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Revlon Naked Foundation Review: Dry Skin!!!


This post has been a extremely long time coming, and its going be a tad different to everyone else's review because I don't actually like it. WHAAAAA I can here you say, yep. Its not my cup of tea, and I'm gonna explain exactly why.
I got it on the day it came out which was the 15th of February, so I've had a full month and half to totally review it. It's a new foundation and face set by Revlon celebrity endorsed by Emma Stone (superbad, Easy A), it aims to be as natural looking a foundation for your skin.


YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Beige Tribute: My First High End Purchase


Oh don't shout at me but as soon as I got my last student loan I went a little cray-zzayy and bought some things I would have justified because they are high end beauty, but I'm in my early twenties now and need some "big-girl-make-up".
I'm a bit of a scared-ie cat when it comes to lipstick because I love bright colours (at the moment), but they look garish against my natural skin tone, whatever my skin tone is, I am so pale I am see through, and I just cannot be bothered with fake tanning with all the University work I have on.
Tell me to shut my cake hole if I'm complaining, I just really wanted a luxury lipstick without going to all the effort of having a tanned face and body, to go with it. What happened to white-skinned glamour ey?
Image Source 
Image Source
Image Source

Three beautiful ladies, (from Top to bottom, Megan Fox, Marcia Cross and January Jones) that are of each hair colour and skin tone, cool, warm and neutral.
I bet all these ladies have a few YLS lippies in their red carpet clutches and wanted to feel that I might at least share the same product. You never know, with make up I could be sharing the same lippie shade as the beautiful January here. (What a gorgeous name).

So lets talk about the lippie, the packaging is beautiful, it screams luxury it's gold for gods sake and it smells divine, it sort of reminds me of Krystal champagne. So the next time I can afford some Krystal I'm gonna make sure I have this lippie in my clutch, to see if YSL makes it taste any better, if so then I understand the meaning of expensive taste.
I love the gold stamp in the front, I haven't seen a lipstick packaged remotely like this anywhere so I believe I am free from blind labelling.
The texture of the lipstick is really soft too, if I don't start using it with a lip brush I can see myself over applying it.
It's a lot softer than MAC's lipsticks, as these seem to be drying, and it drys to a matte finish, which although they can be more dry that their creamier cousins they still enrich my lips with the feeling of a fresh lips scrub.

The shade is shade 10 called beige tribute in the rouge pur couture. And it's a pinky light brown with cool undertones.
Perfect, I love my nude colours that are cool toned.

I really like this lipstick, it's my first high end purchase and I'm glad I picked YSL.


Veet Easy Wax Review


It's about high time that all aspects of beauty were considered rather than just cosmetics skincare and hair care, it's related to haircare but more to the side of removal and lack of.
I decided to pick up the Veet easy Wax as the advert had been niggling away at me since it was aired.
And I thought, I enjoy getting my legs waxed far more than doing the standing on one leg on the shower gymnastics and slipping on the shampoo.
So here goes review...

Brilliant, packaging. was cased in-between two sets of plastic. Neat little compact waxing kit that includes wipes, strips, wax, heating kit and instructions. Incredible ease of setting up, pop the cartridge in the heating device, connect the plug into device and mains and the light indicates that it's on getting warm, it is that simple. The Heating time is impressive, it states waiting 20 mins but I waited longer because when I tested it at 20 mins the roller would not budge, so I turned it upside down for a few seconds and let gravity do its thang!
The wax slid down onto the roller but I still waited at least 30 mins before touching.
Its really Easy to use, just roll down it leg, place strip on wax, rub in direction of hair growth and pull off in opposite direction of hair growt! Voila, cest smooth.
The results are great, I have missed a few hairs but that can be understandable seen as though it is my first time ever using it, plus you can't really feel your way around what you have removed as the residue it leaves is sticky!



The wax is pink :)


The Next Day
Some areas of my legs are a bit prickly like my knees and ankles but they are mainly smooth, they feel a lot smoother than shaving because the air gets to them more because they don't have hair follicles lodged in the pours making it nice and breezy on your legs, perfect summer feeling!


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Payday Wishlist


Oh my God, my university loan will be through the door in 24 hours, and I've been lusting after a couple of items.

Veet Easy Wax
As soon as I get this I will do a full review as not many "beauty" bloggers talk about hair removal, its all makeup, and I keep asking myself what about all the other stuff we see at "beauty" related such as smooth legs and even smooth lady parts, who will take the biscuit and talk about that stuff, I will. I've been wanting this since its been advertised, and I even shaved one leg the other day and stopped before I shaved the other thinking "shit, I need to wax these furry buggars".
This will cost me £14.

Jacket from Lookbook Store
I was browsing through instagram the other day and have the people who have these gorgeous jackets on my feed, as soon as they showed this jacket I needed it, had a vision of wearing this with my black skinnies and pink jumper and look the BOM-DIDDLY-OMMN.
This will cost me $59+ 10P+P/ £46.

MAC Studio Sculpt
I once took a friend to get her foundation matched at MAC and the MAC girl matching had the most gorgeous finish on her skin ever and she told me she had this foundation on, so I need this foundation, I would wear it for nights out though rather than work wear as its FULL coverage, and sometimes when you have to look your best, your face can hold its breathe for a change.
This will cost me £24.

House of Lashes "Noir Fairy"
I've seen these lashes all over instagram on stunning photos of eye makeup looking absolutley phenominal, I've been looking for a pair of whispy but dense lashes for ages and you know when you see eyes and the shape of the eye is just outlined perfectly by a big set of fluttery lashes, these are those lashes.
This will cost me $16/ £10.50

Ugg Boots
I've been wanting a pair of Ugg boots since I was 17 year old, that is 4 years of pining over a pair of fluffy boots I could never afford, now I can, albeit I don't have to pay this money back and its not really my money, but oh well its the last term and I deserve a treat for all the work I have put in.
This colour is called HIBBISCUS, and isn't it just the most gorgeous ever to wear on your feet.
I've been slowly changing my colour style from blonde and cool toned blue to brunette and more in the summery shades, so these boots will set it off nicely.
This will cost me £16/£10.50

LimeCrime Lipstick
These babies are so pigmented, I want every colour, but I'll settle with one.
This will cost me $15/£9.80

The market at my university has a fantastic array of outdoor fabric stalls, it is simply amazeballs. I've had my eye on some tartan fabric in dunelm mills at £6.99 a metre and some black jersey fabric which has been quoted £3 a metre but I will obviously haggle so I maybe could get two for £5
I don't really know what this will cost me.

Anywhooo my gorgeous readers, tell me what you've been wanting this month/term whatever!
Keep Kewt 


Sewing project: Re-constructions


Champagne Clobber on a lemonade budget

I was looking through my wardrobe Saturday (23/03/13) and saw an old suede jacket that I got for Christmas when I was 12, (I'm now 21) that I had never worn, and I was pretty sure it was a hand-me-down and also a male jacket.
I also noticed a faux leather jacket from Primark I hadn't worn in ages and then I decided I was gonna cut them both up and make something different out of them. I needed a skirt because I hadn't bought myself a nice skirt in ages, and I wanted something more than just high street in my wardrobe, a little Kewteepye special made just by me, for me.

My sewing knowledge is more than the average, I don't sew very often, and as my granddad had recently loaned my sewing machine to make some curtains, my sewing machine was down at my nanan's and grandad's getting the much love it deserved.
My sewing knowledge expands to; basic pattern cutting, sewing straight lines, placing and refitting zips, shortening garments (shortie here) and the tiniest bit of pattern drafting. With all this in my sewing tool belt, I had only made two items, a skirt for my college pattern cutting assignment and a bag for my GCSE textiles assignment. Surprisingly I had never worn these garments.

So here is what I did:
I decided what type of skirt I wanted (pleated)

My hips are ten inch bigger and as I want the skirt to "move" while walking it will need to be a-line, therefore I need the skirt to have the pleats to fold over a wider section, such as one inch pleat then two inch fold over pleat.

To get myself acquainted with every bit of knowledge possible I watched every YouTube video I could find on how to make a pleated skirt. I watched these and soaked up all the pattern cutting formula I could find.

Then I got to unpicking

After this I started to make my pattern, I wanted it to be two toned pleat like this one:
Two-toned box pleat.
I want a knife pleat so its similar to a school girl skirt, but still two toned.
What I did next was draw up my pattern, and this is kinda complicated, as it has tones of maths in it to make it work, if you get your measurements wrong you could end up making a skirt too big, small or oddly shaped.
  1. I measured my waist- it came to 28- to give myself room I added 2 inches, but then realised I couldn't make an even number if I divided it by four so added an extra 2 inches, which made it 32.
  2. I then divided it by 2, so I had my front part of my waist, and back part of my waist.
  3. I want my pleat to be 2inches wide because it makes for easier cutting, so I need 16 pieces of 2inch pleat panels.
  4. The hidden pleats need to be bigger so it holds well.
  5. I marked this out on newspaper to make sure it fit.
I've made a little video for you lot so you can see it on more detail, I'm sorry If its unclear all footage was taken on my iPhone, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Press, press, press, press everything down and flat once you have sewn it.
Do all your pattern cutting before you start to sew.
If you don't have a sewing machine, mark your seem! It makes for straighter stitches.

I would love it if you took inspiration from this and did something similar, sewing makes me much more fulfilled when I've made something. I'm gonna make another post with this skirt on, when I've styled it. 

Like This.... Love these
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