Concealers, Highlights and Contours (picture heavy)

So I had a mini concealer haul the other day because the right side of my face has made like mount vesuvius and erupted with loads of tiny little puss volcanos along my jawline. Don't know why, but I have waged war on my face for letting me down, all throughout highschool and college I managed to grace those years with a blemish free face, now I go to university somewhat three years later and they arrive unfashionably late and disrupt my party.
Well f**k them.

My weapens of choice were the Rimmel Hide The Blemish in Ivory, Maybelline Fit Me Wand Concealer in 15 and Collections Ultimate Fix in Honey.

 photo 2011-07-21220347_zps9df2d55c.jpg
From right to left Rimmel Hide The Blemish in Ivory, Maybelline Fit Me Wand Concealer in 15 and Collections Ultimate Fix in Honey.
 photo 2011-07-21220408_zpsa1e4c647.jpg
This concealer applies like a dream, a stick of creamy concealer fudge, it glides on to skin like a lightsaber cutting through butter, I apply it to my face and then let it sit there for a few minutes while I get on with the rest of my makeup, or I apply after I have applied a lighter coverage foundation, with a higher coverage it isn't needed at all. As you can see in the swatch picture its the most yellow based concealer out of all three so its fantastic for making red spots disappear.
This concealer is FANTASTIC like totes amazeballs, Nars Dupe, and because its salmon based, its great for under the eye, for a bit of a pick me up after a naff nights sleep. A apply this after my foundation has set and blend it out with the real techniques foundation pointed brush (not the slanted one), it really does a great job of brightening under the eye.

 photo 2011-07-21220731_zpsf030e616.jpg  photo 2011-07-21220736_zpsb8fabfca.jpg  photo 2011-07-21220757_zps12e49232.jpg
This is actually a foundation but I use it as a contour through the cheek bone when I don't have any tan on, and a concealer when I have used the trusty Xen Tan to make myself look less white fish and more red meat. (HONESTLY I THINK I MAY HAVE A CANNIBALISM PROBLEM) I didn't have high hopes for this foundation and as a foundation its pretty crap as it can be really cakey and hard to blend it but for areas that only have a high concentrated amount its fabulous.

Thank you darlings for reading, if you've been using any products for concealing, highlighting or contour that you think need a mention, tell me about them in the comments below, alternatively if you have used these and love or hate them them please share. I would really appreciate it if you could all follow me either on GFC, twitter, Google+ or bloglovin. Stay happy darlings.


  1. I love the collection lasting perfection 16 hour wear concealer. I think concealer is such a great product, my face wouldn't survive with out it! you've got a great selection of them here and i loved reading your thoughts on the various different ones :)
    Sam X


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