Sweet transvestite: Using Sleek

Using Sleek, Topshop, L.A Colours and others I recreated Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Heres How I Did it:
Sleek Palette, Ultra Mattes V1 (link here), I packed the purple shade on to my lids.
Eye crease
using the base shadow brush by real techniques (Link here) which is slightly tapered I brushed a grey through my crease and built up as my blend colour.
To emphasise this I used a shimmery black with blue undertones through my crease also.
Eye Brows
Filled them in thick, Frankenfuirter style, however not too thick as I wanted it to be quite wearable and glamorous, even though strangely isn;t Tim curry so sexy in this film?
I used Rimmel London professional eyebrow pencil in 001,
Dark Brown
Using the same grey gradient I used as my blend colour for my crease I worked this with a 217 MAC down the sides of the nose, high under the cheekbones, and on my temples.
I didn't quite have enough on the cheekbones so added a dab with a blusher brush and went to town on my cheekbones, I then blended it out with Face and Body Brush by Bodyshop.
Using Real Techniques contour brush I applied head over heels by top shop cream blush and dabbed it continuously into one area so it looks centred. Like cartoon rosie cheeks and doll like.
Using Real techniques detailer brush I applied Black Veltet by L.A Colors in an arch to the top lip, then I filled in the rest with
lipstick tube.

My thoughts
I didn't really aim for the Sweet Transvestite look, but I am super chuffed it came out this way.
It photographs really well thanks to the grey contour on the nose and cheeks.

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