Knitting Journey: Learning Recap


Current Project
10 Stitch blanket using a wrap and turn.
Pattern using
Got this pattern from youtube and was directed to the above link, its a blanket that doesnt require you to have the longest circular needles, as only ten stitches are on your needle. Its really pretty and you can see the pattern emerging as you go along.

What I've Learnt
  1. Stockinette, annoyingly curls around, so to counter it I have to slip the first knit stitches on the knit row to accomodate.
  2. As regards to a beginner knitter, I have even consistency with my knitting, my rows and columns are rarely different sizes
  3. I've practiced with backward/mirror knitting as its easy not to turn the work, but I've found that I am actually faster at purling and turning the work. 
  4. I am an english knitter, which means I hold my working yarn in my right hand.
  5. I throw the yarn.
  6. I pull my tension, my knitting is tight, I can't pull it apart that far, so it doesnt have that much stretch.

    Knitting Society Websites Really good for sharing patterns, reminds me of the very old myspace layout. Love this
    website, I'm there under Knitnatnat Patterns galore, yarns galore, its basically a magazine format, so expect the same as you would with cosmopolitan just centred around knitting with this. Great thing is that the mag can be downloaded onto tablets, and its subsidery magazines such as knitsimple have written patterns and difficulty rating next to a featured spread. Its really exciting to see a gorgeous knitted jumper in the mag and realiseing it gives you the exact pattern to create it. A* for Pattern Inspo!!! Not a society but more of a shop, anything that you could possibly want in the world to do with knitting you can find here. Login and share your work with millions of people, learn how to knit (I personally find youtube the best for this) buy yarn, joining the community lets you share with other likeminded people your projects and patterns. Old fashioned forum, the holey (hehe see what I did) grail of community online. post your questions wait for a reply, get notified and just carry on chatting. It also has pictures of some of the most gorgeous lacework I have ever seen, it gives a beginner knitter like myself the real urge to own in on the craft.
    Pinterest- You when your really interested in something and then you basically source all inspirational ideas online and stick em in one place, where you can go and look at your virtual interest shrine and marvel at it. Well thats pinterest, its used for everything you want to keep really. Like a viral notebook. Search for knitting charts, lace patterns and pictures, all an HASHTAG away.
Right then beauties, if your a knitter, I'd love to know your ravely ID/username. If you've ever thought about knitting but never actually got round to it, feel free to tweet me and I'll introduce you to some really easy youtube videos that cover all the basics for you. If you just intrigued pop a comment on this post and I'll reply sooner than you think.

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    1. Its so theraputic! I will be posting a kniting haul soon so keep a look out for that!


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