My Make-up History


Right ladies everyone has a make-up history, but I'm gonna be brave enough to admit mine all over the blogger-sphere, if you would like to join me in beauty history, do a post like this, leave a comment and I will add you to the bottom of the post :)

Late Bloomer
I didn't start really wearing make-up until I was 17 and even then I hardly wore anything. I was extremely scared of foundation and I think my foundation consisted of the LAVAL tube you can purchase at local town market stalls. It cost me £1.99 and I wore it sparsely.
It was way to pink for me.
I mostly used to wear powder, blusher, mascara and that was it and I'm happy that I didn't develop a make up habit because some of my best friends who started wearing make-up very young have not so great skin now.
I am very pleased with the development of my skin, especially because I come from an exceptionally long line of acne sufferers.
On my mums side, my mum, uncles, grandad and Nanan had suffered a lot of spots when they were younger.
My mum escaped with little scaring because she moisturises really well.
I love make up but i don't recommend it to anyone under the age of 16.
You might think I'm being conservative on that approach and I probably am, but to me, if my daughter were to wear make- up before the age of 16 I won't ban it, but I'd definitely discourage it.
Too Much, Too Young, she looks like a bloody clown

being busy

Real Talk: Never Give Up on the Good Times


Real Talk

Hello lovely readers, I am going to talk about when things get a little too much for you and you just want to give up; its not a topic I usually talk about but I am going to start doing real talk posts so you guys can get to know a deeper shade of me.

Sometimes you put your fingers in so many pies you just wanna GIVE UP, but the Spice Girls taught me to never give up on a good thing and even though juggling all my current commitments is a challenge all of them are good things.

Busy Busy Bee
So what's going on, baby what's going on? (James Arthur moment, sorry I'm not-so-secretly in love with him. James baby, if your out there, Marry Me?)


Moving out: Cooking For Yourself


When it comes to moving out everyone gets a little scared, whether your off to university, moving in with a long term partner or braving it alone. One of the most important things for yourself is the basics of cooking. 

This post will help boys mainly because they seem to say in their room playing video games rather than help mum in the kitchen.
It will also help girls that have NO EXPERIENCE in cooking what-so-ever.
For people who burn toast, beans and even burn water.
One of the best piece of advise that was given to my forgetful ass, "never leave it unattended".
This will get you through the basics.
Once your doing slow roast pork with honey glaze then leave the room to pursue other things.
Hell, bring the stuff your doing (homework, work while at home, laptop work, note taking ect) into the kitchen this way when you look around from your task you'll instantly be reminded that your in the kitchen for a reason.
This stops you from being the lady in the picture.


Make a Face- Face Of The Day


Job Interview Makeup

Today ( Sat 19th Jan) I had a job interview and got it against 4 others that applied.
This is the make up I wore to it :)

bleach baths

Lets Talk About Hair Dye


Change of Colour This Season
A Little Colour Pick Me Up

I was once a young blonde girl, with extensions and dark eyebrows, then suddenly I thought, I want Dark Red Hair, I'd been pouring over images of Cheryl Cole and her mahogany hues, Rihanna and her fireball mane, thinking would it suit me.
The Flood (Cheryl Cole song)
The Flood (Cheryl Cole song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So off to the hairdressers I went and decided on it.
English: Rihanna Live at Target Center on her ...
English: Rihanna Live at Target Center on her LOUD Tour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My hairdresser kept telling me, "It won't suit your complexion, your Cool Toned" I'm not I'm an NW25 in MAC so I'm definitely not cool, I'm hot baby, stick that dye on my head!!!

how to study better

January Update


January Update
How its going so far

Last year I made some resolutions to be more organised, especially with make-up and my study materials. 
At the moment I am doing well with keeping things tidy and remembering to do things, and even when I forget to do things I am met with luck as it all works out, and I get away with a fine and being able to use the same things again.
I have organised my folder for my media work, and I am attending each and every workshop, seminar, and lecture for all my modules and classes.
Furthermore however I have not been so organised when it comes to doing assignments.

What has also happened this month

Amazon Kindle

Survival University Style (Budget & cheap recipes)


When you go to university, independence is thrust upon you, you have educate, organise, clean, and feed yourself.
For very little money.

Student Finance is a UK organisation that helps Students from less wealthy backgrounds go to University.
University is a costly expense and can come out costing you £50,000 for the whole time.
From this amount you have to pay tuition fees, you receive a maintenance loan also, and depending in your financial circumstances you may get a grant.
Student finance pay per term, which is great because it's easier for you to budget that way.
And they are around 10-13 weeks in one term which roughly equates to around three months.
You could split your money weekly or monthly if you please.


Skin Type and Maintenance


What's your skin like?
Do you have oily skin, normal skin, combination skin, or dry skin.

How to tell your skin type
There are lots of services out there that tell you what your skin type is and these services offer products that claim to eradicate the problems you are dealing with, Clinique and Elemis would be an example of this.
These have trained qualified beauticians than can run a number of tests on your clear face (omg entering boots without face applied!!!!) to tell you what it is your dealing with. The skin consultations are usually free but its knowing that basic knowledge than can take us from being hoisted in and spending a months wage on skin care.
Their knowledge is what sells their product.
So the best thing for us to do would be to smarten up about it.

I would like anyone reading this post to go get a consultation on your skin however scary that may be. I would like you to get a skin type and one also that shows any age damage to your face.
This is where we start.

book love

Book Love: Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson


The Gargoyle (novel)
Google Says
The Gargoyle is a magnificent love story, sweeping across centuries and continents. When it ends you'll want to read it again.
After a horrific car accident a man lies in hospital with severe burns to almost all of his body. He endures the pain, the hideous disfigurement and the excruciating treatments to remove the dead and rotting skin only in the hope of becoming well enough to end his life.
Then Marianne Engel, sculptor of gargoyles, appears. She unravels a wild, impossible tale of a life they had together, a tale that begins with her nursing him when he was burned once before, seven hundred years ago in Germany. Weaving stories within her story-fables of love in Japan, Iceland, Italy and England-Marianne slowly brings beauty and love into his life.


Haul: Cosmetics High Street Vs High End


Lip Liner from Topshop
Price= £5
Shade= Ceramic
Reminds me of Spice Eyebrow pencil by MAC, (could use for eyebrows if redhead) and Gingerly by MAC, very deep pinky red shade with a pearl shine.
Greatest things= It stays put on skin, so fantastic if you have over drawn your lips for fullness.
Blush from Topshop
Price= £6
Shade= L-Neon Rose R-Head over heals
Doesn't remind me of any dupes because I only have one other cream blush and that is lady blush by MAC. These Topshop blushes are a lot more vibrant than Ladyblush as Ladyblush is quite mauve.
Bad things= Not workable over powdered skin, moves the powder. Can only be used with synthetic brush.
Greatest things= gorgeous packaging, vibrant, lasts all day, very dewy with great colour pay-off. Great value for money.

Topshop Louise Gray Dew Pots
Price= £4 for TWO!!! Sale/Bargain
Shades= Doesn't say
Great things= Quite dry, perfect for oily lids, therefore no primer needed, pink shade is great for any warm colours and purple is great for any cool colour base. Builable, can use more for crease for dimensional look. Can be used on lips and face for quirkier looks, Dualability.

Great thing about Topshop products is they look like and work like cosmetic brands, such as Maybeline and Rimmel, really great value for money.
I will be buying more from them pretty soon.
Might try H&M cosmetics too!
Have you bought anything from the high street cosmetic wise?
Tell me your recommendations

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how to study better

University Organisation


University College London, by William Wilkins
University College London, by William Wilkins (Photo credit: stevecadman)

British University's require you to be in lessons 8-12 hours per week for your first year, the second year and third years get a bit more and a lot more difficult as your actually working towards your Degree grade.

In addition to your normal classes, British University's require you to read a lot and to do around 20-40 of self study so a 48 hour week would be 5 x 9.5hour shift. Like a Full time job.
This year be organised was linked into my New Years Resolutions as to pass my first year of university. To do this I am going to need a couple of essentials.


Hair Crush: Ginger


Whitney's Big Brown Eyes make this look cute because its more toward the Auburn shade than Ginger. perfect for her skin tone, however I do suspect she has applied fake tan because she's usually much pinker and paler.

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