Workouts and Weightloss Wednesday Ft Tilly WK 3

This week has been up and down, because there has been days that have gone over and days that I've simply been uninterested by food, take Tuesday for example, I had had only a BLT for breakfast, and then was at the gym from 5 till 9pm and didn't get home till 10:30, although I was planning to eat the dinner my mum had saved for me, I slept at my grandma's and realised the next day I had hardly eaten anything.

I did a workout with my best boy mate, on Tuesday and really really pushed ourselves, we knew counting and struggling in front of each other would break the embarrassment down and soon enough we had done over 10 reps of weights. Weights are my most favourite exercise, the kind of "grrrr" feeling you get when you've pushed your last rep out, and you could collapse, is great. It's invigorating.

After the workout, I have felt some enormous pain my right arm, all over my bicep, so it's really difficult to manoover everyday, when your doing weights above what you typically can lift, you need someone to watch your movement to make sure you don't hurt yourself, I don't think it was my form that was off, I think it was down to the fact that I was lifting weights I have never been able to before simple because of the sheer determination that my friend would catch it if I lost the load.
I would recommend going to the gym with a boyfriend or just male mate, because they know what they are doing and can catch the weight.

Last week I was 131 lbs I'm now 128lbs which is a loss of 3lb's which is a nice weight loss, I'm happy, all together I'm looking at 3.5/4lbs Weight loss, I'm not putting my working out as a contributing factor because I have pulled some muscles and I'm so stiff that that must add weight on because the muscles become hard when sore. 
Hopefully when my muscles calm down and they start burning fat I will start seeing an improvement both on the scales and the shape of my upper body in the mirror.

Thank you very much for reading, the encouragement that I got last week really helped me and reading Tilly's experience also really spurs me on, if you wanna join in on the experience tweet your post with the has tag #wwednesday, tweet me @kewteepye, follow me on BlogLovin and GFC. Ta ta.

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