Anastasia Dip Brow in Soft Brown


I've been eyeing the Dip Brow Promade since it first came out, MAC had a similar version called dipdown which was more of a liner and was a favourite among the brunette youtubers for filling in brows. The first youtuber that introduced me to the idea, that an opaque gel type cream could be used to fill in my brows, was chrisspy, an american youtuber. Previously I had been using the MAC mechanical pencil in my favourite colour Lingering as it suited my bold blonde hair without being too dark, and enough wax for them to stay in place. I then used a generic clear mascara from avon from the colour collection aimed more towards the teenage market and then a darker eyebrow pencil from eyelure which was in a darker shade as I was a brunette, but this was ultimatley far too soft. Since then I have been using FAINT from the Naked Basics Palette and an angled brush from crownbrush to fill them in. I was ready for this purchase, thouroughly ready to try a different texture in my brows.

I ordered mine from net-a-porter, it was quite hard for me to source as its not a typical english product, but it was nice to find it with the exact same price as it was on the anastasia beverly hills website. I'm aware that sometimes american products can be more expensive to get in england, but with this I was pleasantly surprised. I had the option to have normal packaging or the traditional net-a-porter packaging, of course I went with the latter for blogging and photographical purposes.
The box is gorgeous, its a matte black, tied with a white dot- edged bow, then with another tiny bow with the logo of net-a-porter on. Inside it had my package in a ziplock bag and a little black satin drawstring bag with an extra goodie inside. My extra goodie was a measuring tape, perfect as it was retractable, sleek enough to fit in my bag, as this is my first purchase from the site I dont know if thats a recurrance with other purchases. I hope not, I don't want multiple tape measures rolling around my bedroom.

I bought soft brown, I'm now a blonde with darkened roots, so this was strategic for me. If I wanted to go back brunette this would still look dark in my brow hairs, if I wanted to go all blonde with no roots, as my eyebrows are dark anyways it wouldnt look too dark. Of course it will always complement my root regrowth. Soft brown has a warmth to it, its really creamy and with one sweep of my angled brush I recieved a lot of colour pay off on the back of my hand.

I've used it over powder drawn eyebrows, and its smudge proof, I will not come off unless you wash it off which is a bonus as I am in the art of razor shaping my eyebrows at the moment so they are very thin at the ends. I am going to develop the numerous way I can fill in my brows and then publish a tutorial in the future on my prefered method. So keep an eye out for that one.

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