Real Techniques Limited Edition Review

The Limited edition set.

So as promised I'm reviewing the real techniques limited edition for you guys as since buying I've used them everyday and have a good idea about the performance delivered with these brushes.
The key element to these brushes is LAYERING, as they are synthetic duo fibre they don't pick up a great deal of product like the others that Sam has launched and therefore less blending needs to be done but you will need to be dipping then applying, dipping then applying.
This ensures for a longer lasting finish, because if you have only one layer on, then as soon as that layer battles the wind and earthly forces your soon gonna be left with a blotchy face. More layers are insured staying power. 
To put in lay and terms its like just wearing a jacket/coat, once your jacket/coat has been worn away your naked, but if you have 5 jacket/coats on your gonna be "covered".
These brushes teach you that a soft but frequent hand makes for a fairer face.

It's beautiful packaged with the clear and modern design on the front, and on the reverse Sam's face with all the information on intended use for each brush. The only thing I would note is that these little beauties didn't come with a stand like the core collection and therefore I must make myself a makeshift brush holder just for these three. They are gonna look a little out of place as I'd love to make them all stand together, if I find a solution to my storage dilemma I will update you all.
The box that holds it all is the fantastic sturdy plastic, and the brushes are in white which marks them look very neat and tidy. I do like RT's pink, orange and blue and they have carried this on with the writing along the shaft of the brush barrel.
I'm under the impression that blue is for eyes, pink is for cheeks and orange is face. It's like the tarttiest umpa lumps EVER, but still 10/10 for coding effort.
The rubber safeguards are there still for no little slip ups, the bottom rubber section goes in the curve at the base of my hand where the bottom of my palm meets my wrist and stays there unless I move up and down to gage the intensity of the application, I don't know whether Sam intended this bit of rubber for this purpose but I like it and it makes for no slip ups.
 photo SDC11074_zps4ac515c4.jpg
Excuse the horrible chipped nail varnish. An example of the NO-SLIP rubber.
This brush is similar to the MAC 286 but more sparse, and I have used it for ultra dark colours on my crease when I've had a bold crease but a neutral lid and it blends like a dream. Honestly it is whoa, I have never received this much blending power from my MAC 217 as all the bristles are as long and as dense taps each other. Just the tip of the brush is needed for the application and then press it more in the skin and sweep and blend it through the socket and its a prefect graduated cut crease.
The only downside of this brush is that it's a bit scratchy on the tip, it might just be mine, but you have experienced this as well I'd love for you to tell me in the comments.
 photo SDC11081_zpsebc23c84.jpg  photo SDC11082_zps8f9889cc.jpg  photo SDC11083_zpsd902c2fb.jpg  photo SDC11085_zpsf38fce25.jpg

I actually prefer the brush that came in the core collection than this brush, especially for contour but this brush has an amazing secondary use that I hope you lot of thought of, it is fantastic at buffing in foundation when you want a really sheer coverage. I use it to go over any lines in my foundation when I have applied it with my fingers. The buffing brush is so dense that it kind of soaks up the product and this doesn't do that.
 photo SDC11089_zps85a05a26.jpg  photo SDC11093_zps595d2e99.jpg  photo SDC11096_zps94fecc53.jpg

HD powder is the best thing ever invented with this brush, I tap this brush into my loose setting powder and tap off the excess into the lid and apply, its suddenly matt and it is so soft, this is also great with the cult beauty item "stay matt"by Rimmel. The shape of this brush is really intesting as its wide but thin at the sides. This is the softest feel to the face it is like hugging a fluffy rabbit.

How to clean
As these brushes are duo fibre, using shampoo would be good but not the preferred method as that is preferred with real haired brushes. With these it would be more beneficial to clean with face wash with conditioning properties so it doesn't dry out the brustiles. 
Clearasil would work fine, you don't need anything too expensive.

All in all I like these brushes and really happy I bought them, they retail for £23 so for each brush works out at £7.50/£8,which is really cheap and fantastic value. 
MAC do a duo fibre synthetic set also but they are more expensive, I couldn't comment moment on the quality because I have none of the MAC duo fibre but price wise the comparison is breath taking.

Thank you for reading guys, I'd love it if you could comment, telling me what you think of the post or the brushes themselves. Don't forget to follow me on GFC or Bloglovin'.

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