EOTD: Gold & Turquoise


I've been a bit apprehensive of sticking my face on here due to me not liking my central feature, but hey, I thought I'd share with you an eye make-up look that's really easy and effective due to its contrasting colour.
I don't know about you but I have been loving the turquoise bottom lash line as of late and I have created it more than several times. However this was the one that got the most compliments from my (new) work colleges.
So I'd thought I'd share how I did it.
Eyeshadow Combination used for this look
I use the Manley Cosmetics palette, which is amazing when I want a colour full eye, I've have had this palette for around two years and it is well loved, as you can see. some shadows I've never used and others are my go to colours. What can I say I love this palette.

Firstly, I use the colour labelled (1) all over the the lid, up to the brow bone as its so light it acts as a highlighter too. Secondly, I place colour (2) into the crease with the sigma E47, and then blending out with the MAC 217.
Thirdly I took the gold (3) and placed it in my inner corner and the 1st 3rd of my bottom lash line, with the MAC 219 pencil brush, then with the Detailer brush from my real techniques core eye collection I dabbed this into the light blue matte (4) and put this on the rest of the 2/3rds of my lash line.
Lastly, I did the exact same with the Shimmery Turquoise (5) with the detailer brush. and placed it on top of the blue.

Then tonnes of mascara for the top and bottom lashes and away we go!
I would use this look again but I would wet my brushes for a more defined look, and use false lashes to get more of a glamorous look. I actually went to work with this look on, as I'm an adversary for glam make up for any occasion. 

If you complete this look and would like to share your pictures with me, either tag me on twitter or instagram @kewteepye 


Cosmetic Surgery Journey


Cosmetic Surgery

Is it something to judge?

Crying, spluttering, coughing and clutching my chest as I tell my mother in heartbroken pain how much I hate my face. Not everything on my face, no. Just my nose.
Ever since I was around 12 years of age, I've noticed the large bump emerging on to the dorsum (ridge) get larger and larger. I noticed my peers pointing it out at school, bullying me for my big eyes which I love and my big nose.
I hope your thinking what I thought when I was 13 when they "tried" to bully me about having big eyes, I thought, "WHAT, there is millions on cosmetic surgery and make up to make the eyes look bigger and you are bullying me for this, get a life, your just jealous" but when they pointed out my nose, I believed them, and I still do.
You might tell me to shut up and tell me to get over myself, but I literally can't. When I go out to party and get dressed up all gorgeous, and I do my make-up and I contour my nose, its still the thing I think about as I walk into the bar, "does my nose look big in this". I'm making it humerus because if I don't laugh I will surely cry. When I see a nice looking boy walk past me, my nose suddenly gets itchy, perfect timing for me to hide it as they walk past me. When a bloke looks at me, I automatically think that he's looking at my nose.
How could he possibly think I'm pretty when I'm carrying this massive hump on my face?


Sigma Performance Eyes Review


The main reason why I bought this whole set was for the E36 blending brush which is a miniature version of the mac 217, and since receiving them, I'm scared to use them but also cannot stop feeling the softness by brushing them across the back of my hand and also my eyelid. They are all super soft, and the ones that interest me the most are smudge E21, shader crease E47 and eye liner E11.


Dainty Doll Blush Review

Dainty Doll Blushes in (from left) 002 My Girl & 004 You Are My Sunshine
I've been put off fake tan, the smell, the preparation, the spotty build up around the armpits, the blotchy-ness around the neck and I've stopped using it. Unfortunately I've had to use my lipstick as a blusher as my blushers have been a bit too warm for me to pull off without a darker face. Around this time, about a two month ago I noticed that everyone was raving about the Dainty Doll blushes, and seen as though they are designed for very fair skin, I made a wishlist on Amazon to obtain some. As soon as student finance gave me my last loan they were sent to me.
The source of the raving inspiration came from twitter and @talesofpaleface, who is a gorgeous porcelin'd skinned girl with strawberry blonde hair, and she really loves the Dainty Doll Collection.
And I can see why.

amazing shine

Amazon Beauty Haul


I'm not a fan of shopping online due to me being absolutely terrified of my card details being duplicated and fraud happening, but after continually spending over £75 in boots or superdrug and also the travel cost to get there, and the thirst for international goodies, I got steered me in the direction of Amazon.
It wasn't a big haul, it was £45 without postage and packaging, but I got some serious goodies and then had to think of a whole new morning makeup routine, which in all make-up obsessed style got me Uber excited.
(Does anyone use the word Uber anymore? Just me, ok then.) 

What I really liked about shopping on Amazon is it seems to make more sense to me when I can see the items in my virtual basket for me to differentiate what I need and what I don't need. Have you ever been in that situation when you've been in boots or super drug and your literally twisting and turning in the aisle because you don't actually know if you need this product, (70th mascara) and your so flustered that you buy it anyway. Yep this is why I spend £75 in boots.
This is why I loved this session of online shopping, I knew I needed some blushes, and brushes so they coincided together, and I knew I wanted some lashes, so it was logical to get the glue, and Amazon you beautiful site, you recommended me to it. If it was physically shopping in boots/superdrug, I would have picked up everything and nothing I actually needed.
It came all packaged very nicely and in its original packaging unopened, at first I was scared I'd be using someone with a flesh eating diseased's old make-up and was very surprised by the speediness and professional-ness of it all. 
I'm gonna be using Amazon again.

Read more to find out what I bought

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