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Cosmetic Surgery

Is it something to judge?

Crying, spluttering, coughing and clutching my chest as I tell my mother in heartbroken pain how much I hate my face. Not everything on my face, no. Just my nose.
Ever since I was around 12 years of age, I've noticed the large bump emerging on to the dorsum (ridge) get larger and larger. I noticed my peers pointing it out at school, bullying me for my big eyes which I love and my big nose.
I hope your thinking what I thought when I was 13 when they "tried" to bully me about having big eyes, I thought, "WHAT, there is millions on cosmetic surgery and make up to make the eyes look bigger and you are bullying me for this, get a life, your just jealous" but when they pointed out my nose, I believed them, and I still do.
You might tell me to shut up and tell me to get over myself, but I literally can't. When I go out to party and get dressed up all gorgeous, and I do my make-up and I contour my nose, its still the thing I think about as I walk into the bar, "does my nose look big in this". I'm making it humerus because if I don't laugh I will surely cry. When I see a nice looking boy walk past me, my nose suddenly gets itchy, perfect timing for me to hide it as they walk past me. When a bloke looks at me, I automatically think that he's looking at my nose.
How could he possibly think I'm pretty when I'm carrying this massive hump on my face?


So when I finally admitted my massive insecurity comes down to one thing and one thing only (my nose) she had a great outlook to her baby wanting to change something about herself.
"If its getting you down that much, you have to do something about it".
So I googled!
I looked on forums, I researched doctors names and I noticed that the most places people have been to get revisions, which is a second procedure after the first one didn't give them their desired effect or went wrong, was the Harley Medical Group.
Everyone I read had rave reviews about being unhappy with their nose and then coming out with a natural looking "altered" nose after they had visited the Harley Medical Group, one Doctor seemed to get the most love, and his name was Dr Bassim Matti.
He operates is office in London, which is a long long way for me and I will travel to London by train when I go for a consultation, I would like to go to London with my mum, but not to the consultation with her. As I know she'll not like the computer generated images as it will not look like the face she's been staring at for 22 years.
I don't think she will appreciate me complaining about the nose my genes give me. My mum has a much more delicate nose than me, I have my fathers nose, and my father is a masculine looking bloke.
In all essence doing this will make me look more like my mum.


Cost is also a big factor for me, I know Harley Street Medical do finance, which is what route I will be hoping to go down. I have set myself a limit of £5000 for the procedure and any interest that finance will add. I will be definitely haggling, trying to bring the cost down, by negotiating with the surgeon.
Also the back of magazines have special codes that you can quote over the phone when discussing a consultation.
Looking at what people have said in the forums, the most expensive "nose Job" has come to £6500 and that has been with a deviated septum, a large Dorsum bump and tip reshaping, I do not have a deviated septum as I have checked with my doctors and my Dorsum bump is big but its not as big as the picture that I saw with that price tag.

Getting it Started

I have my consultation with a Nurse on the 03/06/2013 at the Leeds clinic, which I'm nervous and excited for, I hope the Nurse is male, and you might think that is a strange request but, I reckon if I'm telling another female how much I hate my nose I'm giving her the right to judge, and I think judgemental women are bitches.
So I'm more happy for a man to agree with my massive nose than a woman.
I know they aren't supposed to give any opinion but I honestly would prefer to discuss it with a man.

The next post I have up will be consultation day, travelling to the clinic, talking with the nurse, and I will fill you in on everything that the nurse will be saying to me.

Wish me Luck

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4 Holla's

  1. Good Luck!
    I'm sure your nose isn't anywhere near as bad as you think it is, but we all have our insecurities and if you can do something about yours then fair play! - hope everything goes well x x

    1. Thank you so much, its been something I've wanted since I was a younge teenager, so I'm very excited xx

  2. It seems like you've thought long and hard about this, you're not too young & it sounds like you've done your research! You know what is right for you. No one has the right to judge you for that. I hope that it all goes well and is everything you're hoping it will be. Best of luck my dear!!

    C x |

    1. Thank you so much, I think its best to do research because some girls just want to change things left right and centre without looking properly into it. I'm really excited xx


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