Friendship Heartbreak


We've all been here, we get jobs, we go to university, we grow up, we get boyfriends, we get married, we lose touch with the person that knew you the most. I've always been the person who has put more into the friendship that the other person, maybe because I think subconsciously they won't like me, or that I subconsciously think the are hard to maintain.

We'd all love friends like Carrie Bradshaw, some of us have that special bond with their girlfriends that I have with my mum, those girls might envy the relationship I have with my mum, but secretly I envy how their friends love the bones off them.

I have been to hell and back and I've expected each and everyone of my friends to be there with a rope and ice-cream when its crashed under my feet, when I've self-sabotaged myself by being a prick to the people I love the most and the reality is that probably only a few have been.

I'll tell you now, breaking up with a friend is way harder than breaking up with a partner, you might cry with a partner, but you feel empty with a lost friendship, and it isn't filled with another friend, because no-one can replace the memories you had, and no-one is exactly like that person.

Can you salvage it?
Probably not, especially when you have grown apart, and as the script says, when a heart break, no it don't break even, one wants to still be friends and the other simply doesn't. That's when it hurts like holy hell.

Cry, then move on
The best remedy for friendship heartbreak, is focus on yourself, stop me if I'm quoting songs and movies here but didn't miss congeniality say, that people like people who like themselves. Now I'm all for that self-love bollocks now and again, but it really does help in this situation. Buckle down, Buckle up and maybe the friend that "grew" apart will realise that they don't deserve your friendship because you are too good for them anyways.

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  1. I have been here just recently. I was best friends with someone at Uni and we shared our entire experience together. Soon after graduation our relationship changed and I felt like we didn't even know each other. He ignored me recently at a train station and continues to ignore my texts. You are right losing a friend is so hard, Remember though the friends that stick around are the ones that are worth keeping xx


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