How To Save Money At University


Starting university from a job, you will see a significant drop in your monthly in-goings as you usually would, so I've prepared a couple of tips for you, to make sure you aren't penniless and without the basic living essentials. This post doesn't consider food, it just discusses toiletries so if your bank is at £0 and you're desperate for some nosh, ask momma dearest to send you an Asda/Tesco delivery. 
Hopefully these tips will help you to make sure that you do not have to ask/borrow from your friends.

1.750ml and 1lt bottles of shampoo are your best friend.
You can get nearly any
 bottle of quality shampoo in salon size on Amazon or Sallys, considering that a good brand of 250ml shampoo can cost between £10-20, getting the larger size not only lasts longer but is better economy. I have L'oreal Mythic Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for £50 with p&p and it has already lasted me a term (3/4 months) and I'm not even half way through it. It will last me into next term and I will be able to take it home. if i were to buy the Shampoo and Conditioner's alone it would equate to £90.
Shampoo @ £14.99 x 3 =    £45
Conditioner @ £14.99 x 3 = £45
I've saved myself a £40 off the next loan I get in April because I will not have to buy any more and I can put this money to the next bottles I get. 

2.Clinque's Three Little Soaps Last Forever.
I've had mine since last summer and I'm still on the first one... Just saying. Buy these at £21 and do not buy another face wash for the rest of the year.

3. Take Advantage of Boots 3-4-2.
If you are a fan of your foundation, and you wear it every day then this is why you should buy some in advance. Instead of going when you need it, keep the other two in a cool area (so it doesn't oxidise) until you need them. There is really no point in being suckered into Boot's offers when you only need 1 foundation if you buy them before hand.

4.Share make-up with friends.
If you have house mates and friends who aren't likely to steal from you (god forbid we have all been there) then this is perfect for exchanging makeup. If you have gone a little "do-lally" on the boots spree -hopefully not if you took the latter advise- you buy stuff that really doesn't suit you. Swap it for something a friend has but loathes, you both off load the ghastly stuff that doesn't agree with you and you both find something you might like. Win win. If some of you own a palette, some palettes have the colours that others don't, palette collaboration is the best type of colab. 
However do not share eye liner or mascara because conjunctivitis spreads and foundation sharing is pointless because your friends will be different skin tones.

5.Vintage fairs are hidden gems when you need "new" clothes.
Yes I know it is not technically "new" but it is new to you. Some vintage fairs don't charge by the item but in fact the kilo. Beware of those chunky knits and heavy denim, you don't get many of those to the pound. If you are a dab hand at the sewing, you can quite happily make something out of the material you garner from the clothes.

6.Quit smoking.
My house mate used to smoke nearly all the time, now she probably has a ten pack at the weekend! She would say that she has saved around £20 a week, that is £20 a week you can spend on food, because food is the most important recourse at university.

7.Dye your own hair.
I am NOT a fan of the box hair dye's, therefore if you can network or you know a hairdresser on a personal basis, you can buy a tube of colour from a trade site at trade prices. Alternatively you can buy it on Amazon but it will be more expensive. Couple it with some developer and you have fully fledged hair dye that will last you more than two applications. That is 8 weeks worth of roots, GONE!!! The same can be done with bleach and developer. I get the 40volume/12% and dilute it down with shampoo when I need a slower lifting time. Blue powdered bleach and cream developer cost me around £25 which is far cheaper than a visit to the hairdressers. 

8.Do your washing at home.
Laundromats are hella expensive, do your washing either at your student house, or take it home for momma to kindly do. If you do not have a washing machine in your student house, try to not wash at an expensive laundromat, or speak to someone on your course whether you can use theirs, as long as you pay towards the bill i should think they wouldn't mind. Other students are the first ones to understand the perils of skintness.

I hope you find these tips good to save you money for the rest of the up coming years of your university education. Try not to spend to much money


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