.

I've uploaded some of my favourite workouts on youtube and embedded them into this post so that if your wanting a serious contender to make you sweat and also have fun, watch the videos in an upcoming post.
If you want to join me in my get fit flight join me on MYFITNESSPAL add me on the app, or you can add me over the website itself. Leave me a comment darlings, I love to read your blogs when you leave a URL and its just so nice to feel interaction. Ta Ta

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