2013 is going to be a good year

New Years Resolutions



So its that time of year again when we reflect back on what happened in the previous year and evaluate "What shit went wrong?"
Do we ever stick to new years Resolutions?
Stop smoking, loose weight, don't drink so much, negative, negative, negative. 
What do you want to DO in 2013?
What do you want to ACHIEVE?


Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Review


Ah lady gaga making a statement by having naked borrowers climbing all over her, is she really in love with the little people or is he too big for her boots.
I like lady gaga, I love her song Marry The Night and I was obsessing over her perfume for ages in the boots magazine before my mum surprised me at Christmas with it.
She had bought it me on a recent trip to Amsterdam on the ferry ride there, knowing I had been wanting a bottle. I hadn't even smelt it before I received it so I was generally surprised by the scent and the fact that it smells like me.
Have you ever shopped for perfume for someone close and you can instantly tell which perfume is for them because you understand their scent so well. I can shop for my mum easily because I just sniff out the mummy smell in a perfume shop.
Its the same with my mum shopping for me, she knows what I smell like because we hug a lot and generally sniff each other.
Sounds weird that but I assure you its more of a whimsical whiff under the nose than a  sinister perverted sniff.


Primark SS13


Primark new Spring/Summer 2013 Collection 

Will be in stores January
I'll be saving my Christmas money for when that arrives.
I recently fell out with Primark and haven't bought anything from them for about a year and half, but after looking at the new collection I will be in there early January bugging the management about when the new collection will be in.

I've found some of my favourite items and shared them with you, I'll do a Haul when I can get my greasy mitts on the goodies.... GIDDDYYY!!


Real Techniques Brush Review (and others)


Real Techniques

I've wanted some Real Technique brushes for over 6 months after I started watching Pixiwoo on YouTube and learnt that Sam Chapman (one of the Pixiwoo sisters) had her own range of brushes out. In fact they were my first ever subscribe and they taught me a lot about makeup and especially how to apply it.
When I was 19 my mum treated me to a MAC haul because I had received some bad news from the hospital and to cheer me up, she bought me a Brush Roll, a 219 pencil brush, and a Lingering Eyebrow pencil.
It was from there I really started with makeup (I know late bloomer) and wanted to make my collection bigger and better and for the age of 20 my mum bought me some body shop brushes for Christmas.
However these are all synthetic and the palette I received for Christmas when I was 19 was dry powder eye shadows so I abstained from have dramatic eyes till now.
Real technique brushes are all synthetic tipped and maybe all synthetic (I don't really know) but they pick up shadow really well compared to my body shop ones.

For Christmas I received two packs of Real Techniques brushes, the Core Collection for my face and they eye collection for.... my toess??? My eyes.

average cost of beauty

The Price of Beauty


Price of Beauty

With stores like Mac and Illamasqua bringing out collections every 1-3 months beauty supplies can leave our pockets feeling a little light. No wonder every beauty blogger/vlogger is constantly updating us with cheaper duplicates that we CAN afford.
But whats the price of other things that aren't makeup involved, like skin care, tanning, moisturizer, body butter, foot products,hair removal, nail paraphernalia, and hair care. Are these luxuries  should we wash and go, or should we Pamper ourselves at a price? 
In earlier posts about fakery and tanning, variation on maintenance is mentioned, and neighbors might think some looks need a lot of maintaining where as Facebook friend may think that is nothing compared to what they have to do to maintain their look.
An insight on  what things cost is needed because everyone is wondering where their money is going in this recession, and surprisingly its only affected beauty quite delicately compared to fuel and groceries.
The average cost of things have gone up and more and more people are going without because of the recession.

Hair Removal

The daily mail said: "Every year, around £25m is spent on over the counter hair removal products" and every lady wants to be smooth a stubble free. Razor blades range from 10p to £10 then the replacement heads it can start to become a costly occurrence. Rust damage and not caring properly for your razor can damage it and need replacements quickly.
There is no reason that a razor head shouldn't last you a month even if shaving everyday.
How Nice Is This Ladies Tan!!

An alternative to shaving is waxing because of the longer effects and over time your hair follicles cease to develop hair. Yayyy!
However its more costly over short periods of time and with added ouch factor its more hassle than conventional shower gymnastics with shaving.
A full body wax in central London can cost £175 with nostrils and a Brazilian included (nostrils??? seriously)
Leah Hardy a blogger for the daily mail recently tested the full body wax in her post.
Laser hair removal is also another route one can take to eradicating the hairy problem, Argos sell systems that can range from £90 to £400 where as laser cosmetic treatments can go into the £4000's depending on how hairy you are.

£4000 is a small price to pay compared to the many more thousands you might be spending just knocking a head off that is going to grow back time and time again.
Is this investment worthy of our vanity?


Fakery and Xen Tan Review


Cold turkey

A lately I've not been keeping the maintenance up. I've stopped fake tanning on a weekly basis and even my talons have gone, which I don't actually miss because I can be more versatile in my colour choice.
Maintenance can vary from girl to girl, one of my Facebook friends has her own sunbed and bleaches her teeth every month where as at my heightened fakery I will only fake tan and get my nails done.

Fakery has certainly gone wild since shows like TOWIE, Geordie Shore and Desperate Scousewives have been aired on TV, and we all seem to think that glamour is bathing in a vat of mahogany varnish, having nails so long you can't open a can of coke without it ripping off, eyelashes that are as long as your fringe, tattooed eyebrows, tattooed lip colour, even botox become the morn for people that could afford it.

It made me ditch everything that was associated with fakery, especially because I was getting a glimpse of my future tacky self on shows like Snog Marry Avoid if I didn't stop.


At the height of my obsession with being tan glam supreme I was going clubbing a LOT, nearly every weekend and I think that's where it started, one of my clubbing friends was always tan for going out and I was slightly envious of the attention she was getting because of it.
She told me she did it because if she didn't she would be the whitest one in the room, and chucked her bottle of st moriz at me. From then on I was always tanning, even my boyfriend at the time said he liked when I was tan.
Apart from the smell and the stain of his bed sheets.
I was soon getting attention while I was going out a lot and me and him soon split up.

antique furniture

Gothic Antique Furniture Set


Gothic Revival oak bedroom suite by Crown Furniture, 20th Century, comprising double door wardrobe carved with Gothic arched panels and linenfold, width 128cm, height 183cm, a smaller double door wardrobe fitted with shelves, width 96cm, height 176cm, a kneehole dressing table, 118cm, and a 4`6`` bed with linenfold headboards

OH I Get Giddy When I Find An Antique!!!

Antique Auctions, Car Boots, and Antique Emporiums are by far the best place to shop for well made, hand crafted quality vintage furniture. I always like to customise my things and because my grandad is great at woodworking and taught me a few things, I can do modifications for pretty cheap without taking it to a specialist.

I like vintage styles for the living room, the hallway and stairs, and bedrooms, the kitchen and bathroom need to be completely modern design  just because they are easier to clean when they are made from harder material and they look wicked when they are shiny. A kitchen was not meant to be cosy, it was meant to be flash... ahahahaha GEDDIT!!

Oh Vintage Where Are You?....

When it comes to getting your antique on there is no place better than your high street, especially if you live in a sea-side town like Skegness, Cleethorpes or Scarborough.
I remeber having to pop into every second-hand/thrift store on Cleethorpes seafront because I was memorised by the distressed furniture inside. My love for antiques came at a very early age.

Another great place to look for these rare finds are emporiums, nearly every city will have one, my home city, Sheffield has two. One which the graces of google introduced me to, and another I frequently went past on the 32 bus into the city.

Sale auction websites are a must for antique furniture lovers.
The Sale-Room is of worthy note, its like Amazon and eBay for antiques, not only does it let you add things to your wish list, it has full descriptions of the time and place the lot you are wanting is going to be auctioned at. This gives you the necessary information if you choose to turn up, if you can't turn up because your cat died or you cannot be bothered, it lets you place absentee bids and log on the time of the auction and it will you give you live bid updates and bidding chances. HOW FANTASTIC! You better believe I am viewing that Gothic furniture set when it goes live.

Selling Antiques is also a good website for antiques, especially furniture, it not only gives you types of furniture but the period dates that it comes from, it has a fabulous range of Louis IX French selection, Tudor selection, Victorian and Georgian selections. Fantastic for all budgets, wadrobes for example can go from £120 for an Art Deco 1920's Piece to £12,850 for a Mahogany Linen Press Wardrobe.

Car Boot Sales, if you are British and you watch day time TV then you will have bound to have seen David Barby's Bargain Hunt! That and homes under the hammer are my guilty pleasers, so shoot me.
Watch Bargain Hunt Here

And Last of all eBay, I don't really like eBay for antiques just because its usually knock off and you can't haggle because of other bidders. I like to get a real bargain on my furniture as well just because its better for the bank account and you feel better knowing you've gotten away with getting something great for very little.

Right Amigos!
If you enjoyed the post, google+ that shizzz!
Comment and tell me if you have seen any gorgeous antiques floating around you as of late

Keep Kewt

buying a house

Buying furniture


By my calculations I should have started investing in good quality furniture at the age of 18, I did invest in furniture but not the kind that stays intact. Argos value (whhaaaatttt? my money went on drink and I wanted a white bedroom, shoot me) and right now I am interested in buying myself a new bed and and some living room items.
So when I move out I will be fully equipped with the essentials such as bed, sofa suite and bedroom furniture. Bedrooms and living rooms are the best rooms and most used in the house bar the kitchen.
Kitchen doesn't apply for everyone but it applies in my family just because we love our food.
I started thinking about all the kitchen things I would need to move out and feed myself in a full vibrant and clean kitchen space.
And I made a few lists for each room and prioritised them.

In the Kitchen:
You might be Gordon Ramsay or Nigela Lawson, or you burn water, before taking anything I say as a factual guideline you need to address the size and capacity of your kitchen and also your eating habits, (in the luxeries there is a blender noted, I class this as an essential because I like fresh juice and soup and I am competent as a cook to make things with it)  either which way you need to eat and eat well and this is my list of things needed:

Mode of necessity
Fridge and freezer
Where are going to store it?
Microwave and oven w/hobbs (if not built in)
How are you gonna cook it?

What to cook?
Pots, frying pans & casserole dish/baking pans
What are you gonna cook it in?
Plates, bowls, mugs & drinking glasses
How you gonna consume it?
Utensils (forks, knifes, spoons)

How you gonna consume it?
Utensil drawer caddy!

Where are going to store it?
Knife set

How are you going to prepare/cook it?
Can opener (electric or hand)
How are you gonna open it?

Spatula, wooden spoons, serving ladle
How will it be served?
Oven mitts & hand towels

How are you safe and clean?
Garbage can and bin bags

How will you clean up?
Dishcloths and sponges

How will you clean up?
Core necessity
Measuring cups & spoons

Use general knowledge
Tupperware storage containers (variety of sizes)
Store on the plate/bowl and Clingfilm
Cutting board

Cut on a plate
Coffee maker (coffee & coffee filter)
Instant coffee or tea, hot coco, or malt
Dish drying rack

It isn’t needed.

Can achieve same consistency with masher and Wisk in hot pan.
Cheese grater
Buy grated cheese

Mixing bowls

Mix it on plate/bowl

In the Bedroom:
I’m a big believer in the only things that should be done in a bedroom are fornicate, sleep and get ready, other luxuries could be included such as sound systems for early morning get ready with the radio, a study section of the room like a desk, I don't like this idea but its all down to personal preference.


Mode of necessity
Bed (mattress and frame)

Where are you going to sleep?
Bed Linen (sheets, pillows e.g)
What are you going to sleep in?
Dressers and cabinets

Where are you going store your clothes and accessories?
Laundry basket
How will things be categorised by freshness?
Coat hangers
How will you store?

Wall mirror
How will you know what you look like?

Core necessity

Room Light

Alarm clock
Mobile phone alarm

Shoe rack and coat rack
Coats on hangers in dresser
Shoes in boxes labelled
Waste Basket

Don’t leave waste in sleep chambers
Watch TV in living room


Use laptop in study or a study section

The Living room
Main room, more people go to this room than they do any others, I personally like my room with a bit more gatgets, like a play/games/station to entertain, plus I'm single, this is great for me to just chill out and relax after finishing work.


Mode of necessity
Sofa/couch suite
Where are you going to sit?

What will you do?

TV cabinet

Where will you place TV/ DVDs?
Wall shelves
How will you design or decorate the room?
What will you watch?

Curtains, blinds or nets
How will you get privacy and decorate?
Core necessity

Coffee table/end tables

Coasters put your coffee on the floor
Room lights
Wall decoration/artwork

Make own art or have feature wallpaper
Bean bags
Sit on the sofa/couch

Floor Rugs
Have quality carpet

Book shelves
Keep in study/ study section

How cute is this study? Its a Cupboard! Lovely, this is great because when you own your first home its bound to be small. Cath kidson decoration as well! LOVELY 
I currently own

  • A set of pots and pans
  • A desk
  • Two bedside Cabinets
  • A chest of draws
  • An ottoman
  • A blender.

Really need to get cracking and start buying things don't I, What should I buy first, new bedroom furniture? or a Sofa suite? Give me your thoughts below guys and dolls.

Keep kewt

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