Shampoo Review Elvive Nutri-Gloss Crystal

I've taken a break from my usual Treseme to try some other brands and I will be comparing them all against Treseme because its my trusted favourite

So I was in Superdrug and thought I'd get some goodies as I was looking for the Barry M Textured nail varnish (in which they only had one colour left, boo) and while I was waiting in the queue this was coyly placed on the queueing line, and due to the fact that I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to anything shiny I had to get it. I always smell shampoos before I buy them, as I'm never aware of how my hair smells when its freshly shampooed (probably because I always use Treseme and I've gotten used to it) but I always notice other peoples freshly washed shampoo smell. So when looking for smells in shampoo I want something strong but not overpowering.

As you can see in the bottle it has sparkles running through the formula which is what grabbed my attention in the first place, and I also thought what a neat idea it would be to have sparkly hair, it brought me back to being 5 and wearing my mums sparkly high heels and thinking I was all grown up when in fact I had a flat chest and tantrums. Either way I wouldn't have probably noticed it if it wasn't in the queueing isle and it didn't have sparkles. (I think I may have to soon go to sparkle rehab because nearly half of my recent purchases have contained reflective sparkly shiny things).

What I also liked about the shampoo apart from its sparkles and its great smell was that it was clear and because Treseme has a thick creamy texture to it this surprised me just how well it lathered up. My hair comes to in-between my shoulder blades at its most bounciest of times so I didn't want a shampoo that weighed anything down and this didn't do that either. However I wouldn't use it on thin hair because it has made my normal/thick hair feel like a lions mane since starting to use, so I reckon it would weigh not so thick hair down. It also has a tendency to build up on the scalp so a clarifying shampoo probably would be needed to take any other residues out.

  2. Great Musky/Sexy Smell
  3. Clear Formula
  4. Good Lather
  5. Makes hair feel thicker
  6. Suitable for Normal/Thick hair
  7. Scalp Build up (however I have psoriasis) 
  8. May need Clarifying shampoo

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