Payday Wishlist

So its that time of month again when I start to spend my wage in my head, pay day is on the 26th July so I've not that long till I get my greasy mitts on my monthly pay. Last month, I literally spent it all within two days of getting it and then couldn't do anything for the rest of the month in terms of going out or spending time with my friends, so this time I'm gonna be a little cautious on what I'll be spending it on, and make some wiser decisions.
I passed the preparatory period at work, with means I'm permanent now, if you're not experienced on what working is like, either for british people or if your under 18, you have a three month period, that includes training and doing the job to prove that you can do it, if you do not meet the requirements for the role they either extend your probation or sack you. If you meet the requirements they have to hire you, even if they don't have the money to accommodate your wage.
I have officially passed mine but the probation period doesn't end till 27th and from then I can put in overtime, which means darlings that maybe these payday wishlist and haul posts might be a bit more elaborate.

Lets start with the things I must pay
Rent / Board
My mum charge's me £50 per week to live at home for the summer, and we have worked it out pro rata, so even on 4 week months and 5 week months I am always going to be giving her the same.
Phone Bill
What's great about this is I'm with the company for my phone that I work for, so after the two weeks I have left of preparatory period (even though I passed) I can apply for staff discount which is like 30%, I have a pretty amazing deal anyway so that will be a bit more money in my back pocket for working with a great company.
Contact Lenses
I need to schedule an eye test, I need to start the direct debit again to get my special contacts, I have an astigmatism, so the contacts that I get are weighted so it sits correctly on the cornea of my eye. The cost more than normal contacts which is a bummer.

The Good Decisions
I have failed my test 5 times and I refuse to give up, simple because I understand the amount of freedom that getting a car and being able to drive will give me. I'll be able to go to the county park whenever I can without having to workout the numerous busses to get. More importantly I will be able to have more time in bed on days where I know there isn't going to be loads of traffic.
I have two motoring schools in the back of my mind, one is drive dynamics which is a great driving school and I've used them twice, once in my home town and once while I was down at University. Both times I was accommodated by excellent instructors. 

Crown Brush UK
Click me to go to the crown brush website.

I have a wishlist on the crown brush UK site worth £43, thats with a 10% internet coupon "FINJA13" and I have a set called the HD set and some blushes and Eye brushes (a girl can never have too many eye brushes) and some cleaner. I literally cannot wait to place my order.

Makeup Geek
Gorgeous Swatches, Image Source : Makeup
I was watching a video from Jacylin Hill on Youtube, and she mentioned this brand, while using one of their eyeshadows, it was a pigment and I must have it because it was so pretty, and I looked and the prices of these pigments are only $7.99 that works out to UK £5.20 or there abouts. Thats AMAZING.
The starter kit which the swatches are shown here is $49.99/£32 for 9 shadows, and the shipping can be worked out on the shopping cart page, which is cool little gadget, just so you know, UPS charges £16.16 for handling so if you don't want to pay that I'd look for a UK store that has pigments as good as these.

Thats all I want really this month guys, I'm not too bothered about anything else for the time being. If you have a wish list or think my picks are great, please leave a comment. I'd love it if you darlings could follow me on GFC, Google+  or Bloglovin. Ta Ta.

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