My Makeup Palettes


The Colour Institute 
I got this for Christmas 2011, and its amazing. Usually cheap palettes like this are not opaque at all and have no colour pay off. This has amazing colour pay off for its price. I've used the lip liner and the mascaras and binned them as they have become tacky and unusable, this is a relatively new palette for me, and its colour pay off is amazing. The only bad think I have fault with this is that all the colours are shimmery so if I'm wanting to a do a full face where I change the contours of my face

The Manly 120
I've had this since Christmas 2008 from my uncle, he really didn't know what to get me, so I sent him the link over his Facebook of where he could buy it. It was fairly cheap it was about £15, and it has lasted me so long, the first row which is the neutral row on the far left side is the most used. This one is a bit better in eye-shadow selection than the colour institute because not only does it give you colour option in shimmer but also matte, There's loads in this palette where it honestly looks like it has two colours but when you pick them up with the soft bit of your finger it can be shiny or totally opaque. It is honestly FANTASTIC.

Sleek I-divine Matte Bright
I bought this when I was in my first term of university and me and my friend had  been into an African beauty supplies store when I saw this on the sleek stand, and had to get it. I love it because all the colours are totally opaque and build able and they look amazing on dark skin as well as light skin. The palette is a bit "out-there" for me but when you need a bright colour because your doing a dramatic colour it is amazing.

Concealer Palette
This is the palette I like the least, just because I hardly ever use it and the quality of the creams is beyond perfect. In fact this palette I don't like at all. It was £10 and I used to fill in my eyebrows with the darkest colour and then realised the colour had too much red pigment in and made my brows look far too "ginger". The cream doesn't really work on any brush well, the only brush that seems to pick it up well is the Real Techniques Dome Shadow Brush. If I get another concealer palette again I'm gonna spend a lot of money on a professional branded one, like bobbi brown, or dermacolour. I would suggest then that I like this palette because it has thought me that some things (concealers) need more money on them.

A MAC Palette
I got this for christmas of 2011 and I don't actually know if its an actually MAC palette or just a cheap copy, but BYGUM I love it, the second colour on the top row is my eyebrow colour, that I use nearly everyday if I don't use a pencil. Or alternatively on top of the pencil. The first colour is not exactly true black its like the colour of a charcoal rock therefore its a perfect blending colour, and the rest are amazingly shimmery and great for party eyes and the white shimmer on the right side of the top is the best highlight colour ever because its so frosty.

Naked Basics Palette
This is the latest addition to my palette family, and its become a favourite already due to its size, its perfect to take on a night out when you need to add more shadow when its not lasted due to being in a hot sweaty club or something or other. Its great for those days when you don't wanna go all out colours but still want your eyes to be striking and dramatic.

Whats next?
I wanna buy some more palettes just because I love them and I think they are amazing. These are the ones that I have been thinking about.
DermaColour - DC Camouflage Cream Palettes 12 colours
Urban Decay - Naked 1 & 2 Eyeshadow palette
Bobbi Brown- Concealer Palette, this is gonna cost me an arm and a leg but it will last me years.

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