Journalism Work Experience



Since starting my degree it has been drilled into me to get as much journalism experience as possible, whether that be online writing new stories, reporting court cases, or any other news journalism. This is so important to me in my first year as for my 2nd and third year I will be dong PR and the business of magazines, so for my 2nd year I will be aiming for work experience in a PR based company, and my third year I will aim for a magazine work experience.
With all this information you can imagine my happiness when after emailing my towns local paper for some work experience during the summer they emailed me back accepting the offer!!!


The email I read from them said, that they are happy for me to do three weeks work experience, (as it is a weekly paper and to get the most out of the process of running three weeks will be best for me), that I need to send them a CV and any work that I have done.

All the journalistic writing I have done has been in class, and I feel I need to get something published to be eligible and worthy to them. So this post is kinda a heads up saying, "I won't be around, I have journalistic writing to get done and published", so tally-ho lovelies and wish me luck!


Zoeva: Brand Discovery


1 / 2 / 3

Facebook brought my attention to this beauty of a brand, their brushes look amazing and they are really cheap too. Unfortunately they don't have an about section on their websites that give any information about what they do, or how it was founded which is really troublesome.
I want to know everything about them.
 I do know that they do vegan brushes that are synthetic duo fiber similar to the Real Techniques. 
I'm really excited about this brand, and they ship internationally, and because they do mostly pigments and mica, their products will last forever as liquid beauty products have a shelf life.
As soon as I get paid from student loan, I'm gonna have a splurge on the brushes that they have, and I'll keep you posted.

They also do palettes which are the generic palettes you can find from anywhere so I'm not necessarily excited about that side of the cosmetics, its the brushes I'm getting giddy over.
And their cream eyeliners 


Superscrimpers and DIY Fashion


Everyone has a daytime TV show that is constantly on record on their sattalite box, Mine is SuperScrimpers.

I love it when it comes to makeup thrifty ideas, like today's episode mentioned you can use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) instead of expensive eye makeup removers... Vaseline can be bought for £1 a tub so compare that to Bioderm that everyone is going crazy for and it soon works out which is better.

Watching this show it has given me loads of ideas for shopping savvier, such as charity shops usually have the best stuff in on Mondays and Tuesdays because people donate on weekends.
And due to me being a bit of a dab hand on the sewing machine I can reinvent most things.

My favourite thrifter is Claire, the fashion savvy.
She loves charity shops and customization.

Here are my tips at keeping your wardrobe fresh without the fresh price tag:
  1. Dye's can be bought from amazon and ebay cheaply if your tired of old coloured clothes.
  2. Bleach effect can be done easily by scrunching or using elastic bands.
  3. Fabric is best from a market stall, if you want to do some dress making.
  4. If you can't find your size in the sales, get it bigger and adjust it yourself.
  5. If your a sewer, keep your scrap material, you could create accessories.
  6. Sequins, studs, lace, and buttons can be found at market haberdasheries.
  7. If you have to threw something because it is really knackered, keep the fastenings, such as buttons, zips and snaps. Just because the material is crap doesn't mean all the rest is.
  8. Make some stamps and get some material paint and turn a plain garment into a printed master piece.
  9. Lace can tart up anything
  10. Basics are easier to customise than something with loads of embellishment aready on
My favourite DIY fashion blogs


Leibster Award Part Deux


I was nominated by the very sweet Danielle from KalamityJane, this is the second time I have been nominated for the leibster award, and its so nice that I am finanly getting some mutual love from my blogging friends, Danielle was one of my first followers and has really been there from the start. You must check out her blog because she is an awesome girl.

The Rules

  1. Each Blogger posts 11 facts about themselves
  2. Each blogger answers the questions the tagger has set
  3. Each blogger nominates 11 new blogger to nominate (with links)
  4. The tagged (thats meee) thinks of 5 new Q's to ask their nominees
  5. The tagged (thats meee) tells the nominees.

So ELEVEN facts about me then.

  1. I have steak rare, do not like it another way.
  2. I went to college for three years, two years doing academic subjects and one year doing fashion
  3. I'm a decent cook.
  4. I have two cats, called Tommy and Bella
  5. I visit Florida every two years to visit my daddy and my step-siblings
  6. I'm doing a degree in Journalism with media and communications and LOVE it.
  7. I never used to like pink but now its one of my favourite colours.
  8. I'm 21 and still live at home, can't beat mummy's cooking.
  9. I've failed my driving test four times, still yet to pass.
  10. Although I didn't finish my fashion course, I love sewing and making things.
  11. I may have a little OCD when it comes to cleaning.

Danielle pitched me these questions to get my head around:
  1. How often do you go to the salon?
    Not as much as I'd like, when I was working, I went thrice every month, one hairdressing trip, one nail trip, and one spray tan trip, now because I'm at university and I can't spend that much on myself anymore I go around every three months, to have a trim at the hairdressers.
  2. What is your hands down favourite facial product/brand?
    I don't have a skin care routine which I really should have because my skin needs it, and other girls I have seen that seem to have skincare regimes have beautiful skin. Although for this question I would say Pro-collegen marine cream by elemis, its a cold cream and its amazing.
  3. Do you do makeup for a living or is it just a hobby?
    I would love to do it for a living as when you get big it pays amazingly, however at the moment its just for personal, I do friends makeup as well if I feel I wanna do their eye makeup for the night.
  4. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
    I am a dog person but I have two cats so how do you work that one out? I love my cats I really do, but sometimes I wish one of them or both of them were fluffy Pomeranian's or miniature Labradoodle. 
  5. What's your spring workout regimen?
    Spring workout??? Whats one of those? I have a spring clean and that kinda works me out. I do multiple hoover pushes and multiple wax-on-wax-offs with the duster, then I do squats with a sponge in hand wiping down the door frames. :)
My Nominees
Grace from Ziegfield Girl Beuty

My Questions to this lovely lot are:

  1. What is your favourite meal, and can you cook it yourselves?
  2. What do you think of vintage fashion?
  3. What did you spend your last tenner (£10 on)
  4. Heel or flats, and why?
  5. Blonde or brunette, do blondes really have more fun?


Beauty wish list


A portable hand held radio frequency tool that claims to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, evens texture, reduced pore size and oxygenates the skin. If you have heard of radio frequency it sends thermal energy in the form of a Lazar underneath the surface of your skin and restarts your nutrients to come to the top.
This however has lower frequency than the ones doctors use so you can use it everyday, you should ideally use it with a collagen or moisture gel on a clean face so this is why the rest of my wish list comes in. 
The first time I clapped my eyes on this beauty I was watching QVC in my mums bed, and saw a lady in the infomercial give herself an eyebrow lift in a minute, I've been looking for it ever since. I've read amazing reviews about it diminishing spots, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, birthmarks appearing more faint, the lot in terms of facial goodness.
You can even use it on your body, such as your neck and décolletage to make your bust perkier and neck tighten.
Retails for £75 at parfum world 

Marine Collagen Renewing Skin Gel 
Naturally Thinking Marine Collagen Renewing Skin Gel promises to restore lost vitality by replacing lost collagen cells, can be used daily, on aged, damaged skin that has lost its vitality. This product probably isn't for me but its a collagen gel that I can use with my DermaWand so the thermal energy doesn't burn me, however if its anything like the Elemis Marine cream I'm sure to love it because that stuff makes my face baby soft.
Retails for £14.00 at Naturally Thinking

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster
My skin is disgustingly dry and I've been recommended this so many times over the twitter sphere, my skin is flaky, dry, itchy and when I wear make-up, blotchy due to the fact my face drinks my make-up. I've read thousands of reviews on this product and its getting a major thumbs up from nearly everyone.
Boots say "Over time, this serum increases skin's hydration level and minimises the need for frequent topical moisturising. This increase in moisture levels has been shown to increase skin elasticity and reduce surface roughness."  Hyaluronic acid is a superb hydration ingredient that can hold up to 1,000 times it's weight in water.
Sounds pretty good to me, my face could do with a drink so this is firmly on the wishlist.

Retails for £24.99 at Boots

Eucerin Dry Skin Replenishing Cream 5% Urea with Lactate and Carnitine 75ml
For another dry skin boost I've been looking at the brand Eucerin in boots as it has had amazing reviews, I looked up the ingredients and was surprised to know that Urea is use medically to treat really dry skin and really thick skin. Urea is actually made from mammal urine, beautiful. Urea has strains of nitrogen in it, and nitrogen best friend is hydrogen which is a main compound in water. Therefore any water I put on my face will be soaked in. (Quirky fact: Frogs produce Urea through their skin)
Retails for £9.75 at Boots

Eucerin Anti-Agening Hydraluron Filler Night Cream 50ml
Like the hydraluron cream by Indeed labs, this is for anti-aging and this is also a filler, sometimes I have those days where my face is looking a little deflated, and I have some acne scars around my jawline and this is what this does. Like self leveling face cement. The reviews for this product are amazing, the only one that has been bad was complaining about the smell as it was too strong, but not everyone has a sensitive nose.
Retails for £26.00 at Boots

Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Scrub 100ml
I'm gonna need a bit of oil control with all this hydrating products, because if they break me out I will have a back- up. Its essential to exfoliate, and I havn't had a product that exfoliates in my cupboard for about 6 months so I need one. 
Retails for £9.18 at Boots

Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Toner 200ml
I have redness and a bit of broken capillaries around my nose, the toner I've used has helped but its from Elemis and incredibly expensive for the full sized bottle, so I do need a cheaper alternative.
Retails for £9.18 at Boots

So this is my beauty wishlist
All of this would cost me £169

Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them? 


New Music Love: Progressive House


I love progressive house, when I go clubbing I prefer the hard clubs where everyone is dancing rather than the clubs you go to drink and socialise. I can socialise in my spare time, I came out to dance.

I would love to be a DJ.
Tell me what you think of these tracks
Peace out
Keep Kewt x


S**t Happens

How Cute!

Things that can make you sad

Some say its a stimulant, but what comes up, must come down, and whose been a bit of a cranky mare after they've had a bevvy or two. My hand is up. Hungover and a hell of a moody cow.
The reason that people get sad after the night before is when your hormones (which is dopamine) reach a height they can only come back down, rather like a slide, you go up as far as the top of the slide, but coming out the slide, you plunge into the water, its the only way the body can level its self out.
Too much alcohol can make you very depressed, and studies have proven that prolonged alcohol abuse may causes addiction and depression.
Abuse is defined as drinking more than the required units a week/night, and its not like boots points, if you don't use them one night they don't roll over to the next day, that would be binge drinking and a kind of alcohol abuse.

Lets look at some of my favourite celebrities, shall we. Justin Bieber, who agrees that this little punk has turned into bit of tool since smoking the gangies. I do. Also to follow on this list of dark ungrateful negative celebs is Rihanna, I used to love her when she first ever come onto the scene, now its all about drugs and rock and roll, and her sound of music has taken a dark turn too, a popular dark turn but none-the-less.

Are you eating carbs and meat, vitamin C and B12 especially has been proven to give energy boost, can't be a sad when energised can you.

Sleep (lack of)
Speaking of energy, are you getting enough sleep, you are, are you sleeping too much? You are, go see a doctor, you may have an illness such as chronic fatigue.

My rules for keeping my head above water

Like the little piggy says, "I refuse to get stuck in the mud" I've been in places before where everything has seemed to be swallowing my feet in and I've sunk slower and slower in to a great pile of s**t. I refuse for it to happen again, and I rarely let anything get out of hand before I try and solve the problem.
I'm a problem solver.
And if I am really really "stuck"  I ask my family for help, I never ask friends, because I wouldn't appreciate if a friend constantly needed me for help so I use that incentive to never rely on my friends only for comfort and giggles.

I keep an eye on my bank funds, and if somehow the finances are going a little skew-wiff then I cancel some things because its better to be debt with a company than a bank. Then I pay it back after more money is in.

I don't get upset by things easily, I used to find things really troublesome especially if I was trying my hardest with someone and it didn't seem to effect the way the acted towards me, I'd take it out on myself, now I just don't try.
People will like me for me even if I don't try and those people are the ones I should try with.

Chilling out; chips used to permanently reside on my shoulder, until I had a major wake up call and I pulled them off as it seemed they were glued there. Being a stress-head helps no-one especially not the stressed, can lead to heart problems, chill the eff out... WOOOSAHHH.

Not being a perfectionist; I'm still finding this hard to do, I'm getting great grades in my first year at university, I'm hitting the 2-1 (60%) 1st mark (70% +) however I always seem to want better, this might be down to the fact that I'm a bit of a "the-best-will-only-do" when it comes to grades but I really do need relax when I get a good grade.

Planning ahead; Last year before Xmas I was the most disorganised person I had ever met, loosing s**t on a daily basis, new years resolutions and kicking myself in the but really helped,I'm so much better at planning ahead so I don't get swamped with work.

That is basically what I do to keep it all plain sailing.
Do you have any tips and tricks that lead a very smooth existence
Or do you secret love the drama
Leave a Comment




Every three/two months or so, depending on how much nooky I am getting, (currently single so ahemmm, none) I have an underwear haul, especially knickers.
Somewhere in Angus thongs and full frontal snogging Jazz says to Georgina that thongs make your arse sagg due to the lack of support, this is probably codswollop but I kinda believe it, in my own geeky little way. 
Since then and due to the fact that in the past 7 years knickers have become unbelievably Cute and Girly I'm more inclined to wear the brief and boxer than the thong.
The  control briefs are probably by far the unsexiest, of all the lot, but when you have 21 years of christmas pudding podge they can be your best friend for making that gut be more like an ironing board in a bodycon dress.
I go to the Mecca of cheap underwear that is Primark when I am doing a haul, I love their patterned packs of five for £3 when it comes to bulk buying pants, then they have sets (bra and pants) as well in some really pretty colours, patterns and designs. Primark have really impressed me this year in terms of fashion and lingerie.

Now heres a couple of photo's of my underwear, just to show you the range of variety on offer at primark, this isn't the end of my underwear haul though because I will be scoping out places like Anne Summers, Boux Avenue and Victoria Secret for the sexy stuff and M&S and debenhams for the more "controlled" collections.

I usually buy a pack, these I wear with loose fitted jeans and make sure I get a size up so I don't get that four buttock look you get when knickers are too tight and you have VPL (visable panty line), these are also what I call my safe pants, these are the one's and style I will wear when its coming round to me menstruating, so if I do have a mishap I'm not that bothered about ruining my favourite knickers. 
I always buy what I call lazy-panties, these are the ones you would lounge around in, I rarely wear these outside of the comfort of my own house, always have this terrifying image that a gust of wind will take my skirt leaving everyone seeing my sponge bob square pants.
Then I always buy pretty lacy things that are neutral in colour, white, black, beige, pink, so they go with any type of standard lace bra in the same colour. Here'go always matching.
Then on the off chance I run into Gerard Butler in Starbucks where he falls in love immediately I am fully prepared.

Does anyone else do a quarterly knocker haul or just me?
Tell me if you do.

Like This... Love these
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What do you wanna be when you grow up?


On Monday I picked the specialist subjects I want to do in my next two years of University and honestly this scared me a little. I remember pouring over endless internet quizzes that would tell me my path in life on Quizzilla or Bebo, and I've not really figured it out until coming to University three years later at 21. I've always wanted to come to university but I didn't feel ready, and the more I earned money and started to socialize the more I wanted to earn money and socialize so I held it off until I was fed up of a dead end job and dead end nights out.
Clubbing can only get you so far in life... REHAB.

What I wanna do!
Public Relations
Public Relations
I've been hankering on the idea that I want to be influential, I love the idea of Public Relations, and I'd absolutely love to work in a magazine, writing and doing the design for the magazine, making it eye catching or writing with a witty flair.
I am doing a joint honours so I have to pick a specialist subject in the one I am not doing a dissertation in. 

Dissertations are usually big pieces of written/graphical work that consist of around 10,000-20,000 words proving an idea, or even disproving an idea.

I will be doing my dissertation in media and communications and the course leader raves that it will teach me research skills, that could take me into jobs like the BBC, Channel 4, so I haven taken his word for it because the course leader for Media, although he's not my favourite teacher, his lectures are extremely entertaining.

I want to take Business of Magazines because its quite essential to PR and it is taught by my favourite teacher, and I will have to take critical journalism also to join this, for my media side, I will be doing my dissertation and PR, because Public Relations is definitely the job I want to get into.

I have approximately eleven days to do 14, 500 word reflective journals, a media blog that includes a power point, a well structured argument on copyright and a campaign video.
So everything I have written on KewTeePye has been written previously and scheduled, for the next two weeks, I'm now going to slowly die of boredom and think of a useful way of how to concentrate.

What are you doing?
I'm pretty sure that some of my gorgeous readers are at university, tell me what your degree is and why you doing it?
Due to the end of the university year and ever closer deadlines, what are your choices if your a first year, what are you planning to do if you have finished for the three years and maybe write a blog post about it.
Even if you not a reader, drop me a line, I wanna know, if you have blogged, leave your URL in the comments box and then I will update this post with a little summary.

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fake friends

Fake Friends


business, fake, friends, kushandwizdom, life

Real Friends = Hate the person you hate, bitch about that person with you, keeps the bitching session to the grave.
Fake Friends = Hate the person you hate, bitch about that person with you, tells that person all the things that were said, and claim it came out of your mouth.

Real Friends = Make up stories about you to protect the truth
Fake Friends = Tell the whole world what was said in confidence

When your looking gorgeous in a Facebook photo, these bitches appear like stars at night, when your looking rather shite in a photo, suddenly indirect status are all around, highlighting just how ratchet you are. Hmmmmmm.

What should you do when you've highlighted that fake friend
Like a unsatisfying fella, you dump that person as fast as you possibly can.
You do not answer their texts, you don't take their invitations, be as civil as possible.
If they then ask you why you haven't been particularly all about them as of late, you lay down the facts.
You say I do not want to be your friend any more because..........

  1. You have been bitching about me behind my back.
  2. You have been messaging my boyfriend with pictures of your tits
  3. All the things I expected for you to keep in confidence have been told to people
  4. I keep your secrets but you don't keep mine
  5. You have been telling so-n-so that I've said all the things you have said about them
  6. Your doing a single white female on me, and if you proceed to buy the same things from primark, topshop, river island and Zara again, I shall file a police report claiming identity theft.
    (i suggest you watch single white female, it is creepy and eye-opening)
  7. You are a fucking NUTTTTAAAA!
  8. You put me down and try to make me feel bad (give examples of things that are particularly hurtful, and malicious)


Friendship Heartbreak


We've all been here, we get jobs, we go to university, we grow up, we get boyfriends, we get married, we lose touch with the person that knew you the most. I've always been the person who has put more into the friendship that the other person, maybe because I think subconsciously they won't like me, or that I subconsciously think the are hard to maintain.


Review: L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream


I bought the anti-redness (green) and anti-fatigue (peach) corrector from boots and they retail for £9.99 but a deal is on for two for £15.
The reason I bought these two and excluded the anti-dullness, is because I get redness around my nose and my eyelids and I get darkness underneath my eyes, I really didn't need the anti-dullness. However I would have if you could buy all three for £20.
Hint hint nudge nudge boots :)

Initial thoughts of the packaging.
The nozzle is thin so application can be centralized which is amazing, the tube is obviously blown up, it is apparent it has more air in the tube than product and I found that its hard to squeeze without accidentally squeezing product all over your top (trust me I've done this).
Initial thoughts of the product
When I first bought this product I couldn't wait till I got back to my student accommodation before squeezing a tiny bit on my hand and rubbing it in, and because it has colour changing properties it changed from green anti-redness to a Amy-Childs-orange colour.
It did the same with the peach anti fatigue corrector and still it went slightly oxidized and orange.
When I applied it with a brush however it didn't go orange. It basically changed to my palm/fingertip colour which are naurally redder than the back of my hand.

Here are some swatches with fingertips (anti-redness)


Naked Basics and Opi Mariah Mini Liquid Sands


Naked Basics Palette retails RRP £20
I paid £14.50
Saving of £5.50
Saved 27.5%

Opi Mariah Mini Liquid Sands retails RRP £13.95
I paid £7.50
Saving of £5
Saved 62%

I bet your all wondering how I did it, and its called something called co-buy its basically an online system where people can buy in bulk so that the price can be brought down, therefore you do need people interested in the product to get it at its cheapest.
The minumum amount of people to get the lowest price would be 30 co-buyers (however more people can be included), or 75% of that. It basically works on a demand and then supply. You Bulk buy it as a group provided that people know about the offers.
I urge anyone reading this to click this link to see what they might supply if we demand it enough. 
I personally want Elemis skin system on there, because my mum loves the stuff and I would like to get her a little hamper for mothers day. Therefore I have requested it.
I has saved me quite a bit of money on these purchases and If i can highlight it to other bloggers who spend money on cosmetics for their blog, this can save you some cheddar.

Naked Basics Palette
When I first opened this I was kinda disappointed because its actually TINY, its the smallest palette I own but then I started to think differently about the size, its perfect handbag, or even clutch size. You could take it to work with you if your going straight from work to dinner or a party and just pop a MAC blending 217 in your bag and bobs your uncle. Day to night party look.
The colours from left to right: Venus, Foxy, Walk of Shame abreviated to W.O.S, Naked 2, Faint, Crave.
Venus: Shimmery Neutral cream, great for highlight, such as brows and inner corner eye.
Foxy: Yellow cool based cream, overall lid colour, or highlight for darker skin tones
W.o.S: Pink warm based cream, over all lid colour, or highlight for darker skin tones.
Naked 2: A neutral taupe, transitional crease colour, overall lid colour for darker skin tones.
Faint: A neutral soft medium brown, amazing crease colour.
Crave: A  warm dark coffee colour, amazing smokey colour, and crease colour.

Swatches, underside of forearm, with flash to show shimmer in Venus.
Opi Liquid Sands Mariah Carey Collection from left to right: Get Your Number, The Impossible, Can't Let Go, Stay the Night

Get Your Number: Shimmery Blue, with silver glitter 
The Impossible: Ruby Red, with gold glitter
Can't Let Go: Cool Purple with silver glitter.
Stay The Night: Black with Red glitter.

I have only managed to wear the Get Your Number yet so you can check out what it looks like here.
Pictures taken with flash so you can see the glitter better.

Do you have any of the Opi Liquid Sands, what do you think of them? Which one of these are your favorite colour?

Like this... Love these
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Spray Tan Review: Crazy Angel


I've fallen out of love with self-tan lately just because I'm lazy and cannot be arsed with all the farse of applying it myself, its not the pre-tan de-fuzzing, exfoliating and moisturising that bothers me, it is the applying. I  always tend to leave something out, like a boob, or an elbow. Then theirs the develop time, so I decided to get a spray tan, at my local salon/hairdressers. It cost £10 which is an utter bargain.

I am pale like a NW10 in MAC or a nude, or shell in avon.
I was told to exfoliate which was hard because I threw out all the scrubs me and my mum had due to them being older than 12/24/36m stated on the packet. So I used the bath scrunchy and rigorously rubbed till my legs felt really smooth.
I shaved my legs, arms, armpits and lady bits, as I was wearing a thong to get the spray I didn't want any fanny fur fall out of my undergarment.
The salon owner told me to wear loose clothing and even though I don't own anything all over loose, I opted for a maxi skirt and jumper.

Because I used to go to school with the salon owner, and we have just put old disputes to bed, and become friends, it was very awkward for me, and I tried to make a laugh and a joke about it especially when she was  blowing hot air around my titties to dry it off.
I had to wait a bit to dry and while I was upstairs stood in my undercrackers, two customers came in to have their hair done, so I went and stood by the space heater and dashed back when I heard the customers leave.

I went to my nanans and met my mum there, then all three of us, my nanan (grandmother), my mum and me when to dunelm mils and because I had no makeup on due to not being able to have any on for the spray tan, I didn't feel bad at all, because having a tan makes me look healthier anyways, I didn't feel as insecure as I did walking to the salon pre-tan.
It does feel a tad sticky, and I'd prefer to walk around naked, or in a robe.

Day After
I had to leave it 24 hours, I had the spray at 3pm on Wednesday and washed it off 9am Thursday morning, not really 24 hours, but she had put extender in it so I was turning ridiculously tanned. I had a shower and my face still looked mucky, so my mum let me use her Elemis Rose Exfoliator and it worked tremendously well.

Night After
I went to town on Thursday night and met my friend who hadn't seen me since I was blonde, and she loved my look. I look totally different than how I did at september, I will put photo's up so you can see, the difference between what I look like now and when I was at college is so astounding one of my old close friends that I lost touch with, didn't even know who I was I had to go through my facebook photo's to show him it WAS me.

The picture on the left is me now, the picture of me on the right is me two years ago.

I am starting to look a little orange, so I definitely would say that next time I have one of these tans I will be having less extender in the solution.
I have scrubbed the hell out of my skin too and it will not budge. Which is great.
I don't know if I will have this tan again because its starting to mottle on my skin, I don't know whether its the talents of the sprayer or the tan.
I'm gonna try another spray tan after this has washed off

Tell me what you think of crazy angel spray if you have ever tried it.

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