Why I am no longer vegan


Going back to eating meat after becoming a vegan is a very controversial thing but this post is to tell you why I did it and whether or not I will be returning to veganism.

I was vegan for 17 months, I first started veganism in June 2015 after doing a lot of research and finding it to be a viable option for my diet. My father was having some heart related health problems and my mum wasn't doing so well either so I was so scared I was going to develop these illnesses later in life so I made a drastic change to my lifestyle. I actually lost a lot of weight, felt better within myself my skin got so amazing I stopped wearing makeup, I changed out all my shampoo and bought animal friendly makeup and then something happened to me that stripped me of my independence to make my own meals.

I broke my leg.

With a vegan diet you need to eat all the time. Veggies and fruit and natural raw produce without added fats are NOT calorie dense, I had the best micro nutrient value, I was working on a 60/25/15 macro portion with my carbs, proteins and fats. I found I had to double up my portions to get my calorie intake which was amazing because I love to eat, so having all this yummy food and just hitting my calorie intake was perfect for me. I wanted to restrict the density of my food, not restrict the amount of times I was eating, so my meals would have 7 ingredients in it while my mums had three and I would eat twice as much and still eat less calories than her. The vegan diet was perfect for me.

When I broke my leg this was very hard for me to get to the kitchen and most of the fruits and vegetables that I had was stored in another room where they weren't in direct contact with all non vegan items. It was difficult for me to get to the food I needed and I was going 5 hours without eating anything because my mum was at work, my step dad was asleep after his night shift I wasn't able to heal well because I couldn't constantly eat like I had been doing. I started turning to junk food and the option to add non vegan items was becoming more appealing because I was sooo hungry. I could get to the pantry where the vegan crisps were and soon enough I became a junk food vegan. Unhealthy, spotty, getting a salt paunch on my stomach, and I was really hungry. ALL THE TIME.

One day I was so hungry and all I could see in the closest fridge to me was pre-cooked sandwich chicken so I ate the whole pack, and I felt so guilty. Since then I haven't gone back as I'm still recovering from a broken leg and do plan on returning to veganism once I am all well and better.

So what differences am I noticing?

My skin on my face is much worse now, not that I have bad skin but in comparison to how it was now it is so clogged no matter how much I clean my face it is still a little greasy. Before it was dry as I had very little fats in my diet
I have had diarrhea nearly every two weeks from eating meat. No lie.
I just smell different. Meat armpits and vegan armpits are extremely different.

Will I go back to veganism?

Not fully no, however I will be making a conscious effort to consume less meat, a lot of people surround their dish around their protein (meat) and that makes no sense to me as I know how to make those exact flavours without that entity. I do enjoy meat however I enjoy flavours more so I may become diet fluid once I am fully healed.


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