Role Models: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

I personally love it when there has been an episode of MIC (made in chelsea) and twitter is in uproar over Spencer's self confessed lothario antics, but secretly we'd all like to be the girl who changes the leopard's spots and even not so secretly fancy him. Boys (yes, boy, because he certainly isn't a man) like him are gracing programmes such as MIC, Geordie Shore and Towie. Mark wright who was the biggest love rat before Mario, left towie and got a deal with ITV to host a DATING PROGRAMME. Which proves to young males that treating women like dirt will get you higher in life. The worst thing is, is young lads want to be like them. Its a true representation of the age old cliche "good guys finish last". And it needs to change.

Rihanna gobbed off at a journalist of the daily mail for calling her a "poisonous pop princess" after rihanna uploaded pictures of herself with two humongous unlit joints dangling from either side of her mouth, from her recent trip to amsterdam. Rihanna hit back claiming she is just living her life and disputed she is a role model as she never officially signed up to the role. ERM excuse me but when you turn into a chart-topping billboard-covering million-single-selling-success its kinda the perks of the job. Rihanna should know that young people are easily influenced and stars are one of their biggest idols. Its naive and destructive to think that she can still do what she wants, when she is famous. Privacy is the biggest sacrifice of fame, however she is flaunting these images all over her social networking sites. It may be that she is trying to be controversial, but if you instagram a picture like the one pictured below, be ready for the leash of criticism. I recently tweeted her saying that if she wants to live her life as gregariously as she flaunts she may want to keep certain aspects, i.e her drug taking, private.

Amanda Bynes and her recent antics have seen har labeled with a mental disorder as her actions are a bit off the wall and bat-s**t-crazy. Her behaviour included calling numerous stunning celeb ugly including the gorgeous rihanna, and also stating an interest in other celebrities boyfriends, as she recently claimed she was hooking up with Miley Cyrus's Fiance. Her obsession with drake is a bit out of hand with her now photoshopping his pictures to make him look "less down syndrome". The picture below is of her new look, which is emulating the exotic Blac Chyna, which Bynes could look nothing alike, and giving a string of abuse to a hairdressers after she "HAD" to shave her head because they apparently damaged her hair with extensions. The picture below also promotes extreme dieting, as the 100lb mark is the iconic weight for pro Anorexia sites.But despite all her ranting raving and weird behaviour there are thousands among thousands of tweeters sending her condolences over the social networking site, saying that she is misunderstood, and the modern day "alice in wonderland". NO CHILDREN, SHE'S AN ATTENTION SEEKING TWERP.

I refuse to have celebrities on my twitter because its a campaign for them to get coverage, although I do tweet them occasionally as they stir me to do so.The news in the celebrity world these days seems to be more geared toward negative conditioning that positive. More coverage is given to celebrity if they do something bad rather than something good, and I would like to see the times where we praise a celeb because of fundraising, campaigning for a cause or donating to help the world, come back, like the times that Princess Diana was alive.

A shocking piece of evidence that proves that bad is good and good is bad, is that when rihanna was shot rolling up a joint on a mans head it circulated the internet faster than road runner, yet when angelina had a double mastectomy to lower her chances of getting breast cancer, because she had the breast cancer gene that took her mothers life, people were none the wiser, and she was called attention-seeking. If you're just hearing that piece of news now, you're watching too much E, and need to read more Guardian.
Angelina Jolie has been bad in the past, and I can understand the youth and fame is not a good mix, but they were the times where I didn't respect her as much as I do now.

Jennifer Aniston is another woman I admire she know the gimmicks that are thrown out there and plays with it, if you watch this video its duly noted that she cares for the brand she is trying to work but knows it doesn't fit in with commercial glorification, therefore she is kinda giving a kinda middle finger to commercialism and ironically conforms.
These are the kind of women I look upto, kind, proactive in the art of do-gooding, intelligent. It may be partly due that they have both been in bed, and married to Brad Pitt which is much more of a man than the three love rats mentioned earlier. I do not look upto women like rihanna, or amanda bynes, I don't even class them as women because I regard them as mentally young, still stuck in the child state of mind, which is very impulsive and primitive.

Young people are always going to look up to stars and its immature for Rihanna not to realise that she will have to lead by example, but what is also important is for magazines and news to give less inches to attention seeking celebs and more inches to the celebs that are meaningful and better morally developed.
The celebrity world needs to take head from the athletic world, where athletes are penalised if they do something image destroying off the pitch as well as on. Like when Lindsay Lohan turned up drunk, and was fired. It needs to be more stricter and more good-image conscious if we really wanna change what our young children and young adults aspire to.

Thank you for reading guys, who are your favourite role models and your least favourite, who needs to be told off and who needs to be credited for their good deeds and great attitude. Tell me what you think in the Comments.
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  1. This post is amazing, sums up everything I could possibly say about this topic!
    Love. It. x

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  3. I actually love you for this post, it pretty much sums up my thoughts too, especially on rihanna. I hate it when celebs deny their role model status or say that they didn't ask for it because being famous and being a role model, of some sort, both come hand in hand! It would be like a firefighter complaining about fire or something lol, it just seems ludicrous to me when celebs use that excuse. Also, don't even get me started on Spencer and similar guys like him haha! Honestly, they aren't even worth the time but it's a shame that the media give them so many props for the way their treat girls like it's a game that their winning.
    I agree with you on Angelina Jolie, I've alwaus loved her since I learnt about her humanitarian work. Another celebrity I love is Emma Watson - everytime I see her in magazines/the papers she just comes across as really classy and like she's got her feet on the ground!
    Great post!
    Saadiya x


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