Ben Wa Balls [NSFW:ADULT]

*This post is adult in nature, if you are over 18 please read on, if you are under 18 I deter you from this post, however if curiosity gets the better of you, don't let it kill your kitty.
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History of Ben Wa Balls

I first ever come across Ben Wa balls while reading a chapter in Empress Orchid. In this chapter a concubine, who has been selected by the emperor to be his consort, started practising how to grip with her vaginal muscles. Her "mother" (a brothel owner who accepted unwanted female children) taught her with a raw egg. The aim was to grip the upward facing egg while sitting on it, rock back and forth onto it and squeeze without breaking it. Because quite naturally raw egg up the snatch is a bit icky, no?

Concubines of Asia would then also use this vaginal strength to hold in small cylindrical weights, to advance their vaginal grip. Kegels are a recent phenomenon, in 1952 Dr Kegel found that women who did Kegel Exercises orgasmed more frequently. He bridged the link between these exercises and pelvic floor muscles in our groin area, he then released this information and a wash of female vaginal tightening products were marketed globally. 
Some are found to be quite dramatic and tighten the PC muscles and others aren't, Ben Wa Balls (small cylindrical balls) are one of the types that do. Other than tightening the ol' koochie they can be used while having sex as well to heighten the pleasure for both him and her.

Types of Ben Wa Balls

There are two types of Ben Wa Balls, weighted balls and none weighted hollow balls with a smaller ball inside that rattles and moves within the larger ball. These are called DuoTone Balls, and give the sensation of something lost up there that causes the vagina to involuntarily contract, as the lesser balls knock against the bigger balls they are encased in, it may also feel like its vibrating which causes a slow build up of pressure that can lead to an orgasm. They also come in an array of sizes, colours and materials. They always come in a pair. I'm investigating a pair of Lelo-Luna Balls for my next purchase.

Which Ones Did I buy

I bought the small 2" Circumference Stainless Steal Weighted Ben Wa Balls as the Duo Balls looked very large and I couldn't find any that weren't attached by a string of plastic, I wanted them to be free roaming. The string less balls can be quite daunting, the idea of loosing them can scare a lot of people off but I assure anyone who bites the bullet and buys the string less kind, they CANNOT get lost inside you, they can only get lost if you stuck em up your butt, and that would just be stupid.
When I bought them they come in a massive box, much too large for the size of the purchases, as well as the Ben Wa Balls I bought toy cleaner and Lube. This was my first sex toy purchase, I had been bought toys for me but never  bought them for myself, so I felt the need to buy toy cleaner and lube just to make it seem more of a legitimate purchase. I know I really should be more sexually experienced with toys at my age but in all honesty I'm at a loss, all I think is "it goes where and does what?".
I had it delivered to my boyfriends because I didn't want my mum to inspect my parcels which she does to make sure the invoice is matched correctly, and be shocked at finding fruity items from a sex site. The woman's getting on, a heart attack is still not in the cards so I'm not going to give her one.

Testing the Product

As soon as they came, which I might add was a NIGHT after the purchase online, I wanted to use them, and I wasn't about to let my monthly cycle stop me. So I popped in the shower with the lube and trinket box in tow and set about inserting them, there wasn't much need for WATER-BASED lube in the shower, as I was already covered in water, so the added slipperiness wasn't actually noted, until I got out and dried off.
While in the shower I tried to taste the lube without reading the bottle, when the substance touched tongue it was god awful and made me a little inebriated due to the ethanol. Afterwards I told the bf that the lube wasn't edible and he read the bottle and called me something that suggested I was mentally challenged. "External use only".
Personally I think all lube should be edible, what's the point of making sex more slippery if you cant make it more tasty, that's they only grumble I have with this purchase.
Any hewww, I popped them in, and the first one was up there and staying up there, the other however was doing a Queen tribute and breaking free, god knows it wanted to break free. After I had them up there and stable, I started to move around, I didn't feel overly confident that it was going to stay up there so I laid down for a good few hours and waited
I managed to get dressed, go downstairs, pack my stuff up and leave my boyfriends house via the garage, shut the garage door and get into the car, get home, put my bags down, before the last entered ball wanted to break free again. I was sat another 30 minutes before the first ball finally wanted to come out from up the rafters and down onto dry land.

Using Them With Intercourse

Using them with intercourse is very interesting, when there up right at the top, they're undetectable. The inserter however can definitely feel it, and if my partners reaction was anything to go by it feels pretty nice for them. To get mine out after intercourse all I had to do was cough and they fell right out.
I might invest in a Duotone set as soon as I can find ones small enough.

My tips for getting them out would be to relax and jump up and down.
Or cough.
DON'T do it over the toilet, they are heavy and you will be calling the plummer to get them retrieved from the U-bend. DO squat over the bath, or perch your bum over the ledge, this way you won't lose them down the drain.
Invest in some duotone ones that are retreivable with a string.

bedroom bondage

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