Oooh Goodies! Beauty Haul Jun '13


Case: Damaged Bank Balance
Culprit: Boots
Motive: Boots points
So payday came and payday went as soon as possible, I went to my local shopping centre to get myself an iPad mini as my laptop has been playing up with the screen, and because the iPad can be taken out and about I decided to get one. I'm actually using it now, on the bus, on my way to get a half piece from Sally's glitz glam collection. The date I'm writing this is exactly one month after my birthday and I didn't get much for my birthday so payday has seemed more of a present.

amanda bynes

Role Models: The Good the Bad and the Ugly


I personally love it when there has been an episode of MIC (made in chelsea) and twitter is in uproar over Spencer's self confessed lothario antics, but secretly we'd all like to be the girl who changes the leopard's spots and even not so secretly fancy him. Boys (yes, boy, because he certainly isn't a man) like him are gracing programmes such as MIC, Geordie Shore and Towie. Mark wright who was the biggest love rat before Mario, left towie and got a deal with ITV to host a DATING PROGRAMME. Which proves to young males that treating women like dirt will get you higher in life. The worst thing is, is young lads want to be like them. Its a true representation of the age old cliche "good guys finish last". And it needs to change.


DIY Toner


How to make Your own Toner

Toners are like the calmers of the skincare social group, the one that stops the cleanser breaking out and knocking out the moisturiser. The toner calms the face after a good scrub/cleanse, takes away the leftover debris and preps the face for moisturiser time.
Toners are the mild second cleanse for the surface of the skin, the sweeping brush if you will.
But Toners can be godly expensive and with their ingredients available to us all for a fraction of the price I'm gonna break down what's in them and how you could make your own for the same price as a chippy tea.


Witch Hazel
Witch hazel is a natural Astringent, and astringents are tissue binders, which is great for anyone suffering from acne, breakouts, sunburn as the skin expands and of course wrinkles as the elasticity in the face gets loose and the skin spreads. This is the only ingredient that you can't eat pure as it makes the mouth super dry, like you get with banana's (its found in banana's). As its a binding ingredient, it binds any mucous membrane which therefore makes it great for anyone with fungal infections, or acne, as the yellow puss in acne is mucous.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is the hydrogen carrier, it carries the bodies most important resource, water, all around the body feeding our vital organs with oxygen so they can perform faster and more efficiently, using vitamin E as its tour guide. Secondly to this it acts as an antioxidant but because this isn't its primarily function, vitamin E was included in the ingredients to pack the punch to do all the work on your skin you need. 

Mineral Water
Mineral water is what the vitamin C will carry, hydrogen is the daddy of all minerals in this mix as without it, your face cannot be moisturised and without it you would have nothing to bind all three other ingredients together. 

Liquid Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and it kills superoxide's, superoxides is like the toxic acid found inside your stomach that kills microorganism, stomach acid is highly corrosive due to this. Once the superoxide has done its work in the stomach, vitamin E comes along and neutralizes it and makes way for hydrogen to moisturise the stomach lining. 
Its great for your skin, because it leads the way for hydrogen carriers like vitamin C to get to your cells, its fantastic for its moisturising properties in and on the body, also it being an antioxidant like vitamin C really helps the immune system and overall health of your skin. It works like a Cell cleaner. Cleaning away dead skin cells and letting vitamin C and the hydrogen found in the mineral water replenish your new layers.

Quick breakdown

Witch Hazel binds the nasty stuff in skincare jail, while vitamin E kills them, and guides vitamin C to all the places they have destroyed to restore back to its former glory with the Hydrogen found in the mineral water.
That Simple
All of these ingredients can be either found online at Amazon or a local herbalist like Holland and Barrats.


To make a 4 month supply
Heat 250mls of Mineral Water in a pan, and let it get to a low simmer.
Add four tablespoons of vitamin C powder and stir till disolved.
Add four tablespoons of vitamin E liquid and stir till disolved
Add 500ml of Witch hazel and simmer for around 10mins
Take of the boil and leave to cool in a fridge overnight
Pour into spray bottles of any size
Store in a refrigerator
Shake before use
Apply like a regular toner.

If you only want to make a months supply and leave the rest of the ingredients locked away for another make, divide it by four, you can also add perfume in the form of essential oils but these will change the formula and if you are oily skinned may not be the best idea, and normal perfumes contain alcohol which will dry out the skin.
The whole cost of the ingredients comes to around £20 which is the same cost for a bottle of Elemis Apricot Toner, but this makes 4 lots so its around £5 per bottle and last twice as long, plus you have the ingredients to make more if you so wish.

Thank you very much for reading guys, if you try this I'd love to hear your thoughts over on Twitter, or leave me a blog comment to tell me what you think of this post. I'd love it if you could follow my BlogLovin too.
Ta Ta


Bye Bye GFC


I was a late starter in the blogger world as I started my blog in December of 2012 and didn't really know how to navigate the whole follower thing, so when I say Google Friend Connect could be added on the side of my blog I was enlightened. But now its being taken away from me and I am sad to see it leave (if it leaves) but there are some other alternatives that you can follow me on, that I would very much appreciate.
 photo Bloglovin-logo_zps918062e2.jpg
 Bloglovin, like a blog roll, or a magazine rack. Add me there.

Add me to your Circle

If you have me in your GFC and you need to know how to add me to your BlogLovin Blog Roll is you go to THIS WEBSITE and it helps you to import all the blogs you had on the passing GOOGLE READER.
It will look something like this:

Thank you very much for reading guys, it would be great if you leave me a blog comment, and don't forget to import, and add me on your favourite blog reading sites.
Ta Ta


The Battle of the Gel Manicure


From Left to Right
OPI Gel colour 15ml 16.95 for colour, 17.95 for base and top coats ¦ CND Shellac UV Nail Polish Faux Fur - Winter Wonderland Collection 7.3ml 2012 Our Price: £13.95 ¦ Harmony Gelish UV Polish 15ml - All tied up...with a bow Our Price: £14.95 ¦ IBD Just Gel UV Polish - All Heart 15ml Our Price: £12.95 ¦ Jessica GELeration UV Gel Nail Polish - Blush - 15ml Our Price: £15.95

The great thing about Gel Polish is that it lasts forever and with the right maintenance can leave your nails healthy, strong and incredibly long, no more gluing bits of plastic onto your nails in the desperate bid to have long talons. I've been looking at gel polish for some time now and I was first looking at harmony gels, as a friend from work has a set and swears by them and I always notice her nails look great.
So google helped me find them and I was directed first to the salon site where I'm guessing everything is at bulk buy prices, I couldn't see the price as I'm not a beauty professional and it required some sort of proof to show the prices. Then I searched again and KayDeeCosmetics came up, and unbeknown to me they had more brands of gel polish and I started to compare straight away.

Comparison posts are a bit of my thing, because we're all trotting off to boots and superdrug in a plyt for better hair, skin, nails and makeup and paying the same prices time after time, if boots or superdrug would be not so kind to hike these up what are us belles supposed to do then? Have unsightly hair, skin, nails and makeup. GOD NO.

So like my Ben Nye post I'm gonna break down the ones that I think seem the best deal.


The Life Style Tag


What is beyond the blogging world? What do we do outside of blogging? Of your anything like me you'd love to know what other bloggers get up to when they aren't blogging and what they do outside of the blogging world. I'm gonna share with you what I do outside of blogging, and tag a couple of my favourite bloggers so they can share too.

So the Rules are:

  • Link back to the person that invented the tag and who tagged you
  • Answer the life style questions 
  • Tag 5 bloggers
  • If you have already done the tag and nothing has changed since you first did it don't do it again, if you have changed in lifestyle feel free to do it again and label the year

The Questions

  1. Do you Work/Study?
    Yes, both
  2. Full Time or Part Time
    I work part time 20 hours over the weekend, and study full time.
  3. What do you Work as/Study?
    I am a customer experience advisor for o2 (mobile phone company) and I study Journalism with Media And Communication
  4. Give a brief description of your working/study day
    As a customer experience advisor I take telephone calls from o2 contract customers that have any queries regarding their contract, their handset or their bills and charges, I take around 65 calls a day and these can range from a minute to a half an hour. As a Student I have lectures, and seminars and self study time, although I rarely study. When I do research and revise I go to the library and read over work I've done in seminars and talk about what we have learnt with my course mates.
  5. Do you like your Job/Course? Why?
    I love my job, I build a great relationship with customers and its nice to sometimes feel that I have calmed a customer down and done everything I can for them. Its nice to hear from a customer that they are gonna write a letter to o2 with your full name saying that you are fantastic. My course really interests me too, I sometimes get that giddy intriguing feeling when I'm reading some of the things we have to read and because I took time out before I went to university its nice to get excitement back that I had when I went to college. What can I say, I'm a big learning loving Geek.
  6. Is your Job/Course something you've always wanted to do?
    I've never really wanted a job in customer service but if I don't get the job I want after my degree finishes, I would love to move up in my job role as I have friends who have worked there for ages and are team leaders and managers, so I know you can move through the ranks.
    Hopefully I will get a job presenting or researching for a TV channel after my degree, because that is really what I want to do.
  7. Describe your schedule?
    During the summer holidays off university I am only busy on the weekends where I do an 11 shift on a saturday and 10 hour shift on a sunday. So saturdays I get up at 7am and sundays I get up at 6:15/6:30, go about my travel to work and arrive early, as always and log in and take calls till the finish of the day, the day goes surprisingly quick, and when I get home on a sunday I chill out.
    When it is term time however, on Sundays I go straight to the train station after work and travel back to my university home, where I shower and go to bed for any early classes monday morning. During the week I do my university schedule which is around 20 hours a week spread over 5 days and try and study the most I can.
  8. Where do you fit in blogging?
    I can knock out a post at most 4 hours depending on how much editing is needed to be done (i.e pictures, videos, uploading) my fastest post only took me 30 mins as I kinda sort out what needs to be said in my head. I'm not flowery with my writing I'm very structured so blogging is a fast hobby for me.



Simple Sensitive Skin Moisturiser

Really little bottle holds 50ml of moisturiser

Dry Skin

I saw this in my local bodycare and it was only 2.99 so I thought because I have been searching and searching for something that would give my dry skin a drink, and that it was really cheap I thought I would invest and I have to share this little beauty with you.
Since I've been using this I've had more of a glow to my skin and I've been able to show my natural blush through without having to apply my blusher brush with loads of product. Its like a cold cream and therefore when your face is freshly washed its really refreshing, I would compare it to the collagen marine cream and would say its a close dupe, due to its texture, feel on the skin, smell and results.

When I use it my foundation applies like a dream, and I've been using it since the start of may and its made a difference to the texture of my skin. I still tend to break out around my chin, but theses are stress spots mostly and hormones.

The only fault I have with it is, the bottle is such a dense plastic which sure enough won't leek, buts its terribly  hard to get the product out of the bottle, its not easy to squeeze at all, and I find myself banging it out onto my hand or leaving it upside down to let gravity do its work for me.

These are how they blend out, and sure enough with the right amount it just feels soft, the only sticky feeling you get is when twoo much is applied, and I like to really work it in my skin. I know I'm only 22 but I don't have any signs of wrinkles yet and I think this has been because I have been firm with my face so its been firm for me.

All in all great moisturiser


Brush Maintenence



Many people have different techniques to cleaning their brushes, and there is a massive myth circulation the beauty blogesphere that brushes should be deep cleaned every week. I don't know how true this is and I would understand that this may apply to the professionals because of the many clients they have but when I have cleaned my brushes for a couple of weeks in a row they have become awfully dry.
Professionals should be spot cleaning their brushes after every client, but personal use its OK to leave it a couple of weeks as personal brushes have only one face to tend to.

We have sebaceous glands in our skin that lie underneath our hair bed, these secrete oils such as sebum. Sebum can be describes as fatty, waxy deposits. It is what keeps skin supple and elasticated and also shiny and oily. Some say that its more beneficial to have oily skin than dry skin, as its a youthful trait to have oily skin. However any spread of oils that are not meant to be there is undoubtedly unhygienic.
The make-up that is applied to the face, will also pick up any harbouring bacteria that has been lying on the face which is why they say to apply make up to a fresh clean face, but when that make up brush is put down and then used the next day on another fresh clean face the bacteria on that brush can still be applied abck onto the face.
"But my face is clean and my brush is clean" 
That might be the case, but any bacteria that isn't on its original host can still turn into germs.
"Surely 1 day will not cause me to break out"
Probably not, which is why I think a week is too much for your brushes.

How I do it

I clean my brushes in the bath, before I put any bubble bath or cleaning products or any other bath lotions in so I know they won't get contaminated with any other substance apart from shampoo.
I clean my brushes with shampoo, and I like to use kind shampoo, such as Johnson baby or Treseme, as these don't have overpowering smells compared to herbal essence or John Frieda which is usually formulated for coloured hair.

I squirt a bit of shampoo in a petri dish/container and wet my brush up to the base of bristles, and stipple the brush into the shampoo and then scrub into the palm of my hand in big swirls.
With some bigger/denser brushes, I like to scratch in the middle of the bristles to get any make-up out.
I then squeeze the bristles from the base to the tip with my thumb and edge of forefinger, to get any wet make-up residue out. I then wrap them in a towel  and to dry them as fast as possible, I either put them in the airing cupboard, or above a radiator.

Here's a little video


Ben Nye


Ben Nye, such an amazing reputation from a beauty brand, pigmented, finely processed, used by celebrity make-up artists and sky rocketed in popularity since Kimmy K was shot with the infamous Banana powder under eyes and across her cheekbones. The Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nicola have used Ben Nye lip liners to create loads of lip looks, and Wayne Goss swears by the brand.


This is one of the reasons I've been wanting to buy some for so long, but I never knew where, so I decided to do some investigative Google work, and search my butt off and I found a number of websites that did it. The main thing I found, was that all the prices were different. So I thought I'd share the screenshots and the cheapest place, and the selection.

Treasure House of Makeup

The first shopping basket picture is from Treasure House of Makeup, and they have an amazing array of mannequin heads to practice cutting, plaiting and hairstyles on. They also do college kits, which look amazing, and make up from Ben Nye, Graftobian, Mehron, Adore Lashes, and they also offer Make up courses. The great thing about this website is that they add the VAT up for you, and because its a UK company, UK residents won't have to pay the dreaded £16 for international handling. This website had everything however the prices were a bit too much, and the delivery is only free on orders over £200, so this is mostly a trade website. The delivery charges start at £6.40 for under 1kg and go up to £12.75 for over 2kg. The great thing about their delivery that they state is that its next day delivery.

Guru Make Up Emporium

The second shopping basket picture is from Guru Make Up Emporium and they have so many more brands than Treasure House of Makeup but they don't have all the stock of the brands, which is why it doesn't have the cream foundation in alabaster on this list, however this is the cheapest I have ever seen the luxury powder, at an amazing £7.50 plus the delivery is only £4.50 for UK residents. Fantastic. I would advise anybody that wants just the powder is to head over to this website. Guru Make Up Emporium also sells the palettes for cheap as well and the foundation palettes include so many skin tones and shades for only £70. Which if you think about it as buying concealers in all the same colours from MAC or Bobbi Brown it works out as amazing value.

Make Up Effects

The third shopping basket is from Make Up Effects and this has all the products from the first shopping basket, and the Alabaster foundation is extremely cheap. This website has all of Ben Nye, all the powders, the media Pro Palettes, the foundations which include cream and cake, lip products, eye products, character make up, special effects, magicakes paints and glitters, neutralisers and correctors, adhesives and clown make up. They do everything from Ben Nye that you can't get from the favoured Guru Make Up Emporium. My advise here is split the shopping, yes you might have to pay more delivery but the savings are ridiculous to miss.

I hope anyone that actually uses these sites because of this post saves a lot of money, cheap websites are always good arsenal to have under your belt, especially make up belt.


Payday Wishlist: Beauty, Fashion and Decor


I've had a bit of problems with my pay at work as of late, I started a new job on the 29th of April at my old work place doing what I was doing before I went to university, but now I'll be doing it only on weekends so I have time to study and do anything else that is student related. I was supposed to get paid on the 24th of May, but because I wrote down the wrong bank details (the annoyance of not remembering which bank account is which; student or everyday) I still haven't been paid and I have direct debits coming out of my ears: Phone, contact lenses, credit card.
I've rung the HR department of my work, and they say that I won't be getting my pay for another 7 WORKING DAYS, so then after that I'll only be waiting  2 more weeks till I get paid again.
Its that age old saying "When you wait for a bus and none come, then two come at once" Its all about the patience.

So this wishlist is for the end of the month when I'll have half a pay for starting at mid month pay-schedule plus a full month. I want a lot of stuff, so I'm gonna break it up into three sections, beauty, fashion and decor.

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