Naked Basics and Opi Mariah Mini Liquid Sands

Naked Basics Palette retails RRP £20
I paid £14.50
Saving of £5.50
Saved 27.5%

Opi Mariah Mini Liquid Sands retails RRP £13.95
I paid £7.50
Saving of £5
Saved 62%

I bet your all wondering how I did it, and its called something called co-buy its basically an online system where people can buy in bulk so that the price can be brought down, therefore you do need people interested in the product to get it at its cheapest.
The minumum amount of people to get the lowest price would be 30 co-buyers (however more people can be included), or 75% of that. It basically works on a demand and then supply. You Bulk buy it as a group provided that people know about the offers.
I urge anyone reading this to click this link to see what they might supply if we demand it enough. 
I personally want Elemis skin system on there, because my mum loves the stuff and I would like to get her a little hamper for mothers day. Therefore I have requested it.
I has saved me quite a bit of money on these purchases and If i can highlight it to other bloggers who spend money on cosmetics for their blog, this can save you some cheddar.

Naked Basics Palette
When I first opened this I was kinda disappointed because its actually TINY, its the smallest palette I own but then I started to think differently about the size, its perfect handbag, or even clutch size. You could take it to work with you if your going straight from work to dinner or a party and just pop a MAC blending 217 in your bag and bobs your uncle. Day to night party look.
The colours from left to right: Venus, Foxy, Walk of Shame abreviated to W.O.S, Naked 2, Faint, Crave.
Venus: Shimmery Neutral cream, great for highlight, such as brows and inner corner eye.
Foxy: Yellow cool based cream, overall lid colour, or highlight for darker skin tones
W.o.S: Pink warm based cream, over all lid colour, or highlight for darker skin tones.
Naked 2: A neutral taupe, transitional crease colour, overall lid colour for darker skin tones.
Faint: A neutral soft medium brown, amazing crease colour.
Crave: A  warm dark coffee colour, amazing smokey colour, and crease colour.

Swatches, underside of forearm, with flash to show shimmer in Venus.
Opi Liquid Sands Mariah Carey Collection from left to right: Get Your Number, The Impossible, Can't Let Go, Stay the Night

Get Your Number: Shimmery Blue, with silver glitter 
The Impossible: Ruby Red, with gold glitter
Can't Let Go: Cool Purple with silver glitter.
Stay The Night: Black with Red glitter.

I have only managed to wear the Get Your Number yet so you can check out what it looks like here.
Pictures taken with flash so you can see the glitter better.

Do you have any of the Opi Liquid Sands, what do you think of them? Which one of these are your favorite colour?

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  1. These nail varnishes look gorgeous, so glittery!
    Kirsty x


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