No More Assignments :)


Didn't think University would be this much off a pain in the ass-ignment... its not I just like to complain.

I can't wait for Xmas because of the fact I've been quite frugal with my first loan and I have enough to get my family all something :).

My Xmas list

  • Mummy
  • Nanan
  • Grandad
  • Uncle Daniel  
  • Uncle Mark (married to ^, yes I have a diverse family)
My mum gets my cousin Josh a Xmas present and in return my aunt and uncle get me one.
We are not the richest family, in fact me and my mum are closer to the breadline than the champaign line, and I'm gonna change all by that by getting a first in this degree.

Hair Raising News

I went from blonde to red! BYYY_GUMM 

look older and more sophisticated
One downside! I was so tann with blonde hair, now this red/pink washes me out!
Been thinking Xen Tan for a bit of vanila goodness! 

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