Fake Friends

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Real Friends = Hate the person you hate, bitch about that person with you, keeps the bitching session to the grave.
Fake Friends = Hate the person you hate, bitch about that person with you, tells that person all the things that were said, and claim it came out of your mouth.

Real Friends = Make up stories about you to protect the truth
Fake Friends = Tell the whole world what was said in confidence

When your looking gorgeous in a Facebook photo, these bitches appear like stars at night, when your looking rather shite in a photo, suddenly indirect status are all around, highlighting just how ratchet you are. Hmmmmmm.

What should you do when you've highlighted that fake friend
Like a unsatisfying fella, you dump that person as fast as you possibly can.
You do not answer their texts, you don't take their invitations, be as civil as possible.
If they then ask you why you haven't been particularly all about them as of late, you lay down the facts.
You say I do not want to be your friend any more because..........

  1. You have been bitching about me behind my back.
  2. You have been messaging my boyfriend with pictures of your tits
  3. All the things I expected for you to keep in confidence have been told to people
  4. I keep your secrets but you don't keep mine
  5. You have been telling so-n-so that I've said all the things you have said about them
  6. Your doing a single white female on me, and if you proceed to buy the same things from primark, topshop, river island and Zara again, I shall file a police report claiming identity theft.
    (i suggest you watch single white female, it is creepy and eye-opening)
  7. You are a fucking NUTTTTAAAA!
  8. You put me down and try to make me feel bad (give examples of things that are particularly hurtful, and malicious)

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  1. I love this! Just what I needed to read! It's nice to know that everybody has the same problems!



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