What is a REAL women.


If your a women, pinch yourself, did it hurt, well yep your real.
It doesn't matter if you can fit into your size 18's or 2's so this notion that real women have curves is a totally invalid point in natural selection.
This skinny-shaming movement was actually cooked up by a bunch of confused women who latched on ideas of feminism and totally took the ideology of equality and diversity the wrong way.
Now I would say I am a feminist, however i want a nose job and a boob job, don't call me a hypocrite because I'm not, the reason I'm a feminist is for equality, for the same rates of pay, to smash the glass ceiling, to get women into CEO positions and presidents and have the same equality in monetary values as men.
That doesn't not mean, I don't shave my legs, enjoy sex in only dominant positions (excuse the grafics) and want to marry a woman shave my hair and spit at any man that wolf whistles at me.
I loved big out of sex and the city, I shave my legs, I enjoy sex, I would like 5 children to a 7ft fireman, but I still want the same amount of money for doing the same work as a man would get.


Start As I Mean To Go On


So about a month ago, on the 17th of November I had a bit of an anxiety attack.
I had my first assignment in, the next day at 12pm and I needed 1000 more words out of a 1,500 report, I was on the phone to my mum telling her how much I hated the bureaucracy of university and the elitism behind relating studies and was really considering quitting, becoming a jobless idiot and sponging on a hateful Britain.
My main arguements to my mum were
  • Who the fuck is giving me a grade anyway? The government, the same government I want to change, was i milking it (especially at nine grand per year tuition fee) to then stab my country in its back and change the status quo.
  • Are the government fucking me over, they determine who gets the best grades and the best jobs and then we are forced to pay education back. Studying and university libraries should be free to all. 
  • If they are, I'm gonna be drowning in taxes by the time i get a secure and well paid job (over £50,000) all my hard work in university will be pissed away back to the government that i had to pay to get the education in the first place.
My conclusion was, I was gonna live in a tree and live off the land, declare myself dead and pay no taxes.
My mum persuaded me to SHUT THE FUCK UP, PULL MYSELF TOGETHER, and do my essay, to which my reply was, yeah but if I get a crap grade I was gonna quit University and set up the tanning business I had planned (I'm a perfectionist, and therefore I see anything below a 60% as a shit effort and a crap grade, as 60% is 10% away from a 1st class honours, I was aiming high for one nights worth of work).

anne summers

What Miley Cyrus's Relationship Taught me About Sex and Women


Ooooh Showing BRA, how naughty.

Lets look back on a string of events that define this epic car crash of a relationship and the defining of a young sex symbol in todays society.

Hannah Montana, Miley's Disney alias, sweet, virginal a bit of a tomboy and ultimate daddies girl, suddenly grows tits and a vagina, creates a couple of songs that urge her more and more to the edge of the sex pool, these include "party in the the USA" and "who owns my heart" and of course the ever suggestive "can't be tamed" until suddenly she dives in, twerking her tiny butt in white lycra to some saucy beats and reference to drugs "dancing with molly" with her popular hit "We Can't Stop".

The star is now truly SEXUALISED and guess what, her boyfriend does NOT like it.
The relationship has never been solid, but they were engaged, and in the UK asking someone to marry you is a massive step, you simply don't do it, unless you see that girl pregnant with 10 of your children, and you fighting grown bears to protect her and your herd.

Liam Hemsworth's move utterly shocked me. For decades we hear complaints and complaints against women's sexuality or lack of it, and as soon as its unleashed this idiot runs away with his tail between his legs because she shakes her ass on an a beetlejuice looking robin thicke.

I'm now starting to think that maybe years and years of conformities and society conventions were put in place to oppress womens sexuality and desires, E L James and Mills and Boon can't be incorrect when their record number of sales has shown women do want sex as much as men, maybe even more and in more adventurous ways.
Whats gonna happen if our men keep running away like scared little imp such as master hemworth?
Anne Summers is gonna make hefty profit.


Relinquish control, why its brilliant.


What: Reading a feature in the New Statesman about creativity, popularity and pornography and why great art always involves loosing control.
Where: In my student bedroom
When: 13:11 tuesday afternoon
Why: I felt like it.

I think conservatism is quite a damaging mental health condition.... The most brilliant people are often the most difficult, because they try and talk themselves out of this the whole time. - Grayson Perry 

We live in a social environment now, where logic is given more importance than emotion, control of mind over freedom of thought and analysis over acceptance . There is a lot of controlling aspects about life that is thrust upon us by consumerism and advertisement and the dominant ideal is becoming to include, controlling every aspect of our existence.

Women are now wanting to be a certain way, by what is the popular, no room for individuality, young, smart, sexy and unique, but how can she be unique when she tries so hard to be all the other things. This also spills into family life, while she wants to be a good mother (as what the daily mail subscribes with their pills of popularist information) she also wants everything in control, this is why Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is a ritualistic disease, that controls the irrational beliefs of chaos by forcing the subjective to certain patterns of behaviour, is on the rise for new mothers.
Also anorexia is another controlling disease that grips women into restricting food in order to control irrational beliefs of chaos if they don't.

I've always been described as difficult, and awkward and this quote really made me smile, because I thought it was due to me not having a full grasp on my life, but the way perry puts it resonated a huge sence of comforting. 
The reason I am not in control of every aspect of my life is because I let it be free, and I'm not afraid of it not being totally controlled (especially not now after reading this article) means I might be a tad brilliant. 
Thank you Grayson Perry for making me feel exotically free with your beliefs. 


Dreams: Working in america over the summer (BUNAC)


So in my last post I told you how this blog will be having a bit of a spin of genre, and instead of focusing totally on beauty and secondary lifestyle it will be mostly lifestyle with the teeniest bit of beauty incorporated into it. I've noticed a lot of bloggers are becoming consumer journalist's and I don't wanna work for a company free without any perks of the job. I'm not a beautician but I do have a killer attitude to life: "do what makes you happy, fuck everything else".
I mean that in the best healthiest option, if what makes you happy causes your liver to rot because you only find happiness in a wine bottle then I don't condone that, but if travelling the world makes you happy then your my kinda person and I celebrate your life.

Speaking of travelling the world, I have signed up to a programme called WORK AMERICA with BUNAC, which works closely with the american embassy to allow explorers from around the globe (like myself) experience american and also earn money while they're out there.
Additionally to WORK AMERICA, there is WORK AUSTRALIA, and conservation work that you can do in asian countries like NEPAL and SINGAPORE, so if your an animal lover, an environmental ambassador or just wanna get your steak and ribs on, there is something for everyone.
There's a catch though, you must be a student, there is other companies like this that cater for none students, but it looks fantastic for your graduate placement, because if your open to travelling (especially for those who degree's are internationally needed) you could find yourself living in another country and having a life rival to kanye's and kims.

Click the picture to be taken to the website, they have a lot more to offer than whats mentioned above. 
To start the process you have to pay a deposit of £100, i've already done this which means my BUNAC ball is rolling.

Really excited

de montfort

Horse Riding Lesson (friday 11th oct)


On friday I got up promptly and put my jeans in my workout bag, and my pumps as I wanted to change into these after the lesson had finished, one of the equestrian girls told me that riding in jeans was super uncomfortable so I put on a pair of tights and a pair of leggings on over the top so I would be warm.
I also wore a blue jumper with a sports bra and tank top on underneath, I knew we would be rinding in a barn so warmth was key here.
I walked to the meeting point (the university local pub) and then got in Jenny's car. (Jenny had organised the lesson a week ago after conversing over facebook), I was in the front and there were too other girls in the back, we all got talking and when we got to the stables we paid our £20 for the lesson and then proceeded to the barn where we met our horses and got to grips with the saddle, the boots and the helmets.

When we got in the barn, we mounted our horses, I needed the stool because preston was so tall and I'm only 5"2, once I got on him I had to adjust my legs in to the stirrups because one side was longer than the other. We were then all walked around to the outer edge of the barn all in a line.

My horse was called preston,  a 7 year old stallion of chestnut colour with a blob of white tuft in between his eyes, in a diamond shape, ( I will get a picture next time) and he such a good temperament, in fact he was quite lazy, I was second in the line of our four person school, and the horse in front of me was called breeze, and everytime breeze went preston wanted to go.

First we were lined up and we just walked around and learned how to steer the horse and keep them as close to the outside as possible, the instructor told us to keep our heels down as this way we can kick easier into the side of the horse to make him go faster. Preston would not do this, every time I tried to make him go faster he would not so the instructor had to run with us while preston trotted.

I trotted!
At first it was hard to raise my bum up off the saddle to his rhythm, but the second time was much better where I was doing it on the straight of the barn but round the corners were much harder, then the third time I mastered it all around the barn, the instructor said I had come on leaps and bounds, (what a pun) to which I replied I was a fast learner.
My first ever time on a horse and I did a rising trot, especially proud of myself. Up and down with my heels down every time the weight of the horse shifted on to his oposing legs, there is a way that you can stay still on the horse while it is trotting but this bashes your groin, this is what they do in dressage and it really hurts you, you have to have a very strong stomach for it.

I've put a little video so you can see what a rising trot is, I can tell that that horse has a wide stomach because she doesn't rise that far from the saddle, her knees need more bend in them.

Can you see the way the heels are curved down
When her legs are straight she will be able to stand, perfect bend in the leg.
My next lesson is on thursday 17th of october and already I'm really excited for it. I wish I had had the money to do this when I was younger, and when I have children they will be riding horses. I will keep you updated on my progress and how its going.


M.I.A and Updates


Blogger in her natural habitat at 8pm on a saturday night, making homemade soap wrapped in a duvet.

I saw this picture last night and it kinda sums up how my life was in the midst of blogging, lonely. To some degree I was doing it to fill some time up and take my mind of the fact that my friends hardly wanted to spend anytime with me and that I even though everyone knew my number I wasn't getting a "hey, how are u?" text just to talk.
It seems to me that the "blogger" status has some very negative connotation of a vain loner who cares more about her makeup than her friends and wants to be more a internet sensation, than a well liked and social person. Its also a competative medium, which one blogger in particular used her "louis vitton" bag in every photo to get more SEO brownie points. 

So what I'm tryna say is, I've been missing in action because I'd rather live my life than write about makeup and MAC's new collection because even though they are great and I love their 90's drag queen throwback, I wanna write about what is important to me.
Not get search links for a company that won't even know me personally.

Now for the stuff I want you to know

I have just started my second year at university and I am eagerly awaiting my first assignment honestly, its quite exciting to be a geek. I've moved into my new massive student house with my course friend aridja and her friend nimo, I have aquired the attic room, which is delicious and has its own stairs to the kitchen.
In regards of university I have picked my specialist subjects and I'm really interested in getting to know about PR and the business of magazines. I've also joined the rowing club and the equestrian (horse riding) club and should be having my first riding lesson very soon. The equestrian club have also promised to teach me on basic horse care, which im really eager about. 
In addition to this i've also joined a programme called BUNAC which will find me a job in america for the summer and get me a working visa for 4 months, I'm finally doing what I've been scared to do, and maybe i've hid behind beauty blogging to make my options a more "stay at home, work at home" bolt. 
After university I've been wanting to go into the Royal Air Force to do something with either pilot or public relations, not something that is usually female, but femininity is not your job, its your vibe.

I'm gonna be writing about that.

Thanks for all you that have stuck by me, in my time of blogger drought, but if you still stick with me I will hopefully inspire you to put the makeup brush down, stop focusing on how you look and focus on something that means something to you.


Picture Party Perfect (save whilst being social)


So its that time of year again where nearly all of your friends have their birthdays and there's events popping all over the place, you search in your wardrobe to see what to wear and notice that the last set of Facebook photos you had, you had the dress on your planning to wear. Being a bit of a dress snob like I am I never like people to see me in the same dress over two months (that's if I was out every weekend) so usually I am one to buy a new dress every time I go out, however this can be mega expensive if nearly every weekend is party time.
There are loads of stores out there that do cheap yet amazing (quantity can affect quality) dresses that can be worn once then left for a while until everyone has forgotten about them.

BooHoo is the on the edgier side of brands, they have a glamourous selection but its casual glamour, which is great if the event is just an evening out with cocktails at the local bar/lounge or meeting up with the boyfriend and his family
Leah Flared Swing Dip Hem Aztec Dip Hem DressMila Zebra Print Strappy Cross Back Swing Dress

Misguided is a bit more on the glamorous side, and with misguided fashion you can easily rival the style of the TOWIE or Geordie Shore girls. Misguided fashions are more for a full night out in a northern city like Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool or Newcastle, with the correct accessories, the dress can definitely have "pulling power".

Etto stands for each to their own and the founder Alexander Christopher is from my home town, the style is very edgy, its much more desperate scousewives meets the L word and if your a lover of moshino, all saints, and vivviene westwood's red collection you are sure to love their style. Its more on the pricier side than the other brands mentioned but because there designs are so unique its easier to get away with cheaper jewellry and cheaper shoes.
One Shoulder Dress - Dark Grey DenimesqueRoman Goddess Dress - Black


Ebay has some cracking bargain finds with chokers and bracelets for as little as 99p, its not hard to find some tin to tide you over your party season, and its not important that its not real gold or silver as costume jewelry has stepped forward in terms of fashion in recent years and left its finer counterparts in the back waiting for a special occasion (wedding, christening, engagement party).
Vintage stores
Every city has one and now towns are riding the vintage train, if you handy with a pair of pliers and you can get to a hobbycraft there's no need to splash major cash on something delicate when someone could be wishing to part with theirs. If it has a broken clasp, this is great opportunity to haggle and your wrists could be draped with finery for a fraction of a tiffany or a pandora.
Second hand Shops
Oxfam or British Heart Foundation is a treasure trove of someones trash or your treasure depending on your viewpoint, get rumaging, you might find the genies lamp in there if you willing to put your hareems on!

Well these are my tips darlings to be a savvy shopper with dress snobbery if your schedule is party poppin', no need to get financial aid for your social forthcoming's, all you have to do is go cheaper on the dress and amp up the jewelry volume. Think basic bodies and limb bling. 


Workouts and Weightloss Wednesday Ft Tilly WK 4


Sorry about my tardiness with this post last week, as #wwwednesday happened Thursday, but I am back on, last week I had mentioned that I had been to the gym with a male friend of mine and I urged Tilly to do the same, so I am so intrigued to figure out how she did!
I loved the gym time, but what I hated/loved was the soreness that it brought, after the first two days the pain of straightening my right arm was unbearably painful, after the pain subsided, my arms felt like they could lift anything, super strong and easy.

Lets fill you in on how my week of food has gone!

My appetite has practically diminished and since my last weigh in I am now 124.lb which is a loss of 8lbs which is half a stone, I feel lighter, I also feel a tad sexier, but that may be due to a new love interest that has entered my life, or he may have entrered it because I'm feeling sexier, its a catch 22 argument. 
Thank you for following along, and sorry for the late upload, I've had so many things on my mind at the moment and I'm studying for an exam so bare with me. Ta Ta.


Pink/Black Drama CutCrease


this is mainly gonna be a picture only post with a few directions at the bottom, if you want me to do a video, share it on google+ if I get loads of shares I will upload a video for you guys.

What was makeup invented for if not to have fun ~ Kewteepye





Excuse my messy bedroom, I have makeup all around me, I am wearing no lipstick just tones of eye makeup and some pink blush. If you would like me to do a tutorial on youtube Share on Google+ so I can see how many people + it and I will do a video if you want. Comment if you like the look and suggest me some other colours to try because I am overly obsessed with pink at the moment. Ta Ta


CrownBrush Unboxing & Review


CrownBrush is a colour company that specialise in pigment, previous to their cosmetic experience they have background in paint for both house/interior/ exterior and art, which is why they are fantastic when it comes to colour theory, colour shades and obviously brushes. I made a purchase from them and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the goods.
Heres a video on my initial thoughts of unboxing and first thoughs so you can see the reaction on my face when opening up the parcels.

What I recieved in my package was:
Professional 78 Palette
C405 contour
Dome Shadow Brush
C160 1/8 Angle
C409 Angle
C124 Firm Shadow

Delivery Time 
In the video I mentioned that I ordered on friday, and when I got home the saturday night as I work over the weekend I have a "oops we missed you" card on the doormat waiting for me, which in my eyes I though that is fantastic, as soon as I could get on the computer again which was sunday night I rearranged my delivery for wednesday and it came at 10/11am which was nice because I didn't have an obnoxious post man waking me by coming really early. The delivery was signed for as well which gives you that insurance that when you get it, its yours, and if it does go missing you can work out who has got it.
10/10 for Delivery

In the video I also mentioned how immaculately wrapped it is, its so secure I did have difficulty getting into box two. 

Overall thoughts
Loved everything I bought, I have tried the contour brush since making the video, and have to say its so soft and great a picking up the colour, the firm shadow brush too is good as it has a point on the end of precise application of colour.

Thank you very much for reading guys, if you watched the video and liked it please leave a comment either on the YT page or this post, you can follow me on BlogLovin, GFC or Google+. Ta Ta Darlings.


Workouts and Weightloss Wednesday Ft Tilly WK 3


This week has been up and down, because there has been days that have gone over and days that I've simply been uninterested by food, take Tuesday for example, I had had only a BLT for breakfast, and then was at the gym from 5 till 9pm and didn't get home till 10:30, although I was planning to eat the dinner my mum had saved for me, I slept at my grandma's and realised the next day I had hardly eaten anything.

I did a workout with my best boy mate, on Tuesday and really really pushed ourselves, we knew counting and struggling in front of each other would break the embarrassment down and soon enough we had done over 10 reps of weights. Weights are my most favourite exercise, the kind of "grrrr" feeling you get when you've pushed your last rep out, and you could collapse, is great. It's invigorating.

After the workout, I have felt some enormous pain my right arm, all over my bicep, so it's really difficult to manoover everyday, when your doing weights above what you typically can lift, you need someone to watch your movement to make sure you don't hurt yourself, I don't think it was my form that was off, I think it was down to the fact that I was lifting weights I have never been able to before simple because of the sheer determination that my friend would catch it if I lost the load.
I would recommend going to the gym with a boyfriend or just male mate, because they know what they are doing and can catch the weight.

Last week I was 131 lbs I'm now 128lbs which is a loss of 3lb's which is a nice weight loss, I'm happy, all together I'm looking at 3.5/4lbs Weight loss, I'm not putting my working out as a contributing factor because I have pulled some muscles and I'm so stiff that that must add weight on because the muscles become hard when sore. 
Hopefully when my muscles calm down and they start burning fat I will start seeing an improvement both on the scales and the shape of my upper body in the mirror.

Thank you very much for reading, the encouragement that I got last week really helped me and reading Tilly's experience also really spurs me on, if you wanna join in on the experience tweet your post with the has tag #wwednesday, tweet me @kewteepye, follow me on BlogLovin and GFC. Ta ta.


Cosmetic Surgery Journey (Part Deux)


This has been a long time coming, and since actually having the guts to write about my decision to have rhinoplasty in my last Cosmetic Surgery Post I received some great comments that basically restored my faith that what I was considering was the best thing. The best thing for me.
Today (29th July 2013, if you're reading this later) I went to leeds to have a consultation, so I'm gonna talk you step by step how my day has been, right down to the magazines in the waiting room to the colour of the nurses jacket.

9:20 Woke up after a massive 11 hour sleep, I must have needed it because as soon as I laid down I was GONE. I dreamt oddly of being made to look like a comic-con character with some old school peers, wearing a bright blonde wig and a black dress. (You will realise the irony of this later)

11:20 I got on the bus to sheffield city centre to get the train to leeds

11:55 Got on the train to leeds

12:45 Arrived at Leeds the meanwhile my phone had lost battery on the train journey so I couldn't use GPRS on it to find my consultation address, this meant I had to go to the Tourist information centre and ask the lady behind the counter to google it and then draw it on a printed map. This HAD to be the most uncomfortable experience of my life as I had to explain the nature of Harley Medicals Business, when I uttered "cosmetic surgery" she looked at me like I'd just shat on her grandson.

1.30 After following the treasure map to find the city of chopped noses, I stood outside what I thought was the Harley Medical and pressed the buzzer repeatedly for 10 minutes, then walked down the road in a "how-dare-they-be-so-rude" mood and found the actual place, in which I chuckled to myself for being so dim.

1:45 Filled out a medical questionnaire, and one of the questions were have you ever had a ECG, which is a heart monitor, which I though was a brain scanner, so I ticked yes. Saw that there was a TOP GEAR magazine on the table which meant to me that Cosmetic surgery is not all feminine.

2:00 Met the nurse and she took me the consultation room, she was wearing a black dress, and had BRIGHT BLONDE HAIR. (Can you see the irony), she also wore a pink blazer, and I noticed that even though she was a plus sized girl she was absolutely stunning.

The Consultation

The procedure of rhinoplasty is more complicated that just scraping off the hump, I learned that they have to shave down the sides of the nose to make a steep "hill" then they flatten that hill, so it looks like a parallelogram and not a triangle, then they shave the sides off again to get the triangle back, just without the height and humps that it had previously.
This really opened my eyes to how uniform the nose can be made because you're working on each side simultaneously, then once the shape is achieved the nose is rotated to fit in line with the centre of the face.
I also talked to her about my tip, and the depth of the nose, and she assured me, having gone through the same procedure herself that they can modify every single angle of the nose shape.

I was then told the price and was FLOORED by how all the things I needed covering and extra revisions if need be would cost me. I was pleasantly surprised that a tip re-shape, a narrowing, a straightening and a hump flattener would only be £4,220!!! AMAZING. Thats including the £500 deposit.
I cannot wait to pay the £500 and as soon as I have those funds available the date will be booked.

The length of recovery
I learnt that the post-operational check ups can last upto a year, this gave me the greatest sense of satisfaction, because they're quick fixes out there that chop you to bits and never see you again after 4/12 weeks. Harley Street Medical can take care of any problems post operation upto 12 months, as it takes over 9 months for swelling inside your nose to totally go, plus if an individual requires an extra surgery to make it even smaller due to a very large nose they do that too, FREE. This is looked at after 12 months due to the swelling needed to go before any more surgical procedures are considered. I was ensured that this would not be needed for me because although my nose is (to my eyes) big, it isn't big enough that I would need two surgeries to get what I would like.

Patient Cooperation
The nurse never mentioned that the patient should do this OR ELSE but it is desired that all the instructional advice given after surgery should be done. Just to get the best possible outcome, and when I am advised something about the outcome that my face will benefit from I am gonna do it, especially as I have been hating my nose since I was a teenager.

Thank you so much for reading, if you are considering surgery yourself for confidence reasons, or have had a nose job I would love to talk to you about it, you can follow me on Twitter, Google+, and Bloglovin. Ta Ta.


Magaluf Weekender Makeup (PINK SMOKEY EYE)


Lately I've become a real fan of pink, pink lips, pink cheeks, pink curtains why not have pink eyes as well.
This is definitely not a day time look, i would not recommend going to the shop to pick up a pint of milk, with this look sainsburys is out of the question, however there are places where it is welcomed, celebrated and enjoyed.
Magaluf and other raving islands would cherish this look as it it definitely a party look.

So pull out the pink shimmer and the black shimmer and your lashes. I never wear lashes in videos, my eyelashes are really long anyway, so to add lashes, they would have to be ridiculously long so they would scare some people who are falsie virgins.


I hope you enjoy the video and if you attempt this look I would love for you to leave me a video response, or comment on this post or the video on YT, I would also really like for you to follow me on GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin. Ta Ta.

get fit

Workouts & Weight Loss Wednesdays ft Tilly (WK 2)


Its that time of week again when you get to read the lovely musings of our slimming stomachs on mine and tilly's blogs, this will be a full week, from wednesday to tuesday, so you get to see what we're doing and how much weight we have lost from week to week. As always I will be putting in my weight and measurements so you can see what I'm working with and also my goals and I'll also be including my weigh in per week from now, its a bit defeatist to constantly weigh yourself and measure yourself so this way you can see a true representation of how my body is transforming over the weeks to come.

Diet Diary


Had a really chilled out day, my dad finally went, and hes like a headless chicken so he really wears you out (i think I inherited my adhd from him), he left wednesday morning so wednesday was really relaxing and chilled out day. I didn't feel any illness and I had as much energy as I wanted to exert.


I cooked today and made everyone in our house a big chicken and bacon salad with loads of ingredients and homemade honey and mustard dressing and I assure you it was delicious, I ate it in faster time than it took me to prepare. I'm going to be taking over the cooking in our house more. It made me excited for when me and a friend from uni live together because then I can be the house cook.


Payday Wishlist


So its that time of month again when I start to spend my wage in my head, pay day is on the 26th July so I've not that long till I get my greasy mitts on my monthly pay. Last month, I literally spent it all within two days of getting it and then couldn't do anything for the rest of the month in terms of going out or spending time with my friends, so this time I'm gonna be a little cautious on what I'll be spending it on, and make some wiser decisions.
I passed the preparatory period at work, with means I'm permanent now, if you're not experienced on what working is like, either for british people or if your under 18, you have a three month period, that includes training and doing the job to prove that you can do it, if you do not meet the requirements for the role they either extend your probation or sack you. If you meet the requirements they have to hire you, even if they don't have the money to accommodate your wage.
I have officially passed mine but the probation period doesn't end till 27th and from then I can put in overtime, which means darlings that maybe these payday wishlist and haul posts might be a bit more elaborate.

Lets start with the things I must pay
Rent / Board
My mum charge's me £50 per week to live at home for the summer, and we have worked it out pro rata, so even on 4 week months and 5 week months I am always going to be giving her the same.
Phone Bill
What's great about this is I'm with the company for my phone that I work for, so after the two weeks I have left of preparatory period (even though I passed) I can apply for staff discount which is like 30%, I have a pretty amazing deal anyway so that will be a bit more money in my back pocket for working with a great company.
Contact Lenses
I need to schedule an eye test, I need to start the direct debit again to get my special contacts, I have an astigmatism, so the contacts that I get are weighted so it sits correctly on the cornea of my eye. The cost more than normal contacts which is a bummer.

The Good Decisions
I have failed my test 5 times and I refuse to give up, simple because I understand the amount of freedom that getting a car and being able to drive will give me. I'll be able to go to the county park whenever I can without having to workout the numerous busses to get. More importantly I will be able to have more time in bed on days where I know there isn't going to be loads of traffic.
I have two motoring schools in the back of my mind, one is drive dynamics which is a great driving school and I've used them twice, once in my home town and once while I was down at University. Both times I was accommodated by excellent instructors. 




Enjoy darlings

I had loads of fun making this video, I had less fun editing it. I hope you enjoy the video and if you do the look I'd like for you to send me pictures or videos of your copies.

Thankyou for watching guys, and don't forget to leave a comment. I'd love for you to follow me on GFC, Google + or Bloglovin. Ta Ta.

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