Cosmetic Surgery Journey (Part Deux)


This has been a long time coming, and since actually having the guts to write about my decision to have rhinoplasty in my last Cosmetic Surgery Post I received some great comments that basically restored my faith that what I was considering was the best thing. The best thing for me.
Today (29th July 2013, if you're reading this later) I went to leeds to have a consultation, so I'm gonna talk you step by step how my day has been, right down to the magazines in the waiting room to the colour of the nurses jacket.

9:20 Woke up after a massive 11 hour sleep, I must have needed it because as soon as I laid down I was GONE. I dreamt oddly of being made to look like a comic-con character with some old school peers, wearing a bright blonde wig and a black dress. (You will realise the irony of this later)

11:20 I got on the bus to sheffield city centre to get the train to leeds

11:55 Got on the train to leeds

12:45 Arrived at Leeds the meanwhile my phone had lost battery on the train journey so I couldn't use GPRS on it to find my consultation address, this meant I had to go to the Tourist information centre and ask the lady behind the counter to google it and then draw it on a printed map. This HAD to be the most uncomfortable experience of my life as I had to explain the nature of Harley Medicals Business, when I uttered "cosmetic surgery" she looked at me like I'd just shat on her grandson.

1.30 After following the treasure map to find the city of chopped noses, I stood outside what I thought was the Harley Medical and pressed the buzzer repeatedly for 10 minutes, then walked down the road in a "how-dare-they-be-so-rude" mood and found the actual place, in which I chuckled to myself for being so dim.

1:45 Filled out a medical questionnaire, and one of the questions were have you ever had a ECG, which is a heart monitor, which I though was a brain scanner, so I ticked yes. Saw that there was a TOP GEAR magazine on the table which meant to me that Cosmetic surgery is not all feminine.

2:00 Met the nurse and she took me the consultation room, she was wearing a black dress, and had BRIGHT BLONDE HAIR. (Can you see the irony), she also wore a pink blazer, and I noticed that even though she was a plus sized girl she was absolutely stunning.

The Consultation

The procedure of rhinoplasty is more complicated that just scraping off the hump, I learned that they have to shave down the sides of the nose to make a steep "hill" then they flatten that hill, so it looks like a parallelogram and not a triangle, then they shave the sides off again to get the triangle back, just without the height and humps that it had previously.
This really opened my eyes to how uniform the nose can be made because you're working on each side simultaneously, then once the shape is achieved the nose is rotated to fit in line with the centre of the face.
I also talked to her about my tip, and the depth of the nose, and she assured me, having gone through the same procedure herself that they can modify every single angle of the nose shape.

I was then told the price and was FLOORED by how all the things I needed covering and extra revisions if need be would cost me. I was pleasantly surprised that a tip re-shape, a narrowing, a straightening and a hump flattener would only be £4,220!!! AMAZING. Thats including the £500 deposit.
I cannot wait to pay the £500 and as soon as I have those funds available the date will be booked.

The length of recovery
I learnt that the post-operational check ups can last upto a year, this gave me the greatest sense of satisfaction, because they're quick fixes out there that chop you to bits and never see you again after 4/12 weeks. Harley Street Medical can take care of any problems post operation upto 12 months, as it takes over 9 months for swelling inside your nose to totally go, plus if an individual requires an extra surgery to make it even smaller due to a very large nose they do that too, FREE. This is looked at after 12 months due to the swelling needed to go before any more surgical procedures are considered. I was ensured that this would not be needed for me because although my nose is (to my eyes) big, it isn't big enough that I would need two surgeries to get what I would like.

Patient Cooperation
The nurse never mentioned that the patient should do this OR ELSE but it is desired that all the instructional advice given after surgery should be done. Just to get the best possible outcome, and when I am advised something about the outcome that my face will benefit from I am gonna do it, especially as I have been hating my nose since I was a teenager.

Thank you so much for reading, if you are considering surgery yourself for confidence reasons, or have had a nose job I would love to talk to you about it, you can follow me on Twitter, Google+, and Bloglovin. Ta Ta.


Magaluf Weekender Makeup (PINK SMOKEY EYE)


Lately I've become a real fan of pink, pink lips, pink cheeks, pink curtains why not have pink eyes as well.
This is definitely not a day time look, i would not recommend going to the shop to pick up a pint of milk, with this look sainsburys is out of the question, however there are places where it is welcomed, celebrated and enjoyed.
Magaluf and other raving islands would cherish this look as it it definitely a party look.

So pull out the pink shimmer and the black shimmer and your lashes. I never wear lashes in videos, my eyelashes are really long anyway, so to add lashes, they would have to be ridiculously long so they would scare some people who are falsie virgins.

I hope you enjoy the video and if you attempt this look I would love for you to leave me a video response, or comment on this post or the video on YT, I would also really like for you to follow me on GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin. Ta Ta.

get fit

Workouts & Weight Loss Wednesdays ft Tilly (WK 2)


Its that time of week again when you get to read the lovely musings of our slimming stomachs on mine and tilly's blogs, this will be a full week, from wednesday to tuesday, so you get to see what we're doing and how much weight we have lost from week to week. As always I will be putting in my weight and measurements so you can see what I'm working with and also my goals and I'll also be including my weigh in per week from now, its a bit defeatist to constantly weigh yourself and measure yourself so this way you can see a true representation of how my body is transforming over the weeks to come.

Diet Diary


Had a really chilled out day, my dad finally went, and hes like a headless chicken so he really wears you out (i think I inherited my adhd from him), he left wednesday morning so wednesday was really relaxing and chilled out day. I didn't feel any illness and I had as much energy as I wanted to exert.


I cooked today and made everyone in our house a big chicken and bacon salad with loads of ingredients and homemade honey and mustard dressing and I assure you it was delicious, I ate it in faster time than it took me to prepare. I'm going to be taking over the cooking in our house more. It made me excited for when me and a friend from uni live together because then I can be the house cook.


Payday Wishlist


So its that time of month again when I start to spend my wage in my head, pay day is on the 26th July so I've not that long till I get my greasy mitts on my monthly pay. Last month, I literally spent it all within two days of getting it and then couldn't do anything for the rest of the month in terms of going out or spending time with my friends, so this time I'm gonna be a little cautious on what I'll be spending it on, and make some wiser decisions.
I passed the preparatory period at work, with means I'm permanent now, if you're not experienced on what working is like, either for british people or if your under 18, you have a three month period, that includes training and doing the job to prove that you can do it, if you do not meet the requirements for the role they either extend your probation or sack you. If you meet the requirements they have to hire you, even if they don't have the money to accommodate your wage.
I have officially passed mine but the probation period doesn't end till 27th and from then I can put in overtime, which means darlings that maybe these payday wishlist and haul posts might be a bit more elaborate.

Lets start with the things I must pay
Rent / Board
My mum charge's me £50 per week to live at home for the summer, and we have worked it out pro rata, so even on 4 week months and 5 week months I am always going to be giving her the same.
Phone Bill
What's great about this is I'm with the company for my phone that I work for, so after the two weeks I have left of preparatory period (even though I passed) I can apply for staff discount which is like 30%, I have a pretty amazing deal anyway so that will be a bit more money in my back pocket for working with a great company.
Contact Lenses
I need to schedule an eye test, I need to start the direct debit again to get my special contacts, I have an astigmatism, so the contacts that I get are weighted so it sits correctly on the cornea of my eye. The cost more than normal contacts which is a bummer.

The Good Decisions
I have failed my test 5 times and I refuse to give up, simple because I understand the amount of freedom that getting a car and being able to drive will give me. I'll be able to go to the county park whenever I can without having to workout the numerous busses to get. More importantly I will be able to have more time in bed on days where I know there isn't going to be loads of traffic.
I have two motoring schools in the back of my mind, one is drive dynamics which is a great driving school and I've used them twice, once in my home town and once while I was down at University. Both times I was accommodated by excellent instructors. 




Enjoy darlings

I had loads of fun making this video, I had less fun editing it. I hope you enjoy the video and if you do the look I'd like for you to send me pictures or videos of your copies.

Thankyou for watching guys, and don't forget to leave a comment. I'd love for you to follow me on GFC, Google + or Bloglovin. Ta Ta.


Concealers, Highlights and Contours (picture heavy)


So I had a mini concealer haul the other day because the right side of my face has made like mount vesuvius and erupted with loads of tiny little puss volcanos along my jawline. Don't know why, but I have waged war on my face for letting me down, all throughout highschool and college I managed to grace those years with a blemish free face, now I go to university somewhat three years later and they arrive unfashionably late and disrupt my party.
Well f**k them.

My weapens of choice were the Rimmel Hide The Blemish in Ivory, Maybelline Fit Me Wand Concealer in 15 and Collections Ultimate Fix in Honey.

 photo 2011-07-21220347_zps9df2d55c.jpg
From right to left Rimmel Hide The Blemish in Ivory, Maybelline Fit Me Wand Concealer in 15 and Collections Ultimate Fix in Honey.
 photo 2011-07-21220408_zpsa1e4c647.jpg
This concealer applies like a dream, a stick of creamy concealer fudge, it glides on to skin like a lightsaber cutting through butter, I apply it to my face and then let it sit there for a few minutes while I get on with the rest of my makeup, or I apply after I have applied a lighter coverage foundation, with a higher coverage it isn't needed at all. As you can see in the swatch picture its the most yellow based concealer out of all three so its fantastic for making red spots disappear.
This concealer is FANTASTIC like totes amazeballs, Nars Dupe, and because its salmon based, its great for under the eye, for a bit of a pick me up after a naff nights sleep. A apply this after my foundation has set and blend it out with the real techniques foundation pointed brush (not the slanted one), it really does a great job of brightening under the eye.

 photo 2011-07-21220731_zpsf030e616.jpg  photo 2011-07-21220736_zpsb8fabfca.jpg  photo 2011-07-21220757_zps12e49232.jpg
This is actually a foundation but I use it as a contour through the cheek bone when I don't have any tan on, and a concealer when I have used the trusty Xen Tan to make myself look less white fish and more red meat. (HONESTLY I THINK I MAY HAVE A CANNIBALISM PROBLEM) I didn't have high hopes for this foundation and as a foundation its pretty crap as it can be really cakey and hard to blend it but for areas that only have a high concentrated amount its fabulous.

Thank you darlings for reading, if you've been using any products for concealing, highlighting or contour that you think need a mention, tell me about them in the comments below, alternatively if you have used these and love or hate them them please share. I would really appreciate it if you could all follow me either on GFC, twitter, Google+ or bloglovin. Stay happy darlings.

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The BEST workout videos


As you darlings may have heard me and Tilly from lovetilly, have started a weight loss venture, (read my workouts, weightloss wednesdays post here) this is for us to get bikini ready, even though the summer is already here it is important to us to get healthy and see ourselves in a more positive light. As the name suggests the posts will be about my dietary intake, and working out. So what better way to know what I've been doing working out wise than to share my favourite muscle loving videos with y'all.

These are my most favourite workout videos, the first one I've included is an abdominal workout that is designed for minimal tush/bottom to floor contact, so every workout that is performed here are cardio based and adapted to get great results with your core without hammering your neck and the small of you back.
Sean T is also topless and scrumptious to look at (you can tell i'm dieting when I'm referring that full grown men are edible).

Insanity : Cardio Abs

The second one is a lot harder and is super fun, if you not aching the next day and you don't feel so hyped and pumped while doing it then there is something seriously wrong, the science behind these movements is called plyometrics which is fitness jargon for high intensity explosive movements, just think about that bitch at school that used to bully you with this one, it really helps to give it your all. I have cried with this workout, not because its hard (even though it is) but it can seriously clean any demons in your head if you put a lot of emotive energy into it.

Insanity: Plyometric cardio interval


Workouts & Weight Loss Wednesdays ft Tilly


As you guys might have heard me and a fellow blogger Tilly, have decided to get fit over social networks and add each other on myfitnesspal to keep ourselves spurred on. We decided this lovely venture together on a sorrowful saturday and I say sorrowful because chocolate and cake have sincerely fell out with me.
This is going to be a half week post, simply because we started it from friday so it hasn't had time to go full, wednesday to tuesday meal follow up and thoughts and feelings on those days. This is kinda a little preview of what is to come out of mine and Tilly's blogs in the near future.

Vital Statistics 

Height: 5"2
Weight: 132.75lb (9st 7lb) (60.2kg)
Waist: 29in (74cm)
Hips: 41in (104cm)
BMI: 24.3


Weight: 110lbs (7st 12) (49.9kg)
Waist: 24in (61cm)
Hips: 35in (89cm)
BMI: 20.1

I would like to lose more inches than I would weight, which means I need to start to add weight lifting to my workouts.

So lets begin guys, if you feel like joining in on the fun with me and Tilly add our myfitnesspal usernames, mine is njay12 and tilly's is tillykjohnson. I also upload the pictures to my instagram so if you wanna check that out too if you're not dieting but just wanna track how I'm doing my instagram is Kewteepye.


Friday was the day of determination for me, hoping that logging my daily intake into myfitnesspal would stave me off the biscuits, I was tempted mind you but seriously wanted to do this to get rid of the muffin top that was starting to form across my midriff, I'm not overweight at all but I do not feel comfortable being the heaviness I am at the height I am, friday was the best day for willpower for me and I credit that down to a large calorific breakfast.
I think that really helped me get through the day as it totally perked me up.
Mum lovingly helped with keeping the calories down for dinner and we totaled it up on our gadgets and then scoffed away. There was little hiccup, which was the sugar but I managed to keep under my calorie goal of 1,300 which is fair business to me.


Maybe it's time to: GET FIT


Image is everything these days, and nearly everything can be changed quickly to hair, skin tone, eyelash length. Even surgical procedures can change things really quick down to the size of our penises and titties.
Theres one thing that unless your happy with large scars from hip bone to hip bone, you can not do as quick as entering a medical theatre or popping a contact lens's in. That one thing is losing weight and having the perfect body.
Losing weight is a lengthy procedure, and only the morbidly obese can loose a lot, quickly, and that's because they have the weight to loose it. For us chubby Contessa's we have to change our lifestyles to get the dream body and the lifestyle transition can be hard to adjust to. I can't dish out tips Because that would be hypocritical of me, currently I am putting on more weight and just wanted to share with you some of the advice I've learnt throughout my life. I'm not a weight loss guru, I am currently trying to lose weight, if the things that I'm going to be doing, help you loose my weight in any way I would love to know.

1.Technology helps
Apps like Ocado and myfitnesspal really help with setting dietary goals. The myfitnesspal app is socially integrated also so you can add friends and share your goals, on the app also you can add workouts and exercises and really spurr your friends on. Ocado is a organic market places and offers every free range organically grown and produced things you would to get your hands on.
BBC Good food is great because it lets you cater search results for recipes below a certain amount of calories and you can the app for most mobiles and tablets. Amazing for when you have run out of simple but healthy ideas.

2. Snacks Galore
Biscuits have become my best friend, and the more I have them the more I want them, which is undoubtedly fattening, sob sob. So I've been looking at the graze boxes. As a race, us humans are mentally designed to consume as much food as we can, as it was always low in demand, but now because we have loads of food resources we are getting larger and larger because 200,000 years of evolution has taught us to forage and never get hungry, now we've channeled that to never feel not full. The graze boxes have taken out the work for you (much like the supermarket) and deliver snack boxes full of your choices for you to consume when it's delivered, it's worth investing in a weekly delivery rather than cramming in the biscuits.
Boxes retail for £3.89.

3.Exercise with music 
It's scientifically proven that music help the heart and mind feel "pumped" coupled with exercise, this gives the body a rush of adrenaline and exercise becomes a lot more easier. Adrenaline also helps the body release serotonin, the happy hormone, and exercise has been proven to help people with depression. It's good to know that if you're feeling a bit down in the dumps that going for a long walk might do your body and mind some good.

4.Don't feel embarrassed
Don't be scared of exercising because you're worried about what you'll look like, think about what you will look like afterwards when you have a sexy bod, and you can rock hotpants without your bum trying to eat them. Working out with a friend can also help you, as they are in the same boat, so if you look daft, they will too and you can have a good giggle about it together.

5.Your goal weight is not the finishing line.
When you think about your goal weight you need to look past that because once you have got there and achieved it you will give yourself free reign to do whatever you want and eat and drink whatever you want. If you think of your weight loss as the overall "finish line" you will quickly put it back on plus maybe more and get trapped in the world of yo-yo dieting, if you really want to create the body you have always dreamed of it needs to be a lifestyle changer and you need to look at it as a do or die kind of mentality. Obsession and drive is the key.

I've uploaded some of my favourite workouts on youtube and embedded them into this post so that if your wanting a serious contender to make you sweat and also have fun, watch the videos in an upcoming post.
If you want to join me in my get fit flight join me on MYFITNESSPAL add me on the app, or you can add me over the website itself. Leave me a comment darlings, I love to read your blogs when you leave a URL and its just so nice to feel interaction. Ta Ta


Battle of the Moisturiser (DOVE vs Soap and glory)


Hello lovely readers, it's that time again when I get crack-a-lackin with another comparison posts, these are my favourite type of posts and I have two already; A Ben Nye comparison and a Gel Manicure Polish comparison. They were mostly comparing the price but this post will cover more about the performance of the two products.

First of all lets compare the packaging, soap and glory have clearly hit their target market which is 14-30 women who have a witty demeanor, the wording on the packaging is deliciously clever, with cute little quips and smart coo's. Every item of soap and glory is pink and yellow accents or visa versa and since they dominated the shelves at boots they have become iconic. The branding with soap and glory is just magnificent especially as it gets to target audience.
Not being the totally opposite, the Dove packaging is more demure especially as the target audience is more towards the older woman, and this is emulated in the packaging. The font is less cursive compared to S&G and the logo is more clean and not crowded with other designs, with dove it simply is all about the product and the packaging clearly states that.


Natural Classic Henna Treatment Wax


Intense hair treatments can do wonders for your locks and they have so many ingredients ranging from vitamin E, Shea butter, argon oil, olive oil and last but not least henna. Lush do henna blocks that can dye your hair and give your locks a moisture surge, as it feels so nice after. Henna wax has always been a favourite of mine, since I had bright white blonde hair! 
Surprisingly my white hair was in great condition and people used to always ask me why I had escaped the frizzy perils of the peroxide, and my reply would always be "I condition it with henna wax", soon the place that I always bought my trusty bath time conditioning companion was sold out, I really should have kept my mouth shut.
Then travelling to university I couldn't find it, no way, no how.
It's just now I've been able to get my mitts on it, and I am brunette. My hair is in ok condition, it's not as healthy as it was when I was blonde, which is not the norm, and I don't straighten it as much as I did when was a commander of the bleach army.
A massive Tub of this stuff will last you over a quarter of a year

hair care

Hair Update (Colour Theory)


So I went to the salon to go darker, as I have been wanting to branch into the world of deep brunette for a long time, before my salon trip my hair was very toffee blonde, with my natural colour at the top (which is more of an ashy brown which made my hair look dip dyed). See picture below. I wanted to go a much deeper brown with very little red tone, as I have been red and even though it was a fantastic colour it was more veering towards ashy plum red than true red and because my skin tone is quite yellow, I didn't wanna go to a colour that would wash me out.

Colour theory is a doddle to me, when I was at secondary (high) school I could always match a colour to the  picture even if I only had reds, blues, and yellows. I did come out with a GCSE in art of a C, which is surprising as I only actually managed to complete ONE piece of coursework. I remember my teacher saying "Natalie, you have the talent, you can visually represent anything in an aesthetic way, but girl, you are REALLY layyy-zeeee". That quote has stuck with me forever. Teachers are they best aren't they?

Colour theory is needed in many different things, including Make-up AND hair. Makeup Artists and Hairdressers need a vast understanding of colour theory to know what will and what won't work with your skintone. There is also flat colours, such as your black and white, white hair is VERY hard to achieve, as your cancelling out all the colours with its opposite, and then lightning and lightning till there is no colour left.
If you make your hair white, DO. NOT. DO. IT. ALL. AT. ONCE. Especially if you have very dark hair.

This is my theory with hair
 All redheads, look great any colour as long as they are warm toned colours. 
Blondes who have golden tans look great with warmer hair (Golden, Cherry, Mahoganny, RedBlack)
Olive skinned honey's look better if they have dark honey blondes than light ashy blonde.
Yellow based black women look GREAT with red hair. Think Rihanna.
Cool skin tones look better with ashy colours, too much warmth can make them look a tad "dead".
This hair was in desperate need of TLC as the ends were knackered and can you see the ridge of lighter colour through the middle, thats where I had had it last highlighted some 9 months before. This band of bleached hair was problematic after the colour had been placed on. I went red in december 2012, then in january 2013 I went darker and its washed out as you can see, the regrowth of my roots is 6 months and its a lot of hair.


OmShe Body Wash & Natures Partners Soap Review


Bath Time Goodies

TkMaxx is heaven for affordable luxury, I popped into my local boutique TkMaxx in Meadowhall while out shopping with a friend and saw these on the beauty and bath section. I needed to buy me and my mum some more body wash as we had gone through the Elemis bath and body that she had gotten with a set, and I replenished our bathroom stock by getting these two bargains.
Moisturising Lavender Soap and White tea and Bergamont Bodywash
Like OmShe says on the Tin, no parabens or sulfates.
Om She Ingredients
Water, Glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine,triethanolamine, carbomer, polysorbate 20, fragrance (hexyl cinnam-aldehyde, d-Limonene, linalool, citronellol), Xanthan gum, EDTA, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, mangifera indica (mango) extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, rosa eglanteria (rosehip) seed oil, echinacea purpurea.
OmShe Body wash retails for around $21 australian dollars a bottle which equates to £12.50 thereabouts, so I was really gobsmacked that when I looked at the receipt and I had nabbed it for £7.99 thats a 3rd off.
Some of the ingredients are really interesting.
Hexyl cinnam-aldehyde is found in camomile extract oil as a perfume additive.
Methylchloroisothiazolinone, is a antifungal preservative that fights yeast and fungi. This means its great for washing your lady parts without the worry that the perfume additives might give you an infection.
Cocamidopropyl betaine is derived from coconut oil, its a surfactant so it makes the consistency soft and less of a harsh divide between each ingredient. Therefore this product is like EGG of cake, the emulsifier.
Echinacea purpurea is a temperature regulator, I know this from experience because on a holiday to greece my mum had to get some echinacea (eck-in-ay-sha) from a local chemist to help her when she got sunstroke.

Natures Partners Ingredients
Sodium Palmate and palm kernelate, purified water, glycerin, fragrance, shea butter, sodium chloride, pentasodium pentetate.

I've been having difficulty tracking down the website for these guys but they sell on eBay for around $16 in American Dollars so that is around £10 so when I looked at my receipt and I managed to get it for only £3.99 I was WOWED. Promising to buy all my bath stuff from TkMaxx from now on. The ingredients are good for their moisturising properties and for their foaming as they carry sulphates (salt).
I like both products, the body wash is more like a lotion as it doesn't foam as much due to the lack of sulphates, the smell however is amazing and stays on your skin for ages, the same can be said for the soap, I wash my synthetic brushes with this, and when I'm stroking them with product on my face the next day I can smell the lavender still which is such a calming content smell (it reminds me of newborn baby smell) and use it on my decleotage to get the perfumey bosom smell.
Have you bought any bargains from Tk Maxx and loved them, or bought something that didn't agree with you at all, If so leave a comment in the comments box. Thank you for reading guys and I hope you have a nice week. 


Real Techniques Limited Edition Review


The Limited edition set.

So as promised I'm reviewing the real techniques limited edition for you guys as since buying I've used them everyday and have a good idea about the performance delivered with these brushes.
The key element to these brushes is LAYERING, as they are synthetic duo fibre they don't pick up a great deal of product like the others that Sam has launched and therefore less blending needs to be done but you will need to be dipping then applying, dipping then applying.
This ensures for a longer lasting finish, because if you have only one layer on, then as soon as that layer battles the wind and earthly forces your soon gonna be left with a blotchy face. More layers are insured staying power. 
To put in lay and terms its like just wearing a jacket/coat, once your jacket/coat has been worn away your naked, but if you have 5 jacket/coats on your gonna be "covered".
These brushes teach you that a soft but frequent hand makes for a fairer face.

It's beautiful packaged with the clear and modern design on the front, and on the reverse Sam's face with all the information on intended use for each brush. The only thing I would note is that these little beauties didn't come with a stand like the core collection and therefore I must make myself a makeshift brush holder just for these three. They are gonna look a little out of place as I'd love to make them all stand together, if I find a solution to my storage dilemma I will update you all.
The box that holds it all is the fantastic sturdy plastic, and the brushes are in white which marks them look very neat and tidy. I do like RT's pink, orange and blue and they have carried this on with the writing along the shaft of the brush barrel.
I'm under the impression that blue is for eyes, pink is for cheeks and orange is face. It's like the tarttiest umpa lumps EVER, but still 10/10 for coding effort.
The rubber safeguards are there still for no little slip ups, the bottom rubber section goes in the curve at the base of my hand where the bottom of my palm meets my wrist and stays there unless I move up and down to gage the intensity of the application, I don't know whether Sam intended this bit of rubber for this purpose but I like it and it makes for no slip ups.
 photo SDC11074_zps4ac515c4.jpg
Excuse the horrible chipped nail varnish. An example of the NO-SLIP rubber.
This brush is similar to the MAC 286 but more sparse, and I have used it for ultra dark colours on my crease when I've had a bold crease but a neutral lid and it blends like a dream. Honestly it is whoa, I have never received this much blending power from my MAC 217 as all the bristles are as long and as dense taps each other. Just the tip of the brush is needed for the application and then press it more in the skin and sweep and blend it through the socket and its a prefect graduated cut crease.
The only downside of this brush is that it's a bit scratchy on the tip, it might just be mine, but you have experienced this as well I'd love for you to tell me in the comments.
 photo SDC11081_zpsebc23c84.jpg  photo SDC11082_zps8f9889cc.jpg  photo SDC11083_zpsd902c2fb.jpg  photo SDC11085_zpsf38fce25.jpg

I actually prefer the brush that came in the core collection than this brush, especially for contour but this brush has an amazing secondary use that I hope you lot of thought of, it is fantastic at buffing in foundation when you want a really sheer coverage. I use it to go over any lines in my foundation when I have applied it with my fingers. The buffing brush is so dense that it kind of soaks up the product and this doesn't do that.
 photo SDC11089_zps85a05a26.jpg  photo SDC11093_zps595d2e99.jpg  photo SDC11096_zps94fecc53.jpg

HD powder is the best thing ever invented with this brush, I tap this brush into my loose setting powder and tap off the excess into the lid and apply, its suddenly matt and it is so soft, this is also great with the cult beauty item "stay matt"by Rimmel. The shape of this brush is really intesting as its wide but thin at the sides. This is the softest feel to the face it is like hugging a fluffy rabbit.

How to clean
As these brushes are duo fibre, using shampoo would be good but not the preferred method as that is preferred with real haired brushes. With these it would be more beneficial to clean with face wash with conditioning properties so it doesn't dry out the brustiles. 
Clearasil would work fine, you don't need anything too expensive.

All in all I like these brushes and really happy I bought them, they retail for £23 so for each brush works out at £7.50/£8,which is really cheap and fantastic value. 
MAC do a duo fibre synthetic set also but they are more expensive, I couldn't comment moment on the quality because I have none of the MAC duo fibre but price wise the comparison is breath taking.

Thank you for reading guys, I'd love it if you could comment, telling me what you think of the post or the brushes themselves. Don't forget to follow me on GFC or Bloglovin'.

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