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What Miley Cyrus's Relationship Taught me About Sex and Women


Ooooh Showing BRA, how naughty.

Lets look back on a string of events that define this epic car crash of a relationship and the defining of a young sex symbol in todays society.

Hannah Montana, Miley's Disney alias, sweet, virginal a bit of a tomboy and ultimate daddies girl, suddenly grows tits and a vagina, creates a couple of songs that urge her more and more to the edge of the sex pool, these include "party in the the USA" and "who owns my heart" and of course the ever suggestive "can't be tamed" until suddenly she dives in, twerking her tiny butt in white lycra to some saucy beats and reference to drugs "dancing with molly" with her popular hit "We Can't Stop".

The star is now truly SEXUALISED and guess what, her boyfriend does NOT like it.
The relationship has never been solid, but they were engaged, and in the UK asking someone to marry you is a massive step, you simply don't do it, unless you see that girl pregnant with 10 of your children, and you fighting grown bears to protect her and your herd.

Liam Hemsworth's move utterly shocked me. For decades we hear complaints and complaints against women's sexuality or lack of it, and as soon as its unleashed this idiot runs away with his tail between his legs because she shakes her ass on an a beetlejuice looking robin thicke.

I'm now starting to think that maybe years and years of conformities and society conventions were put in place to oppress womens sexuality and desires, E L James and Mills and Boon can't be incorrect when their record number of sales has shown women do want sex as much as men, maybe even more and in more adventurous ways.
Whats gonna happen if our men keep running away like scared little imp such as master hemworth?
Anne Summers is gonna make hefty profit.


Relinquish control, why its brilliant.


What: Reading a feature in the New Statesman about creativity, popularity and pornography and why great art always involves loosing control.
Where: In my student bedroom
When: 13:11 tuesday afternoon
Why: I felt like it.

I think conservatism is quite a damaging mental health condition.... The most brilliant people are often the most difficult, because they try and talk themselves out of this the whole time. - Grayson Perry 

We live in a social environment now, where logic is given more importance than emotion, control of mind over freedom of thought and analysis over acceptance . There is a lot of controlling aspects about life that is thrust upon us by consumerism and advertisement and the dominant ideal is becoming to include, controlling every aspect of our existence.

Women are now wanting to be a certain way, by what is the popular, no room for individuality, young, smart, sexy and unique, but how can she be unique when she tries so hard to be all the other things. This also spills into family life, while she wants to be a good mother (as what the daily mail subscribes with their pills of popularist information) she also wants everything in control, this is why Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is a ritualistic disease, that controls the irrational beliefs of chaos by forcing the subjective to certain patterns of behaviour, is on the rise for new mothers.
Also anorexia is another controlling disease that grips women into restricting food in order to control irrational beliefs of chaos if they don't.

I've always been described as difficult, and awkward and this quote really made me smile, because I thought it was due to me not having a full grasp on my life, but the way perry puts it resonated a huge sence of comforting. 
The reason I am not in control of every aspect of my life is because I let it be free, and I'm not afraid of it not being totally controlled (especially not now after reading this article) means I might be a tad brilliant. 
Thank you Grayson Perry for making me feel exotically free with your beliefs. 

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