gym, come to bed eyes and manicures

OHHHH the last few days have been eventful.

I've been at work doing the late shift which have been great for sleep, because I get a gorgeous 8 hours but shite on my pattern.I've not been able to most things without getting up 3 hours before work or booking/swapping a day.
If I want to go to the gym and I start afternoon, and with this shift I get home late (damn you public transport, you massive pile of tin on wheels) I have to get up crack of the mornings arse to get there, change, workout, change, and trot along to work, on a gym sesh high.
And I soon come down from that high when I start work.

Thursday 09/08:

Went to gym with Tiff, and after our joint workout talked to the gym instructor that kind of locked on to my big blues and wouldn't get off them until I adverted my gaze towards the sit up mats.
He was gorgeous too!
Gonna have to book him for an individual "workout" har har...
After the brilliant workout, and come to bed eyes wafted in my direction, me and Tiff WALKED 3 miles home! OFF HOUR HEADS ON WORKOUT JUICE!

Friday 10/08:

I was in desperate need of my fingertips and for head Furies jazzing up so I had to book a WHOLE day off to nip to the salon for a 2 hour procedure! (procedure makes it sound painful, I assure you, IT WAS).
Got my brows done first, and now I can see, there were so overgrown, trust me, and then had my nails done, mind my pudgy fingers in the pick, and thank the lord for instagram focus blur!!

After these bad boys got created we nipped to town for our all over swim, class, gym workout and totally didn't do any of what we wanted to do, the walk yesterday had my legs all in a tizzy and they were still burning, we managed to swim for 15 mins, and go to gym for 35, in which I didn't do as many weights but still affective on my calves.

Saturday 11/08

I did fanny squat shit all! mofo's


Soooo really what I've done, is work, workout and generally got my stuff did... (that must be said in ghetto slang way)

Keep Kewt


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