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As you darlings may have heard me and Tilly from lovetilly, have started a weight loss venture, (read my workouts, weightloss wednesdays post here) this is for us to get bikini ready, even though the summer is already here it is important to us to get healthy and see ourselves in a more positive light. As the name suggests the posts will be about my dietary intake, and working out. So what better way to know what I've been doing working out wise than to share my favourite muscle loving videos with y'all.

These are my most favourite workout videos, the first one I've included is an abdominal workout that is designed for minimal tush/bottom to floor contact, so every workout that is performed here are cardio based and adapted to get great results with your core without hammering your neck and the small of you back.
Sean T is also topless and scrumptious to look at (you can tell i'm dieting when I'm referring that full grown men are edible).

Insanity : Cardio Abs

The second one is a lot harder and is super fun, if you not aching the next day and you don't feel so hyped and pumped while doing it then there is something seriously wrong, the science behind these movements is called plyometrics which is fitness jargon for high intensity explosive movements, just think about that bitch at school that used to bully you with this one, it really helps to give it your all. I have cried with this workout, not because its hard (even though it is) but it can seriously clean any demons in your head if you put a lot of emotive energy into it.

Insanity: Plyometric cardio interval

The third video is to calm you, and stretch your body off and it is also great for creating manifestations. The reason why I put this video last and the reason they are in this order is because of the way in which the body heals, when you've hammered your abs, the plyometrics will work mostly your legs and back and then the yoga x will stretch you all out so you're not a meaty statue. Its giving each area of your body time to heal while you work on the next. These videos are also great for the gym fearers, they are tough but sure enough they will help you to get body confident so you can get to the gym and show those gym rats up.


These are my all time favourite videos, I am a bit put off celebrity fitness dvd's because as soon as they have released then they are soon whales again and scoffing down the donuts. These guys are fitness professionals. 

Thank You for reading guys if you would like to use these videos and incorporate them into your fitness routine I would love for you to tell me how you find them, positives and negatives, leave me a comment either on the youtube videos themselves or on this blogpost. Also don't forget to follow me on GFC, Google + or Bloglovin,
Ta Ta Darlings.

I had to take down the videos because of copy right, but if you would like me to send them you, just drop you email below and I will attach them in a file.

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4 Holla's

  1. I really like p90x ab ripper x video! I also really enjoy Taebo and other cardio kickboxing videos! I'm a new follower by they way :) Excited to see more from you!

    1. I totally understand Tony horton when he goes "i love it, but I hate it!

  2. Thank you for you kind comment you left me earlier. It really touched my heart, I shall never forget what you said. Thank you soooo much xxxxx Jen



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