Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Review


Ah lady gaga making a statement by having naked borrowers climbing all over her, is she really in love with the little people or is he too big for her boots.
I like lady gaga, I love her song Marry The Night and I was obsessing over her perfume for ages in the boots magazine before my mum surprised me at Christmas with it.
She had bought it me on a recent trip to Amsterdam on the ferry ride there, knowing I had been wanting a bottle. I hadn't even smelt it before I received it so I was generally surprised by the scent and the fact that it smells like me.
Have you ever shopped for perfume for someone close and you can instantly tell which perfume is for them because you understand their scent so well. I can shop for my mum easily because I just sniff out the mummy smell in a perfume shop.
Its the same with my mum shopping for me, she knows what I smell like because we hug a lot and generally sniff each other.
Sounds weird that but I assure you its more of a whimsical whiff under the nose than a  sinister perverted sniff.

What does it smell like?
It reminds me of Gucci Guilty but sweeter and less muskier, its a night time perfume but one you would wear to a date instead of a night out due to its sweet notes.
Also reminds me of a mix between Coco Mademoiselle and Coco, Mademoiselle is too daytime and floral while Coco is too musky and darkly rich.
Its also subtler than the two. Therefore if you were to marry these together and add water it would make the perfect Gaga Fame.

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If you have any of these perfumes already in your collection I suggest you buy some Fame by Gaga.
Angel- Thierry Mulger
Womanity- Thierry Mulger
Pulse- Beyonce
Intimately women -Victoria Beckham
Signature for Her- Victoria Beckham
Guilty- Gucci
Première- Gucci

Plus How FIT does she look here....

I want that hair!!!!

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2 Holla's

  1. I recently received a sample of Fame, and it is fabulous. It's my new go to scent, and this is coming from a perfume hater. I have a super sensitive nose. :/
    I would also like to say that your writing style is lovely. It conveys a lot of personality w/o being lazy. I'm following your blog, and it is largely due to the style in which you write. Love it!

    1. Oh you're so kind :)
      I love the lady gaga perfume, I wore it yesterday to work and spritz it on my scarf and its still as strong as ever without being overpowering :)


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