Fakery and Xen Tan Review

Cold turkey

A lately I've not been keeping the maintenance up. I've stopped fake tanning on a weekly basis and even my talons have gone, which I don't actually miss because I can be more versatile in my colour choice.
Maintenance can vary from girl to girl, one of my Facebook friends has her own sunbed and bleaches her teeth every month where as at my heightened fakery I will only fake tan and get my nails done.

Fakery has certainly gone wild since shows like TOWIE, Geordie Shore and Desperate Scousewives have been aired on TV, and we all seem to think that glamour is bathing in a vat of mahogany varnish, having nails so long you can't open a can of coke without it ripping off, eyelashes that are as long as your fringe, tattooed eyebrows, tattooed lip colour, even botox become the morn for people that could afford it.

It made me ditch everything that was associated with fakery, especially because I was getting a glimpse of my future tacky self on shows like Snog Marry Avoid if I didn't stop.


At the height of my obsession with being tan glam supreme I was going clubbing a LOT, nearly every weekend and I think that's where it started, one of my clubbing friends was always tan for going out and I was slightly envious of the attention she was getting because of it.
She told me she did it because if she didn't she would be the whitest one in the room, and chucked her bottle of st moriz at me. From then on I was always tanning, even my boyfriend at the time said he liked when I was tan.
Apart from the smell and the stain of his bed sheets.
I was soon getting attention while I was going out a lot and me and him soon split up.

Globalised Fakery

You have Harajuku Girls in Japan that use contour oh-so wrong, Jersey Shore girls who are so terra-cotta B&Q should have there skin shade in paint stock. Cardif/Liverpudlian/Essex/Geordie girl who are every kind of Doritos flavor.
Where will it end, maybe a bit less maybe, even classier TV stars like Binky and Millie from Made in Chelsea are getting there end in on the fake tan action.

Toning Down
I've noticed that some girls are toning down a lot since I have, maybe we all had the same thought, "I don't want to be 50 and look like land of leather because I abuse the sunbed and the fake tan.
I've recently bought myself a bottle of Xen Tan because its colour is a lot more subtle than St Moriz and its a spray so it doesn't sink into your pours like St Moriz.
My nails have been eradicated because its so much healthier for them not to be covered in acrylic or silk and glue.
But I'm missing fancying myself in the mirror when I'm getting dolled up, because now I just can't be bothered with the hassle and the air of OCD that comes with maintaining the fakery.
I remember a time when I didn't have nails but I was tan and happiness and attention came with it. (Mind you I have just come back from magaluf with my girlfriends and started working in a very male oriented pub).

Missing the tan times

I have started to start tanning again with a tan range that is a lot more suited to my skin colour, as I am yellow under toned I have gone for a more olive colour tan.

Xen Tan Review

I have recently purchased Xen Tan 148ml Mist Extreme in Dark and LOVE IT.....
Guide Colour
None streaky and easy to apply, recommend with a mitt, although haven't yet tried with a gloves, I will do this next time. 10/10
It smells gorgeous, in the bottle, and the smell when applied is very strong, I wonder if the smell was put there to deter the biscuit/curry/chinese smell it previously had before fragrance was added. 8/10
Its extremely moisturizing. Especially when first applied, I had dry shaved my legs and afterwards it had felt I had lathered myself up with silk.9/10
End ResultThe one coat was a little light for me especially on my neck, chest and boobies area so I think next time I will put more than one coat on. I think I might put three on. 8/10
My Rating
8.75/10 Quality product, it could be a bit more cheaper though. I like shopping for mine on eBay or amazon.

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