My Make-up History

Everyone has a make-up history, but I'm gonna be brave enough to admit mine all over the blogger-sphere, if you would like to join me in beauty history, do a post like this, leave a comment and I will add you to the bottom of the post :)

Late Bloomer
I didn't start really wearing make-up until I was 17 and even then I hardly wore anything. I was extremely scared of foundation and I think my foundation consisted of the LAVAL tube you can purchase at local town market stalls. It cost me £1.99 and I wore it sparsely.
It was way to pink for me.
I mostly used to wear powder, blusher, mascara and that was it and I'm happy that I didn't develop a make up habit because some of my best friends who started wearing make-up very young have not so great skin now.
I am very pleased with the development of my skin, especially because I come from an exceptionally long line of acne sufferers.
On my mums side, my mum, uncles, grandad and Nanan had suffered a lot of spots when they were younger.
My mum escaped with little scaring because she moisturises really well.
I love make up but i don't recommend it to anyone under the age of 16.
You might think I'm being conservative on that approach and I probably am, but to me, if my daughter were to wear make- up before the age of 16 I won't ban it, but I'd definitely discourage it.

The insecure stages of make-up
During my late teens I was wearing make- up a lot more and I had a new circle of friends that all wore make-up. And believe me they wore a lot of it. To fit in I applied a lot more and generally became conceited and obnoxious.
I used to fake tan also and even started getting my nails done on a regular basis, I was on a really good wage for a 19 year old and I either spent the money on myself or on my drinking habit :P
I wore a lot of make up and it got so bad that when I received some bad news from the hospital my mum bought me my first MAC items (other than the foundation I'd been using) to cheer me up.
Make up was the only thing that cheered me up.
I was very insecure about my looks but came across big headed and that I loved myself so no one would notice.
I hope you like the fact that I own up to being a Brat than never admitting it.

Cold Turkey
Then I just stopped caring, stopped fake tanning, stopped wearing make up, just stopped, I tried to really figure out why I was doing this to myself.
It's really funny that going through times when you don't care about yourself as much, the friends that became your friends when you looked a certain way disappear.
This is where I think all girls get the mental image that if they wear make up it will make them popular.
Take every american movie that talks about high school, as soon as the ugly girl fixes herself up, she becomes popular, WHY IS HOLLYWOOD TELLING US THIS CRAP.
Make up shouldn't be used to make you transform into someone your not, it should be used for you to cover the things you don't like, and if your bathing in a Bath of Foundation then you need to have a think if its your face you don't like or yourself.
When I stopped for a while and addressed who I really was, and not who I wanted people to think I was I became happy about myself. 
Really happy with myself, content.
I'm not Rosie Hungtington-Whitley or Megan Fox, but hey I bet if you ask them if they like themselves they'll be on the fence like me. Sitting there with only blush and mascara on.

Change of Beauty Habits
I learned that I girls that only hung around with me because my profile picture was getting liked were fake friends. Never should you have to feel you have to look a certain way to fit in.
Don't change your natural self, unless YOU want to do it for YOU.
I learnt this the hard way, through competition.
I stopped looking at my friends and tryna compete with what they were doing and focused on myself for a change.
After a long period of not wearing make up for what seemed like forever, probably 4 months consecutively, I forgot how to apply the stuff again.
Because I hadn't been on the sun bed or fake tanning my previous NW22 was too dark for me. I went out and got some new make up that actually suited me, and I got more brushes.
I started to wear it again but on a much smaller level, I'm now wearing make up that I wanna wear, I'll fake tan if I wanna fake tan, and I've changed my hair colour from, blonde to dark pink to brown, and I like it so much better than i ever did while blonde.

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  1. This is a very interesting, and honest post - thanks for sharing! :)
    I don't usually wear a lot of make up at all, I've never really work foundation and have only just started to delve into blusher/lipstick (I was always all about the eyes!)

    1. oh ahhh!
      Eye makeup :)
      it took me ages to learn how to blend properly :)

  2. What an insightful and honest post, very rare in the beauty blogger sphere. I think I might have to do one of these myself. Because yeah, I pretty much only wear makeup when I'm blogging. In real life, I generally only wear mascara and maybe a tinted powder if my face is blotchy.

    1. In "real life" I love that quote!
      I sometimes think that bloggers show a different side to themselves on their blog.
      I'm glad you find me honest :)
      This beauty blogging business doesn't have to warrant our face being always covered in slap, or we changing ourselves to fit to our audience.

  3. Omg is that first picture actually real?! She looks terrible!!

    This is such an interesting and honest post. I have to agree, I don't think girls should start wearing makeup too young either. I don't remember when I first got into wearing foundation etc, but I know it wasn't when I was really young! I think we all go through the stages of over-doing it, especially when it comes to fake tan! But it sounds like you have a really healthy outlook on life & the need for makeup now! I'd much rather wear a natural coverage, and a little extra on a night out, than ruin my skin by being constantly caked in layers of make up!

    Brilliant post xx


    1. I doubt it is real, but it highlights what I keep seeing with young girls wearing TONNNESSS of makeup.
      I hope I have an healthy outlook. I think there needs to be a FDD (face dismorphic disorder) as well as BDD (body dismorphic disorder) because increasingly, attractive girls are piling on the make up because they think they are dog ugly or its what their friends are doing.
      I'm glad you've found me honest.
      I noticed you have my twitter which is nice :)
      Please feel free to share if you think others should read the kind of message I'm putting across :)

  4. This is a really interesting post about a big issue. Personally, I started wearing makeup around 16, but I still don't really know any clever tricks with makeup, I just wear foundation to even my skin out, I avoid fake tan like the plague (natural over neon any day!), and a touch of eye shadow and mascara. I like the way makeup makes me feel more feminine, especially how it makes my eyelashes stand out as I think my eyes are my best feature. For special occasions I might wear cat eye eyeliner and a hint of lipstick, but if I wear too much I look like a kid who's raided her mums makeup bag, especially cos I look younger than my actual age and have quite a baby face.
    To me, makeup is about making you happy with what you have and emphasising your best bit. I agree that more is more, and people should try to embrace their natural beauty.
    I'm glad you seem to have found a balance with makeup, must make life so much easier :)

    1. Hi five for babyface, me too, I'm 21, I look 12, my Nanan still thinks I'm 14.
      I have different opinions on fake tan but that's because I've been applying it for years now and reached a balance with the shade. However I cannot for the life of me achieve an even cat eye, it makes my eyebrows look wonky, they are sisters not twins!
      I'm starting to see that women are putting pressure on themselves more and more and your getting the MAC girls looking down on the buyers which makes going to the shop a quite nervous experience.
      I live in a town so I see most on a bi-monthly basis and growing up it was ridiculous the amount of make up girls wore.

      I like your take on femininity, its nice to get ready and almost fancy yourself in the mirror! (please tell me I'm not the only one) but there has to be a line where it must stop before an insecure girl gets BDD

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