What is a REAL women.


If your a women, pinch yourself, did it hurt, well yep your real.
It doesn't matter if you can fit into your size 18's or 2's so this notion that real women have curves is a totally invalid point in natural selection.
This skinny-shaming movement was actually cooked up by a bunch of confused women who latched on ideas of feminism and totally took the ideology of equality and diversity the wrong way.
Now I would say I am a feminist, however i want a nose job and a boob job, don't call me a hypocrite because I'm not, the reason I'm a feminist is for equality, for the same rates of pay, to smash the glass ceiling, to get women into CEO positions and presidents and have the same equality in monetary values as men.
That doesn't not mean, I don't shave my legs, enjoy sex in only dominant positions (excuse the grafics) and want to marry a woman shave my hair and spit at any man that wolf whistles at me.
I loved big out of sex and the city, I shave my legs, I enjoy sex, I would like 5 children to a 7ft fireman, but I still want the same amount of money for doing the same work as a man would get.

Now this skinny shaming shit (what a tongue twister) has got out hand as noted by Tyler Lucille in her blog post (click her name) about it, because its disgusting if you call a large women fat or other derogative words for vertically endowed, however its not met with the same anger and respute as doing it to a small women. WHY?

Because to be slim, and tall and effervescent, and lush and airbrushed, is the dominant ideal of what a man is perceived to want. Look at any playboy, lingerie shoot and high fashion magazines, the slim women fit these ideals. The feminist that wanted to dispute about women being advertised along side some commodity for a man got upset, and so they should.

In hind site, media, any form of media, will use a slim women over a larger one (except when talking about larger beauty) any day, but hold on, women's magazines do it too. So equally whatever size or shape we are we have to succumb to peer pressure to be the ideal. And this is why women are so fucking bitchy towards each other.

The number 7 advert does go against this in their ta-dah advert, with using older women, black women, larger women, because lets face it we are all so different, and this skinny shaming and fat shaming and dominant ideal stuff has GOT TO STOP.
There's another area of media that actually uses healthy women, and that is porn, those women are not size 2's nor or they 18's they are 8's and 10's and my god have they got ass and tits, they do have flat tummies but so would you if you took that much cock a day. (Excuse my perverse, But its true).
Women pit other women against each other so that they are left, its dog eat dog, except behind the fight is another women who just skips on being the ideal who has orchestrated the whole thing. Its social science and it it animalistic.

Were all working on cave-woman software, but if you want to actually get the guy, stop assuming that he's gonna prefer skinny sally over heavier heather, because truly its about reproduction. So get your best self on, stop being a bitch and communicate.

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  1. I love this post, totally agree! & love your blog by the way :) I just started my blog yesterday, if you're interested it's oodlesofrae.blogspot.co.uk feel free to leave me comments or tips I'm new to this blogging world really have no idea what I'm doing haha xx


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