Cosmetic Purchases February '13

A Couple of Pictures To Show You What I've Bought During February

H&M Nails: 
Blue Bliss (Blue Sparkles), 
Stay Golden (Gold Glitter),
Jo Is In The House (Silver Glitter),

Run Baby Run (Iridescent Gold Shimmer),
Honey I'm Home (Mauve Purple),
Khaki Madness (Iridescent Khaki Shimmer)

L.A Colors
Fun In The Sun (review here)
Palm Tree
Tahiti Sunrise (review here)
Mega Watt (review here)
Electric Charge

Mini Dry Shampoo Chocolate Brown For the days when my roots are greesy but my ends are dry

Antiseptic Wipes Quick Clean of the Brushes after use
Cotton Wool Oval Pads To help with nail varnish removal
Johnsons Baby Shampoo Deep clean of the Brushes, every 1-2 Weeks
Impulse Sweet Smile Lovely smelly stuff, smells like my mummy, everyone loves the way their mum smells
Sponge Plasters (not included) For my heels as my New fltas are rubbing :( 
Lipstick in Black Velvet (review here)
Sleek Palette Ultra Mattes V1 Will do review and eye looks soon with this palette

I have done Some Reviews already on the L.A Colours nail varnishes, I will do more and I will keep you all posted on all what I've bought in this list.
I've kept this post picture rich so you can all see what my purchases look like. I totally recommend the H&M nail varnish, similar packaging to the Butter London but only 9ml in each bottle, at £2.95 is fantastic!
Will do swatch, review and eye looks with the sleek palette, maybe two colours per look! Might start videos with that one too.


  1. The mauve H&M varnish looks gorgeous! Be sure to let us know how it looks on.

  2. Definitely I'm doing my nails tonight so they are definitely there for colour of choice :)

  3. Hey, these polishes look great! Gunna have to try some out especially the glitter ones. Just looked through your blog think its really great!! Would love it if we could exchange posts, and it would mean a lot if you checked out my blog too some time

    Sophie xx

    1. There's gonna be a couple of reviews for the glitter ones soon :) soo keep your eyes open.
      Thank you, I've checked out yours too :)
      Yes that would be a nice idea, if you add me on twitter @kewteepye and DM me on what you would like us to post about

  4. Love the look of the nail polishes, I need a bit of sparkle in my life and can never say no to a bit of glitter! I'll pop to h&m this week to grab a couple of bottles! I think i'll purchase the yellow shade too - looks nice and summery! x

    1. That yellow actually comes out gold!
      It's an amazing colour!


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