Payday Wishlist: Beauty, Fashion and Decor

I've had a bit of problems with my pay at work as of late, I started a new job on the 29th of April at my old work place doing what I was doing before I went to university, but now I'll be doing it only on weekends so I have time to study and do anything else that is student related. I was supposed to get paid on the 24th of May, but because I wrote down the wrong bank details (the annoyance of not remembering which bank account is which; student or everyday) I still haven't been paid and I have direct debits coming out of my ears: Phone, contact lenses, credit card.
I've rung the HR department of my work, and they say that I won't be getting my pay for another 7 WORKING DAYS, so then after that I'll only be waiting  2 more weeks till I get paid again.
Its that age old saying "When you wait for a bus and none come, then two come at once" Its all about the patience.

So this wishlist is for the end of the month when I'll have half a pay for starting at mid month pay-schedule plus a full month. I want a lot of stuff, so I'm gonna break it up into three sections, beauty, fashion and decor.

Z Palette
I have a lot of eye shadows from wet & wild palettes that are taking up loads of space, and sometimes some colours don't suit that trio or quad, so I would like to stick them all together and colour co-ordinate them so I have the shadows where I need them! These have been shown in Gossmakeupartist's youtube and reviewed and I agree that they look great because you see the colours through the lid. This will optimise the space in my vanity desk, as I will be able to organise things better and see all my products. Powders last forever, so what I would do would be put the ones that are running out on to one palette so I will know what I use most.

RCMA Colour Process Foundation VK11 Palette
I've heard that this palette is the best foundation, especially from a PRO's perspective, I'm not an artist, but I would still like to have the products they use. What I like about this palette is it goes from white, so strong highlights will be able to be achieved and I could use this to mix foundations in. As the lid is clear too, it kinda acts like a mixing palette. Its cream based, which is great high coverage value. If I ever wanted to sheer this out I will invest in some clear gel-type mixing medium to base it.

Eyebrow Razor Shapers
I tweezed my eyebrows the other day so that they are what I consider perfect, and already the little hairs are popping up underneath the highest point (the arch) and I know if I get the tweezers on them I'll end up pulling on something that I really need and have a hole in my brows, which powder couldn't suffice to cover. These little razors are exceptionally quick and you can razor the top of your brow too so you don't get that fluffy foundation just before your eyebrows (baby hairs). It just makes the brows really sharp and defined.

Sally GlitzGlam Quad Weft 18" 1/2 Head
I've been looking at half pieces for a while now and I'm not talking about the ones that go onto the crown of your head because thats 3/4 but actually one inch above the ear, to the other ear, around the head. I've seen another blogger on my twitter use one of these, and even though they are synthetic, the fibres look so real, and really cheap. This one is £65, and if you bought the real hair version it would equate to around £160-£200. As soon as payday comes around I need one of these, and I'm gonna take it to the hairdressers so I can get colour matched to it.

Derma-Colour Medium (12) Correction Palette
I saw a YouTube called jhmemoirs use this, and he managed to make the most flawless look with under eye brightening (yes I said he, that's because he is a drag queen) he's amazing with taking any strong complexion imperfections and making them disappear. I know that using this will help me get the most flawless skin, I don't think I will use this in the day, but more towards the night time routine, as I believe it will be quite thick. I might need to invest in some duo fibre brushes If I adopt this palette into day routine to get a nice sheer application. In my earlier post about make-up palettes I mentioned this on the list that I am craving. 

Real Techniques Limited Edition Set
I'm a bit of a make-up brush whore, so I need these just so I have them. Not only that but the crease brush is supposed to be flawless at getting in the crease a blending really well. The duo fibre makes them really interesting as well. As mentioned above, these will help with the Derma Colour for softer application as they don't pick up loads of product unlike their denser counter-parts.

Disposable Spooleys 
What are these things called mascara wands? Spooley, I prefer spooley. Ebay is selling 100 of these for around £10 that's amazing value, seen as though one spooley will last me around 2 weeks. So with these I will be set for life, and I reckon they will always be findable. I use spooleys to brush my eyebrows when I've drawn them in, and then brush out to make more natural looking.

Zara Deep Back Dress 
Who doesn't love a simple little back dress with a bit of sexy class to it. I love anything that has a deep back, because its one of the only areas on my body that I just love to show off. If this was deep front I would stay well clear of it as it can look a bit Page 3, and I think women that overly show their breasts look a tad trashy. This dress also is perfect length, just above the knee (on the model) which then I know because I'm a midget and she will be incredibly tall will be more towards my shins for me. If I get this I will need to take it up, probably to mid thigh, as this is a demure dress its OK to show some skin, I just make sure that if I bend down my bum is totally covered, and my tits aren't falling out.

Zara Skinny Cargo Trousers (in) Light Khaki
Right of the Black dress. I used to have a pair of khaki's back in 2009 before my suitcase got stolen, and I loved them deeply. I actually used every pocket as I'm a fan of going out with out a handbag, I just used to put my cards and bus pass and money in a pocket each. They were what I called my "shopping pants" as its so annoying when you have loads of shopping bags and your bag is getting in the way.

 Zara Skinny Jean in Indigo
Who doesn't love a pair of graduated jeans. Its like an optical illusion, because the darker elements at the side of the thigh make the wearer appear to have slimmer thighs. And my Beyonce thighs are in need of this. I love Zara jeans because they are great quality and cheap. They trump river island jeans for fit, as river island can be a bit to slim in the waist when they accommodate thighs, and Topshop jeans are unbearably skinny on the thigh, making you feel that your legs are wearing a corset. 

Zara Basic Demin Jegging
Acid Wash is absolutely massive. The 90's have come back with a vengeance, as we see stars like Rita Ora, Riri, and Blac Chyna don the acid wash jeans and big logo jumpers. I don't like the logo tops, but I love the acid wash. I used to have a pair like this without the button and zip in the middle so they were just jeggings. I loved them. Slowly I'm building my stolen suitcase of what I used to wear, as I can see its still in fashion, and all those clothes held memories for me.

Black Fringe Tassel Bodysuit
I think this top is so summery, obviously its a going out top, therefore it will be a bit of a nightmare going to toilet in a bodysuit, have you ever been to the toilets a bit sloshed and your trying to do the buttons and you topple over. Ahem, not referring to me obviously. I like the fringe detail, think its very 1920's but modern, however this is gonna tangle like a b***h in the wash.

White Embellished Cap Sleeve Peplum Top
I actually tried this on a couple of weeks ago for a night out for my friends birthday but bought a dress from newlook instead. I loved the look of it on, the back of the peplum actually comes further down than the front, which is amazing if you want to wear it with shorts. This top is classic and I think it will be in style for donkeys.
High Waisted Leggings
These are like matte, disco pants, which is fantastic for me because one of the reasons I hate disco pants is because they are so shiny. I love the seem down the middle as well, and I've checked out the material and they are 72% viscose and 4% elastane, the rest is a plastic material that they use to make fabric bulkier called Polyamide, which means my bum wouldn't be peeping out to say hello in these thick beauties.

Cream Double Layer Sleeveless Top
Its just classic, its the top in the bottom right corner. This is in the going out section on newlooks website but I'd wear it just to pop to the pub for a few jars, or work. I wouldn't go to the park in it or lounge about in the house (thats what onsies are for). But I wouldn't restrict this into the party wardrobe, only to be let out when I'm going to party.
Printed Playsuit
This is cross back, and like I said earlier I love showing of my back, and I reckon this is really short as it looks it on the model, not that I have any simular dimensions to a model because i'm 5"2 and a size 10/12. It looks so summery and would be great for a summer day out somewhere with some wedges.

White Wedges

A perfect summer staple, I love wedges, they're like the commitment of wearing heels without the pain, these ones have the wood underneath the sole which I prefer better than cork or the wicker. The wood on the heel makes them seem "cleaner" to me.
Eagle Belt
How jazzy, I love this, and for only 7.99 its a bargain and looks like the coveted all saints belts that everyone went crayyy over. This with all the jeans and jeggings I have mention in the fashion section would look edgy and amazing.
Denim Biker Jacet
I like how this jacket looks geometric, its so hard, so to speak. Its also a bit arodgenous, I would wear this on those days when I'm feeling the opposite of girly. Hair up, minimal makeup on, trainers, leggings, a big top and this.
Leather Biker Jacket
This is the most expensive thing on the collage, and even though its a whopping £169 its the thing I'm lusting after most, as I am in desperate need for a new coat/jacket. I bet it would last me years too.

As I've come back from University for the summer and I have some new vintage furniture I want to make my bedroom really pretty, I am hoping to commute for my second year and want a personal space that is really gorgeous and girly as I'm actually getting that way now I'm reaching into my mid twenties.
So I would like some Pink blinds, some lights to go over my vanity desk mirror and some paint. As you can see these pinks are both warm, and they compliment each other well, so as soon as payday comes around these are going to be bought pronto.

Thankyou for bearing with me ladies, this has been a massive wishlist, but when your waiting for your wage longer than usual, you spend it in your head faster, I needed to organise my needs and wants and decided to share it with you.

Tell me what you wanting this month, and if you have a wishlist, link in the comments bellow


  1. I've been wanting to get some Real Techniques brushes as well. I generally just get the cheap e.l.f brushes because I abuse the heck out of my brushes.
    Also, I've been super lazy with my blogging and reading so I haven't been here in a while, and I really like your new layout. Totally fab.
    Have a nice day!

    1. I don't actually know where to get them in america, but google is your best friend :)
      Thankyou Danielle, When you start blogging again, tell me on twitter and be more than happy to read them!!

  2. Loving the girly bedroom look and some of your fashion picks are brill!

    Daisy Dayz

    1. Thankyou Chantele, I just hope to buy them now! Xx


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