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Digital Sex Crimes: iCloud Hack Scandal


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With recent media sites like 4Chan and Reddit being in the firing line after the reporting of naked photos of celebrities we are asked to look at privacy, digital culture and sexual harassment
The iCloud hack which has allowed nude photos of celebrities to be shared beyond their control has been behind the allegations.
The iPhone is a celebrities preferred phone of choice as many celebs are snapped holding, tapping or on a call with an iPhone in hand. Phone hacking has been a constant topic of discussing in journalism, but when its citizens who do the hacking who can you sue?
Its not yet know if 4Chan and Reddit are behind the photos, but one thing is straight-forward, it has some seriously strange code of conduct and morals if it has.
The list of celebrities who have been affected cover Jennifer Lawrence, Hope Solo, Emma Watson, Kate Upton, Amber Heard, Nick Hogan (the first male) and Kelly Brooke.
A lot of naysayers have questioned a celebs privacy, saying that because they sell photos of their body via calendars that they don't have the right. J-Law counters this, believing what has been done to her is secondly a violation of privacy and firstly a sex crime.

She said: "It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting. The law needs to be changed, and we need to change. That’s why these Web sites are responsible. Just the fact that somebody can be sexually exploited and violated, and the first thought that crosses somebody’s mind is to make a profit from it. It’s so beyond me." Source Hollywood Online

Hope Solo a US Soccer star, who has won two gold medals, seconds that saying in the Independent "This act goes beyond the bounds of human decency and, as such, I stand united with all the women affected and am exploring every option to protect my privacy." Source Independent

The FBI and apple are currently investigating the case, and two female spokeswomen have stated that the matter at hand will be dealt with as promptly and efficiently as possible. The independent reported, Laura Eimiller, a spokesperson for the FBI, said the Bureau is “aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals, and is addressing the matter”.

The best outcome for the 101 actresses, models and singers involved would be that the original perpetrators be tried for their crime, not only is this an invasion of privacy its also copyright law which will hold very heavily in court. On the other hand the culprits could argue that the pictures are in the "public interest", this excuse is mainly used by journalist editors when they wish to publish a story that invades someones rights, however as these culprits may not belong to any journalist group they could indeed not have that excuse to stand on.

While the subject might not be a legal matter as it might not be breaking the law, its still a civil matter to all those involved, the 101 celebrities might as well band together to make a solid case against the culprit on the grounds of defamation. These types of photos, as they are very intimate, can change perceptions of certain stars. If we allow them to be defamed because they are doing what any other non-famous person would do, we are holding them to ransom at their own humanity.
Ultimately celebrities shouldn't be afraid of acting normal, because they are a figurehead, without fear of persecution or ridicule.

anastasia beverly hills

Anastasia Dip Brow in Soft Brown


I've been eyeing the Dip Brow Promade since it first came out, MAC had a similar version called dipdown which was more of a liner and was a favourite among the brunette youtubers for filling in brows. The first youtuber that introduced me to the idea, that an opaque gel type cream could be used to fill in my brows, was chrisspy, an american youtuber. Previously I had been using the MAC mechanical pencil in my favourite colour Lingering as it suited my bold blonde hair without being too dark, and enough wax for them to stay in place. I then used a generic clear mascara from avon from the colour collection aimed more towards the teenage market and then a darker eyebrow pencil from eyelure which was in a darker shade as I was a brunette, but this was ultimatley far too soft. Since then I have been using FAINT from the Naked Basics Palette and an angled brush from crownbrush to fill them in. I was ready for this purchase, thouroughly ready to try a different texture in my brows.

I ordered mine from net-a-porter, it was quite hard for me to source as its not a typical english product, but it was nice to find it with the exact same price as it was on the anastasia beverly hills website. I'm aware that sometimes american products can be more expensive to get in england, but with this I was pleasantly surprised. I had the option to have normal packaging or the traditional net-a-porter packaging, of course I went with the latter for blogging and photographical purposes.
The box is gorgeous, its a matte black, tied with a white dot- edged bow, then with another tiny bow with the logo of net-a-porter on. Inside it had my package in a ziplock bag and a little black satin drawstring bag with an extra goodie inside. My extra goodie was a measuring tape, perfect as it was retractable, sleek enough to fit in my bag, as this is my first purchase from the site I dont know if thats a recurrance with other purchases. I hope not, I don't want multiple tape measures rolling around my bedroom.

I bought soft brown, I'm now a blonde with darkened roots, so this was strategic for me. If I wanted to go back brunette this would still look dark in my brow hairs, if I wanted to go all blonde with no roots, as my eyebrows are dark anyways it wouldnt look too dark. Of course it will always complement my root regrowth. Soft brown has a warmth to it, its really creamy and with one sweep of my angled brush I recieved a lot of colour pay off on the back of my hand.

I've used it over powder drawn eyebrows, and its smudge proof, I will not come off unless you wash it off which is a bonus as I am in the art of razor shaping my eyebrows at the moment so they are very thin at the ends. I am going to develop the numerous way I can fill in my brows and then publish a tutorial in the future on my prefered method. So keep an eye out for that one.

10 stitch blanket

Knitting Journey: Learning Recap


Current Project
10 Stitch blanket using a wrap and turn.
Pattern using
Got this pattern from youtube and was directed to the above link, its a blanket that doesnt require you to have the longest circular needles, as only ten stitches are on your needle. Its really pretty and you can see the pattern emerging as you go along.

What I've Learnt
  1. Stockinette, annoyingly curls around, so to counter it I have to slip the first knit stitches on the knit row to accomodate.
  2. As regards to a beginner knitter, I have even consistency with my knitting, my rows and columns are rarely different sizes
  3. I've practiced with backward/mirror knitting as its easy not to turn the work, but I've found that I am actually faster at purling and turning the work. 
  4. I am an english knitter, which means I hold my working yarn in my right hand.
  5. I throw the yarn.
  6. I pull my tension, my knitting is tight, I can't pull it apart that far, so it doesnt have that much stretch.

    Knitting Society Websites
    Ravely.com- Really good for sharing patterns, reminds me of the very old myspace layout. Love this
    website, I'm there under Knitnatnat
    VogueKnitting.com- Patterns galore, yarns galore, its basically a magazine format, so expect the same as you would with cosmopolitan just centred around knitting with this. Great thing is that the mag can be downloaded onto tablets, and its subsidery magazines such as knitsimple have written patterns and difficulty rating next to a featured spread. Its really exciting to see a gorgeous knitted jumper in the mag and realiseing it gives you the exact pattern to create it. A* for Pattern Inspo!!!
    WoolWarehouse.co.uk- Not a society but more of a shop, anything that you could possibly want in the world to do with knitting you can find here.
    Craftsy.com- Login and share your work with millions of people, learn how to knit (I personally find youtube the best for this) buy yarn, joining the community lets you share with other likeminded people your projects and patterns.
    Knittingparadise.com- Old fashioned forum, the holey (hehe see what I did) grail of community online. post your questions wait for a reply, get notified and just carry on chatting. It also has pictures of some of the most gorgeous lacework I have ever seen, it gives a beginner knitter like myself the real urge to own in on the craft.
    Pinterest- You when your really interested in something and then you basically source all inspirational ideas online and stick em in one place, where you can go and look at your virtual interest shrine and marvel at it. Well thats pinterest, its used for everything you want to keep really. Like a viral notebook. Search for knitting charts, lace patterns and pictures, all an HASHTAG away.
Right then beauties, if your a knitter, I'd love to know your ravely ID/username. If you've ever thought about knitting but never actually got round to it, feel free to tweet me and I'll introduce you to some really easy youtube videos that cover all the basics for you. If you just intrigued pop a comment on this post and I'll reply sooner than you think.


Clinique Three Little Soaps: Review


Good Day Beautifuls'
I was desperate to get a good cleanser, I had been using clearasil while I stayed at my boyfriends house during summer, and was using my mums elemis pro-radiance cleanser while I stayed at home. I wanted my own, I had slept at my friends a couple of nights and had a bath at hers, and she let me use her clinique soaps, at first glance they seemed amazing and when we went shopping I picked on up in HoF for £12.50. I have been using it for over a month now, I've been alternating between cleansers as I am never in the same bed more than 3 nights a week, but one week I was in my bed, at my mums for a full week and BAM, SPOTS ALL OVER MY CHIN. 

Its really annoying when that happens because you get a good cleanser to basically get rid of your spots and here I was using a prestigious beauty brand who has won award after awards for amazing skincare and it was making me a zitty mess, my high hopes were shattered.
I spoke to my friend after it happened and told her what had gone off with my face and she relayed the same message on to me, "yeah it happened to me to" she says nonchalauntly, like it didnt affect her, "it brings all the crap to the top of you face so the more you use it the better it gets" she carried on, my friend april could litteraly do adverts for clinique the way she was trying to sell my ALREADY BOUGHT product to me. 
I have dry skin, something thats been described as normal yet dehydrated complexion, april on the otherhand has still dehydrated skin but its oily, our makeup sits totally different on our skin, she prefers the matte stuff, I prefer the dewy stuff. We have often swapped foundations because hers is too "greasy" and mine is to "powdery".
Zits aren't my only problem with the little soaps either, my face is frightfully tight after using it. I felt like the zombie in hocus pocus when he cuts open his mouth and stretches his face to talk. I have scrunch my face and when I do, it stings, my hole face seems chapped almost. I dont think its suitable for dry skin, yet the girl at the counter was so eager to give me what I wanted even though it was not suitable for me, leading me to have overall dissatisfaction with the product. I'm going to carry on using it to see if it does what my friend says it will eventually do, but right now I'm not looking forward to it.

On a positive note however, they are ridiculously cute. They are sizeable just to fit in the palm of my hand (probably a bit wider than palm) and get enough foam to apply to the face, the little pot is also cute so your shower doesnt actually wash it away with moisture and they are perfect for travel. So its not all negative. I'm sure once I get used to the process of the tight face and having to apply moisturiser DIRECTLY after a hot wash, I wont have any problems.

Have you tried The Three Little Soaps from clinique? What did you think of them and whats your skin type? Did you break out first time like me? I'd love to know more about this product and how it suits you, so leave a comment in the comments. Thank you.

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Ben Wa Balls [NSFW:ADULT]


*This post is adult in nature, if you are over 18 please read on, if you are under 18 I deter you from this post, however if curiosity gets the better of you, don't let it kill your kitty.
Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.

book love

Website Review: Shelfari


Ever wanted to have a virtual book shelf, let the people you digitally communicate with know what your reading, what you think about the book and review it. Well I have stumbled on Shelfari, which has probably been out there, proud because it has ALOT of users, for quite some time and I'm a late comer to the literary party, but it still looks pretty awesome and I'm gonna use it.


Its a bit busy, kinda like Amazons interface, there is a lot of information to omit, that's if you want to, on every page theres an option to go to another 10+ so your back button is gonna be overloaded and your history is gonna be chocker with this sites cookies. What I do know about every website i've ever used, you click on the website logo, and your transported to the homepage of said website where you navigate more easily to your preferred digital destination. It would be hard for a non-digital native to use, its not simple enough for people who are slow on the internet. For avid internet users however its a doddle, once you've figured out all the social networking possibilities, its really simple.


  • Create and share a digital inventory of books
  • Rate and review books
  • Recommend books 
  • Search for books based on interest and other search queues, popularity, topical tags, subject and author.
  •   Share books over social networks
  • Connect with other users via groups and editing book reviews


I am going to install the widget on my navigation links, so hopefully you will join me on shelfari, I'd love to know what your reading, so leave a comment on this blog post or more appropriately sign up to it with your amazon account and play around with your favourite books. All this reading talk has me considering purchasing a kindle. 


Being Single: Why It's Important


I'm currently in a very fulfilling relationship, something I dont think I would have found if I took every offer of girlfriend to action and never took time out of relationships to be single. It sounds big headed as such to suggest that someone's always wanted to be with me, but in all honesty, there always has right until I started to think that the only person I deserved to be with was myself, and I meant that in the best possible uplifting sense. I needed the most strictest care of my feelings, the person that knows me the best was me, I took three years to myself after a very heart breaking ordeal within my personal life. I'm the better for it.

The Decision
I had just split up with someone who I was mad for and came out of hospital for PTSD for an attack that happened a few months before that relationship, and needless to say I was fragile, the wind could have blew too hard and I would have broken. Cracks were surfacing.
I logged on to my facebook literally days after coming out of hospital after not being on for the duration of my visit, and had loads of messages from my ex's pub acquaintances asking me out on a date because although they were sorry to see I was single, I was "fit/beautiful/sexy" blah blah blah. Not only was I hoping to get back with the ex, I didn't think anyone was superior enough mentally to deal with my changing emotions, and the psychological shit that was whirring around my noggin. So I carefully let down the chivalrous offers and had some time to licking my wounds.
Three months had gone by and it had been the longest continuous time that had gone where I had not been out with someone, not been on a date, not even had a new number to text, not replied to the facebook chats, not spoke flirtatiously.
It was breath taking, I had totally eradicated something from the list of worries; Love.

When Love Fails, Life Prevails
A couple of months after the break up and recovery, I found myself getting myself slowly back unto my feet, first I got a Christmas temporary job at Dune Shoes which were more than accommodating, and found I had a real happiness in getting a smile from a customer so when the position came to a close I quickly got a job in a call centre full time. I then applied for something I've always wanted to do, I applied for university and was over the moon when I got accepted. I stayed with the company for around 9 month until I went to university, I was at university for another 9 months and during the summer period of year one and two I went back to the old position as a part time employee and then left because it conflicted with my university schedule.

Summer Fling Friend Disaster
During my summer of year 1 and 2 of university, I did something irrevocable to a relationship I held dear, I slept with it. Chris my friend for over 5 years and me had been to the gym together, gym hormones and sweaty bodies lingered around our long sturdy friendship, and turned it a bit sexy. We decided to go out because we were such good friends and if it didn't work out we'd just go back to that, right? WRONG, now in the summer of year 2 and 3, we hardly speak, and he has since deleted me from all platforms of social networking, and you know the hardest thing, even though I don't have any romantic feelings towards it, I miss my once best friend.

Walking on Type Rope without a Safety Net

Chris was my safety net, I thought because he thought I was kick ass as a friend he's surely going to find me as an amazing girlfriend, nope, it just was all wrong. So safety net was removed and I was left, not giving a toss about love, relationships and even sex, to walk the type rope of love alone. All this time single I had a good hard think about what I wanted in a guy, my true romantic type. When I first started talking to my now boyfriend Leigh on facebook, I knew straight away that we got along because we were firing off each other Hydrogen and Oxygen GAS, having a nerdy bender and talking for ages. When he plucked up the courage to ask me out (he told me he was scared) I grabbed at the chance because I liked him a lot already and that was through text and facebook.

So Why The Importance
Being truly deeply and a bit madly single taught me a lot of things about myself. It taught me what I wanted in a partner, what type of person I am, my own likes and dislikes. Where I was in life and where I wanted to end up, my readiness, my goals, my passions, the type of family I'd one day like to create with someone.
Surprisingly it taught me my flaws, like that I'm absolutely dire with money and I impulse buy.
It taught me how to SELF MANAGE my emotions and don't depend on anyone else to make you happy or happier. It made me a little selfish, in a good way, to not compromise my own self-worth for the happiness of someone else, and to realise when something is bad for me.
It taught me the corny bullsh*t, like how to accept myself and love myself in some respects because quoting Ru Paul here "If you don't love yourself, how the in the hell you gonna love somebody else".


Crownbrush Discount Code


Its that time again readers, I get a email from crownbrush every month with a discount code, and its only kind of me that I give you this to release the burden on brushes cost, so here it is.

July's Code is.....

br />
This will get you 10% off your order, if you follow this >>>>>> LINK<<<<<<<<< it will pre populate in the checkout box. Happy Shopping xxx


Loom band Obsession


I couldn't help it, I bought a loom band kit from TheWorks, you know the basic loom board that has all the pegs on the same board and not able to change them.

I had fun doing the fishtail band

and the infinity band

 but then I tried the three fishtails all in one

And then I knew I needed the loom that that you could take apart and switch around, and the one that has spaces in-between the loom rows.

So I bought one.....

Watch this space


Lush: Its Raining Men


Sugar, ah, honey, honey// You are my candy girl// And you got me wanting you

I love anything with honey, toffee, caramel and vanilla in. I bought Honey I washed The Kids and I love Tigi Bed Head Colour Combat. Vanilla Cupcake and Salted Caramel are my favourite Yankee candles and Herbal Essences even do a shampoo called Bee Strong which I've tried and loved the scent of.
In contract to this, my perfumes are very floral and sweet, so the undertones of warm and smooth against sweet and sharp which fade into a musk is something I've never gotten out of a perfume. So I layer up with products like these to get the exact smell I want.

Lush's Its Raining Men, is perfect because even though its smooth, it last notes are sweet.

It can be used as a shampoo too, and leaves hair very soft.
It lathers up great, and a little really goes a long way, my hair is just past my nipples and £2 coin size of shampoo is all I need. 
I bought the £250 size because I wanna get used to it, but already I'm gonna make a commitment and buy loads because its beautiful and right up my alley.

Thank you for reading


5 Things I learnt from Second year at University


WOO HOO!  homer woo hoo

 Here are the life lessons I learnt over my second year of UNI.

1.I am a really good judge of character

In my first year I met a girl who was a bit temperamental, she couldn't decide whether she liked you or not and she was really catty, all the other girls who we lived with sided with her when it come to living arrangements and I later found out from one of the other girls that she later had turned on them and gone a bit bitchy after she split from her boyfriend. I felt like they let her get away with a lot and I wouldn't which is why they sided with her because they didnt want the confrontation, they soon realised that the way she was treating everyone wasn't so kind, and she didnt appreciate it when being collard about it.
In my second year, I moved in with Arianna* and Nina*, Nina started stealing my stuff in which I knew it was her, I confronted her, and asked her if it was her, she flatly refused, Arianna's laptop had disappeared from her old flat with Nina in the first year, at the end of term. Then suddenly on VALENTINES DAY mine went missing as I went to meet up with my boyfriend at the train station, I thought it might have been Nina, "maybe" I thought, "she could have stole Arianna's too" and breached this with Arianna, it was then found that she did steal Arianna's laptop in first year and then proceeded to live with her after. Bit of a Psycho if you ask me.

2.Teachers who like you give you better marks.
I have gotton the best marks from year two from the teachers that I have had the best relationships with, do i think its a coincidence, nope, it was well thought out, the more they enjoy your brain and the workings of your mind, the more likely they will see your work in your angle instead of just words. It still has to be academically written, but the points really make a teacher understand your politics, and if you have teachers who you share the same values (like socialist teachers to socialist students) the more likely they are to see your point as valid, as long as you back it up with reference and counter reference.

3. The closest set of friends you find are the ones usually the most like you

I lurrrveee this photo, but it just screams what I mean in a bit of an ironic sense, all hipsters wanna be sooo individual, and individualism is rife among teens of the internet age, but ultimately in life you will settle with a "clan" that has the same values, life goals and similar upbringings as you.

4.Love has a way of finding you when you least need, expect or want it.
You could be totally settling in to all your tasks and getting everything you need out of your time studying and whoop, circumstances decide to send you a boyfriend when you really dint have it planned at all.

5.Your relationship with your mum changes.

You know how I know I'm my mums favourite child, because I'm an only child. LOL. Your relationship with your mother changes a lot, you learn to live without each other dramatically when you live away from home, and when you get back you don't want to be in most of the time. Her reassuring "make-sure"'s annoy you because you've learnt by now, and you student chore mentality (I only wash the pots I've used) is selfish to the family dynamic. Here go, you eat out, and you communicate through text. My advise, up your hours at work and stay there, and see your mum seldom with money and little presents, she will be thrilled.

Thanks for reading


Pretty Watches


Watches have become a current style must have of the 2010's, the corporate look is very admirable at the moment with suits, tight dresses and tasteful bling being one of the requirements to get the desirable professional look.
Steven Viscusi thinks wearing a flashy but tastefully classy wristwatch can land you a job, and has expressed this opinion on Huffington post, read the article here. I must agree, if I was an employer and the candidate came in wearing a nice watch while suited and booted I would think very highly of that person, on the other hand if the watch is very expensive, perspective employers may think the minimum wage position you are applying for is just out of touch with your delusions of grandeur.
I've currently been looking and wanting a watch, I would like to buy my boyfriend and me one as soon as I have the available funding, I've never bought someone a gift of this calibre before, so it will be a first for me. I went on the watch shop as looking on eBay was rather tedious searching through all the fake Gucci, jelly and shamballah watches, and because I like watches with rather large faces these are my favourite picks.

The first two watches are from Emporio Armani, just with different face colours, the difference in price has me a little stumped, but its probably due to popularity of the black face. The black face is a bit more striking than the blue, but the blue makes the metal straps look cleaner.
The last two are ladies watches, a larger Bulova watch with a white face and a pink and white DNKY watch. The Bulova one to me is a bit more corporate, a work meeting watch, and the DNKY is more of a girly afternoon brunch type watch, depending on what your watch represents, is how I would choose mine. The Bulova one is more appealing to me as the face is bigger by 9mm, and its a metal bracelet, however its not a chronograph, therefore you cant use it as a stop watch and the weighted variety create kinetic energy that keep your watch powered when you wear it. This is the downside but as watch batteries are really cheap, the Bulova is still taking my fancy and at £149 its not to be sniffed at.


New Years Eve/Day 2014


New Years Eve and Day made me realise that I have the best people around me, new years eve I went around to a friends house and had a drink, I didn't dress up, I met a new person and got on with them like I'd always been friends with them. It felt really nice to be surrounded by people who have known you for a while and feel totally comfortable in their presence.
New Years Day I had dinner at my Nanans and ALL of my mums side of the family was there, which was fantastic, we didn't look at our phones, and we played pick up sticks with all of the family, and it was so nice to see the competitiveness and highly amusing.

I bet all you could hear was oooooooo-aaaaaaaa and then applause and maybe a "oooh so close" when they didn't get it.
The rules to the game are simple, you let the sticks go and have to pick each one up individually without disturbing the others, it sounds simple, but if you haven't got deadly still hands its quite hard to do, the winner was my step dad in the end as we had a little tournament.

I love the end of the year with my family, as my Nanan puts on a gorgeous spread, we all have something to drink, apart from Joshua because he's only 7, but he's fantastic at drafts.
What did you this NYE and New Year? Tell me in the Comments

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