5 Things I learnt from Second year at University

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 Here are the life lessons I learnt over my second year of UNI.

1.I am a really good judge of character

In my first year I met a girl who was a bit temperamental, she couldn't decide whether she liked you or not and she was really catty, all the other girls who we lived with sided with her when it come to living arrangements and I later found out from one of the other girls that she later had turned on them and gone a bit bitchy after she split from her boyfriend. I felt like they let her get away with a lot and I wouldn't which is why they sided with her because they didnt want the confrontation, they soon realised that the way she was treating everyone wasn't so kind, and she didnt appreciate it when being collard about it.
In my second year, I moved in with Arianna* and Nina*, Nina started stealing my stuff in which I knew it was her, I confronted her, and asked her if it was her, she flatly refused, Arianna's laptop had disappeared from her old flat with Nina in the first year, at the end of term. Then suddenly on VALENTINES DAY mine went missing as I went to meet up with my boyfriend at the train station, I thought it might have been Nina, "maybe" I thought, "she could have stole Arianna's too" and breached this with Arianna, it was then found that she did steal Arianna's laptop in first year and then proceeded to live with her after. Bit of a Psycho if you ask me.

2.Teachers who like you give you better marks.
I have gotton the best marks from year two from the teachers that I have had the best relationships with, do i think its a coincidence, nope, it was well thought out, the more they enjoy your brain and the workings of your mind, the more likely they will see your work in your angle instead of just words. It still has to be academically written, but the points really make a teacher understand your politics, and if you have teachers who you share the same values (like socialist teachers to socialist students) the more likely they are to see your point as valid, as long as you back it up with reference and counter reference.

3. The closest set of friends you find are the ones usually the most like you

I lurrrveee this photo, but it just screams what I mean in a bit of an ironic sense, all hipsters wanna be sooo individual, and individualism is rife among teens of the internet age, but ultimately in life you will settle with a "clan" that has the same values, life goals and similar upbringings as you.

4.Love has a way of finding you when you least need, expect or want it.

You could be totally settling in to all your tasks and getting everything you need out of your time studying and whoop, circumstances decide to send you a boyfriend when you really dint have it planned at all.

5.Your relationship with your mum changes.

You know how I know I'm my mums favourite child, because I'm an only child. LOL. Your relationship with your mother changes a lot, you learn to live without each other dramatically when you live away from home, and when you get back you don't want to be in most of the time. Her reassuring "make-sure"'s annoy you because you've learnt by now, and you student chore mentality (I only wash the pots I've used) is selfish to the family dynamic. Here go, you eat out, and you communicate through text. My advise, up your hours at work and stay there, and see your mum seldom with money and little presents, she will be thrilled.

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